back to article ESA boffins make Martian maps

If you have been hoping to take a hiking holiday on Mars, but have found your plans spoiled by the dreadful lack of detailed maps, fear not: the European Space Agency has come to your rescue. ESA scientists have developed a series of ordnance survey-style maps of the red planet, using data from the High-Resolution Stereo Camera …


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  1. Steve Roper

    A boon for 3D modellers

    Ah yes. I can see these maps finding their way into Terragen, Bryce and other 3D landscape modelling programs pretty soon - I might even have a go at it myself. What would be really interesting would be to set them up in Celestia (a well-known open-source astronomy space-travel program) and then you virtually could go hiking on the surface of Mars. Martian orienteering, anyone? (Erm, does Mars have a magnetic field so we can do that?)

  2. John

    Great Stuff

    I dream of the day I can roam around a virtual, hi res, martian landscape. For some reason this has always been of great interest to me.

    I will never get there physically, so the next best thing is to go on a digital trek around the canyons and mountains. Imagine standing 100 miles away from Olympus Mons and looking up up up....!!

    Bring it on!

This topic is closed for new posts.

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