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Reg Developer contributor Mary Branscombe has some thoughts on the Microsoft Identity Management Workshop (see blog here) - she fell foul of our seven day limit for replies. So, here is her view: Couldn't resist commenting myself! Identity and rights management; you can't manage who is allowed to view/change/print etc a …


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  1. Mary Branscombe

    illegally speaking

    I would never impute that laws are logical; like building documents, they throw away any information that doesn't fit the template when they're framed and then recreate it in legal discussion later. Language is an imperfect way to crystallise intention.

    But legally fraud or not, deliberately subverting a policy that takes effort to work around it can't look accidental and breaking policy is a disciplinary or sackable offence. And it gets things back from the technology to the business process and the organisational control - which most managers are more comfortable with.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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