back to article Ten reasons why you shouldn't buy an iPhone 5

Here we are again on iPhone day, and once more the world waits on the edge of its seat to see what the fruitchomp masterminds of Cupertino have in store. We'll tell you what they've got in store - and none of it's good. Without further ado, here are ten points you should ponder before you even think of buying a new iPhone 5. …


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  1. Someone Else Silver badge

    Maybe I'm having a particularly thick day, but...

    Lewis states, "One can see the commercial reasons why Apple doesn't like letting people change batteries in its devices easily...".

    Maybe one can, but I can't. Can someone explain?

    (We need a "thick as a brick" icon...)

    1. Darren Barratt

      Because they can then charge you for the "service" of changing the battery when it wears out. With a user servicable one, you can buy one and do it yourself.

    2. Adze

      Thick as a brick?

      When your iPhone requires a new battery you do not buy a new battery you buy a new phone.

      How much is a battery from HTC for a Desire S / Samsung for a Galaxy S2 ? How much is an iPhone 4 from Apple or even, secondhand, from evilbay?

      1. Chad H.


        You've replaced the phone anyway long before that happens...

  2. openminded

    think before buying

    if you love iphone; buy iphone

    if you love android; buy android

    but just consider how much control you relinquish to these companies when you buy their products.

    features of a product should be determined by consumers requirements not what a manufacturer "THINKS" is best for you.

  3. DirkThomas

    There is no iPhone5

    I suggest the fact there is no iPhone5 is a good reason to not buy one!! The author has dropped a clanger in writing this before the launch!

    Always feel these type of sour grape articles show more about the intolerance of the writer than actual objective comment. Everyone has their favourite poison, and the fact that Jobs (may he rest in peace) turned the personal device world around is something that should be admired. No other manufacturer captured our imagination they way Jobs did in the early 21st century. I'll be very happy when others catch up; more competition and better prices!

    1. JamRog
      Thumb Up

      Thank you.

      Wish other people thought your way. RIP Steve. Everything you said made sense. He changed how we live and did wonders for the tech industry. There wouldn't be Android if it wasn't for Apple. Bring on the competition. reduces everyone's prices.

  4. Matthew Smith 3

    Walled-garden business model

    Buying a Swiss Army Knife encourages a walled-garden business model.

    Big deal.

    As for the other points made in this article, they are mostly irrelevant to most people in the world.

    Also the subject matter is quite yawnsome.

  5. Gradivus

    And for my next Ten Reasons...


    Very interesting.

    Now produce an article called -


    That would be interesting!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Well there's progress - fanboy admits iphone has competition.

  6. JamRog

    Poor people...

    ... STFU! If you can't afford it, then who gives a f*ck. You keep your cr@p products and the rest of us will carry on using a phone that actually works.

    My iPhone 1st gen's battery is still working perfectly, as is my 3G, 3GS & 4.

    Only restart/switch off when an update is done and when I go on a plane (SA aviation authority is clueless still, but whatever).

    I never pull my battery.

    I never run out of space.

    Stephen Fry is a pretty cool guy, don't be hating.

    I have a ZAR35 ($4.75) battery thingy from Griffin that takes penlights, haven't actually used it as yet, why, because I haven't had to, my battery lasts all day and also into the next day if I'm careful.

    iOS is way nicer to use than Android and the phone doesn't crash (See below).

    Now... Android...

    I have nothing against people wanting to use something else, it's your choice. You are welcome to "Think Different", just don't be hating on iPhone users. We made our choice too, like you have. We like what we are given. Features take a while, because they want it to be perfect, which, they are. I'd rather wait a bit and have something that works well, than something that's all bells & whistles but isn't up to par.

    Right, onto my Android devices:

    I did testing for the HTC Hero (Fail, albeit on a prototype) - Constant crashes, force quits.

    I have had: HTC Dream, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 & Motorola Milestone - All needed force quits. All had to have battery pulled. All had to be charged during the day after using it for the exact same amount of my daily usage as I do with my iPhone. My iPhone 4, when using excessively (Twitter, Facebook, Web, Email, Wifi, Bluetooth every 15min) lasts me to about 10pm, after disconnecting from charger at 5am. None of my Android phones did that.

    And before you get all hating, I have done A LOT of testing of all models of phones contracted to the largest cellular provider in South Africa, for a major international company. BlackBerrys, HTC, Samsung, Nokia (puke), Sony Ericsson and whatever other brands there are. You know who DIDN'T need testing? iPhone. Why, because Apple DID the testing. They made sure it worked find before leaving their factory.

    Samsung Galaxy S2 is a photo copy of the iPhone. Samsung rips off Apple's design all the time. Look at their chargers, their retail boxes etc etc.

    Bottom line is, don't be hating on Apple (or it's fanbois/girls) because it's "too expensive". If it is, then just get something else and live with the consequences. I have never felt at a disadvantage with my 6 iPhones because of any of the above reasons. Apple manages resources well, so a lot of the arguments are moot.

    Btw, I paid $0.99 each for all my extra USB cables: 1 in car, 2 at home (iPad-hardly ever charge it & iPhone) and 1 in my bag.

    Also, "expensive accessories" - Ours last longer across generations than any other brand, except for maybe HTC.

    But you know, what I do know, I'm just an Apple Fanboi, who has been using all sorts of dumb phones / smart phones since the late 90's. I've grown up through Symbian (puke) and just about every other OS, except for the one on the N900.


  7. BoxedSet

    Oo look at me zzz

    How do you know if someone has an iPhone? ......... They'll tell you!

  8. BoxedSet

    "Why, because Apple DID the testing. They made sure it worked find before leaving their factory"

    What about the slight issue of reception with iPhone 4 if you didn't hold it exactly right?

    APPLE SUCKS, 1/1

  9. jazz6o6

    Reason 6

    Reason 6 is good enough for me. SF = patronising w****r.

    I own an iPhone3 but use a £20 Nokia because it's a better phone.


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