back to article Steve Jobs uncloaks the 'iPad'

Steve Jobs has announced Apple's long-awaited tablet - now officially named the iPad, as The Reg had predicted - at a media circus Wednesday morning in the 757-seat Novellus Theater at San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. The Reg will offer its considered analysis of what Jobs called "a truly magical and …


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  1. ach20

    An expensive digital photo frame

    That's what it looks like to me!

    1. RiverChelt

      'an expensive digital photo frame'

      just what my dear old mother wants. perhaps i'll get her one for her birthday. however, should she decide to dump her now obselete NC10 netbook, I am wondering, how does she actually go about getting the images from her digital camera onto her digital photo frame? confused I am.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Brilliant bit of kit!

    At last something worthy of 21st century (netbooks seem so - so, so much of shopfloor sweepings turned into something elegantly unremarkable with a nod at 21st century lifestyles and a bigger nod to 20th century technologies?)

    What will the next and next plus one generations of the iPad do?

    Gotta hav this won.

    Look at the pricing, quality, elegance and gallantry of the device.

    Might it be so, oh so sweet to claim that the best device for W7 mobile is an iPad?

  3. Anonymous Coward

    I can't wait

    My Apple mad friend will probably be in the queue for one of these and will proudly be showing it off.

    At which point I will bring out my Windows 7 tablet:

    I think I would like to read a book in the very popular mobipocket format but I don't have it on my tablet. Never mind, it's on this USB stick in my pocket, would you like a copy? Oh wait, you can't plug it in. Never mind, I will bluetooth it to you.

    Oh, I seem to have forgotten to install mobipocket, let me just visit the developers website and install it from there, why don't you do the same - oh, you can't as it isn't in the app store.

    I fancy watching a dvd, I'll just put it in, would you like to borrow - oh you don't have any kind of optical drive.

    Tell you what, let me bring up skype and video chat with my sister. You can join in, but it's audio only for you.

    I'll just catch up on that programme I missed, oh you missed it too well it's on the iplayer - whoops

    How about a miniclip multiplayer game of pool - no?

    I'll just open spotify and have it running in the background while I write some email and then do a bit of web browsing while having my instant message client and skype running in case someone needs to get hold of me - how's the ipad working for you? Why are you crying?

    Hours of fun ahead!

  4. Simon Buttress

    Nothing more than a wallet hoover

    Basically that's what it is. In price - both in purchase price and then separate data plan to be of any 'mobile' use at all - and also in functionality - iTunes, iBooks, Apps, 3 Apple shops in the palm of your hand. throw in limited functionality - browsing and emails - to keep some people sedated and voila, you are now many hundreds of pounds lighter in the pocket.

  5. Norman Wanzer

    Ah finally

    A lightweight, portable, easy to use remote desktop interface for windows.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    The keynote is pathetic. Not only do you get the usual crap, such as people maddly clapping their hands when Steve says that it can view pictures (AND ALSO IT CAN DO SLIDESHOWS!!!! OMG!!), but it's also completely wrong in a many ways.

    For example, when Jobs insults netbooks (fine, not everybody likes it, but at least do not lie about them), he generalizes and says it runs Microsoft software. However, with netbooks, I think even Apple and Microsoft can't ignore Linux anymore.

    Also, I fail to see how my netbook with a custom linux kernel compiled specifically for the machine (so no, you can't say that your thing is uber-optimized compared to mine) running on a 1.6 GHz Atom with a minimalist Openbox interface can be slower than something that has a 1GHz chip, and runs thousands of surely nice, but computationally expensive graphics effects.

    Oh wait, maybe because yours is limited to only one task?


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