back to article In defence of online ads: The 'net ain't free and you ain't paying

It's about to get wet. Have some towels ready. Indeed, I anticipate a good soaking this weekend, both inside and out. This is because Friday 8 June has been announced as World Oceans Day. Come on, you know – that famous international day of celebration when we, er, get the day off work? (no) … hold ocean-themed parties? (no …

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"...and as someone mentioned before, once a person sees how nice the web is with an adblocker, there's no going back."

Until they makes things miserable for people WITH ad blockers. Like the Mafia. Make an offer you can't refuse (You wanna play? Let us in or no dice, and our content is exclusive) and watch them come crawling back like the drug-addled losers they really are.

They can't go back without ticking off the higher-ups, so the only alternative is to Wall the Internet and see if people start going, "Stop the Internet! I want to get off!" In which case, it's just back to the billboards, product placements on TV, junk mail, and cold calls from outside jurisdictions...


First, I want privacy. And it is quite complicated.. how are they going to track my article consumption if I am not tracked? This sounds crazy


I'm paying


I'm paying my ISP and the FUCKERS just put the money into their skyrockets and not pass it along to pay for content I'm accessing. I expect my ISP payment to cover more than the first 100 meters of connection. I'm paying them to access the whole internet.



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