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ICANN Lisbon 2007 officially opened today, although in true ICANN style work has been going on all weekend - it's just the public part began today, with the usual welcoming speeches by Chairman Vint Cerf and CEO Paul Twomey. The opening speeches provided a glimpse into some recent ICANN accomplishments - Libya got its own Top …


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  1. amanfromMars

    The World Wild West

    "but to pretend that any market exists absolutely unfettered is sheer delusion"..... Oh please, it is delusional to think it is otherwise, for what is to fetter the sharing of ideas in Cyberspace when one can so easily share them in any/every market merely by putting them out there.

    It is only other market practitioners..... such as would be Register not carrying a submission to them.... which would be fettering markets and serving up their own agendas, which may also be designed to serve other agendas.

    The Internet is not real in the usual sense of the word, only the result of action carried out on it which are clearly designed to impact upon reality are probably real enough to be treated as real.And then it will need to be a simply subjective Good or Bad judgment call as to whether it is good or bad for new markets controlled virtually.

    MeThinks that is a whole new ball game under new rules...which are not even written.

    "and corporate activity gets treated with idealogical kid gloves" Yes, Money talks its own language. Steal $10 and wear bovver boots and you get time, steal $10 million and wear a sharp suit and you get on the front page of Time. The Law is not written in stone, it is ever flexible to Current Needs..... and it has ever been so.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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