back to article Lift-off for Adobe's Apollo

There was a bit of a buzz in the air on Monday when Adobe rolled out the first public alpha release of its Apollo desktop internet application client – along with a whole truckload of developer tools and documentation. Apollo is an interesting proposition, a platform that mixes Flash (though you do need to use code that's …


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  1. Karl Lattimer

    Last time I checked ...

    Webkit was part of Apple WebCore, and Webkit itself is part of the KDE Konquerer web browser.

    Credit where credit is due... Especially as apple's upstream patches to webkit are always huge, skewed and withouth proper documentation, only apply to earlier versions that apple patch ed against report huge errors on apply (patch already applied, hunk failed etc...) and are therefore fairly uselss.

    If you mean to say the KDE webkit then please, update ;)

  2. Julian Lawton


    It's amazing, that with the Internet at your fingertips, it was much easier to type 'last time I checked' than actually do a quick check over at

    Sorry but Apollo are using Webkit, which is a fork from the KHTML code. The code is, of course, appalling as it comes from a proprietary company, and that is, of course, why Adobe and Nokia selected it over KHTML.

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