back to article LG Prada KE850 touchscreen phone

You can tell a lot about a device from the state it arrives in after its been pawed over by heaven knows how many sweaty-palmed handset hacks. It's clear LG's KE850, co-designed by Italian fashion house Prada, has not had an elegant time of it. Think bright, innocent debutante dropped unexpectedly into a nest of vipers. Not a …


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  1. Lloyd

    Ooh, a 2mp Camera and an MP3 player.

    Hardly up to minute technology is it?

  2. Nick Drew

    Bit short on usability info...

    Fairly good review, but as a tech site I thought you might be more interested in the functionality and usability of the phone for texting, web-browsing and so on. It's unlikely to sell on feature set, but given that it's the first (kind of) competitor for the iPhone, it would make more sense to see where the battle lines have been drawn.

  3. Arnold Lieberman

    Since when has the fashion world ever been interested in usefulness?

    Considering this phone is more likely to be targetted at Paris Hilton than geeks like us, they've probably got the feature set just right (i.e. not too much, but pretty).

  4. Tony Smith, Editor, Reg Hardware (Written by Reg staff)

    Re. usability

    I did discuss how well the touchpad works for dialling, texting and navigating around the KE850's user interface. But you make a fair point about web browsing.

    To fill the gap, then, the browsing experience isn't up to much. The handset's a GPRS device, so it's not a fast downloader, and the web browser app doesn't do an especially good job. It's fine for small-screen centric sites, such as Google's mobile page, but runs into difficulty with sites designed around monitor sizes.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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