back to article Official: IBM to gobble Red Hat for $34bn – yes, the enterprise Linux biz

IBM intends to acquire enterprise Linux maker Red Hat for $34bn (£27bn). Following rumors of a deal over the weekend, Big Blue announced the move here, in the past hour, and Red Hat's take is here. IBM made an offer of $190 per issued and outstanding Red Hat share, which was accepted: the current price stands at $116. …


I sense that a global effort is ongoing to shutdown open source software by brute force. First, the enforcement of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by to enable untraceable takeovers of domains. Microsoft buying github. Linus Torvalds forced out of his own Linux kernel project because of the Code of Conduct and now IBM buying RedHat. I wrote the following at "Torvalds should lawyer up. The problems are the large IT Tech firms who platinum donated all over the place in Open Source land. When IBM donated with 1 billion USD to Linux in 2000 a friend who vehemently was against the GPL and what Torvalds was doing, told me that in due time OSS would simply just go away.

These Community Organizers, not Coders per se, are on a mission to overtake and control the Linux Foundation, and if they can’t, will search and destroy all of it, even if it destroys themselves. Coraline is merely a expendable pion here. Torvalds is now facing unjust confrontations and charges resembling the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Looking at the CoC document it even might have been written by a Google executive, who themselves currently are facing serious charges and lawsuits from their own Code of Conduct. See, their leaked video the day after the election of 2016. They will do anything to pursue this. However to pursue a personal bias or agenda furnishing enactments or acts such as to, omit contradicting facts (code), commit perjury, attend riots and harassments, cleanse Internet archives and search engines of exculpatory evidence and ultimately hire hit-men to exterminate witnesses of truth (developers), in an attempt to elevate bias as fabricated fact (code) are crimes and should be prosecuted accordingly."



Dunno about most of your points, but there is a big difference between Linus' well-documented vitriolic outbursts online, and the overblown mess of "she said"-"he said" disputed memories (35 years ago) of Ford and Kavanaugh. Linus is supposedly coming "back to work".



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