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We're on a roll with the caption competition and this week’s picture of a snake reading The Reg showed some great wit. Readers entered the vivarium for a chance to win a Western Digital Black, 6TB hard disk. Regular competition entrant i steal your leccy offered This is not the python tutorial i wanted!, while Ol'Peculier:The …


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  1. Frumious Bandersnatch Silver badge

    re: "not even the dead mouse the snake rejected because it was in shed."

    re "in shed"---huh? I just noticed this. Did you just steal my joke from last week (a pun on Slough) and take it as your own? For shame!

  2. Securitymoose

    I think Pete from IT may have borrowed the robot - it's the only way he can get a girlfriend

    I think Pete from IT may have borrowed the robot - it's the only way he can get a girlfriend

  3. Securitymoose

    After watching 'Real Humans' on TV, we thought we'd start with the easy bit

    After watching 'Real Humans' on TV, we thought we'd start with the easy bit.

  4. warped100

    Intel launches the latest in tech support.

  5. Securitymoose

    Mammulous Rift - Virtual reality just got better.

    Mammulous Rift - Virtual reality for girls

  6. e_darren

    'Security. We need to check you for wires.'

  7. jimbo60

    I'll bite...

    Apple's latest attempt to create new markets: The new iWire bra harnesses jiggle energy to keep its mobes powered for an entire day.

  8. Trigonoceps occipitalis

    Give it away free and offer a paid for upgrade with haptic feedback.

  9. Huns and Hoses

    So you're telling us we just shipped 50000 of these with the quick release phrase set to Testing's "show us your tits"?

  10. Huns and Hoses

    And hidden in the underwire version 2 can accommodate up to 42F of expansion mammary.

  11. andyrox

    Here we have it... this is Clive Sinclair's greatest masterpiece, without this the Miner's Strikes could have had a very different outcome.

  12. Dylan Fahey

    Did I just say anus?

    The cover story is for a smart bra, but we know what this is, and although these new incontinence undies are upside down, we were wondering about where to attach the wires for the anus evac system?

  13. Steve Kennedy


    The wearables team didn't quite get the brief for designing a heart rate monitor for men


    Nice rack.... 4U

  15. F. Svenson

    Entrant #303.

    Intel engineers cunningly designed a project they felt certain would finally mean getting females on campus.

  16. SouthernWaylander

    And this is the bit that bites the hand that feeds IT should it stray too close......

  17. SouthernWaylander

    An on this day ransomware was taken to a whole new level....

  18. SouthernWaylander

    Sales and Marketing Department 101: The misunderstanding of Business Requirements Analysis projects for beginners

  19. SouthernWaylander

    "And the Biometric Chastity Fingerprint Reader is located here"

  20. Skoenlapper


  21. wilsond3010

    smart bra fail's to detect cold weather

  22. NZ_MarkK

    "It got hot and steamy then the whole thing went titsup, can you fix it?"

  23. exrugbyman

    IT Support

    UK Gov offers free support to IT industry (some strings attached)

  24. Chozo

    Shameless Red Dwarf Plug

    The improved design now receives up Jazz FM, in stereo.

  25. X-Static

    Mammolus Rift Development Kit 1

  26. Laura Kerr

    "You need to upgrade to a paid subscription before I can undo the clasp."

  27. scrubber

    Microsoft's new touch interface is a real game changer.

  28. Mycho Silver badge

    Now, I noticed a lot of people weren't paying attention to the device last time I presented it, so I've shaped this one to attract techies...

  29. 2469cf

    New automatic alert system to keep you abreast of breaking news on The Register proves to be popular.

  30. g e

    The computer's bust.

  31. simmondp

    "We just need a little help about where the lock goes on this chastity bra"

  32. TheManCalledStan

    Dorothy's WebEx demonstration that she couldn't wear the bionic bra as the motion charger had been installed in reverse drew keen viewing!

  33. ilithium

    Now available as a unisex stimulus device: digital pants!

  34. AstroNutter

    PFY: How many volts in those guns?

  35. Tat2Ninja

    Intel unsure how to market their new Smart-Bra... Content varies and is rarely freely available

  36. Jimbobalero

    South Korea found a way to confuse those NORK hackers at last....

  37. Kreton

    Kreton Says

    Optimized for performance so he can spend more time experiencing the things you love most

  38. shoeshopboy

    But are you turned on?

  39. TheManInSpain

    Our next version will use the BayTrail DD!

  40. Sfnch

    Material Girl Gets Her Oats

  41. Greeba

    Surprisingly turned out to be a real site, with vid conferencing as just one of its features.

  42. Oliver 7

    Gives a whole new meaning to 'tits up'.

  43. Oliver 7

    The Smart Bra gives a whole new meaning to 'underwired'!

  44. Oliver 7

    When I checked the wife's Smart Bra, the MAC address was 59:00:95:90:09:dd.

  45. SpasticHawk

    Intel produces technology that is in working state when tits up.

  46. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Comes in four sizes:

    2 Boob, 2 KiloBoob, 2 MegaBoob and 2 TeraBoob*

    2 PetaBoob and 2 ExaBoob capacities coming in 2016-2017

    *Sizes reflect unformatted capacity.

  47. Huns n Hoses

    And breastfeeding mums can activate the docking station by pressing here.

  48. msknight Silver badge

    "After many complaints about the clasp being difficult, this one responds to Ctrl+Start+L"

  49. Anonymous Custard Silver badge

    The prototype was less IoT and more TiT

  50. Evoflash

    The FAT32 model will probably need to be rebranded.


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