New Forum Wishlist - but read roadmap first

I have closed the original New forum Wishlist - and boiled it down (and added some stuff) to the things we will do, the things we might do, the things we are unlikely to do and the things we won't do. Here is our roadmap. There are no timescales as we have a lot of other stuff on our plate. El Reg forums roadmap - no time …

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  1. Drewc (Written by Reg staff) Gold badge

    Re: Re: Something's changed again, hasn't it?

    Icons have never gone away and certainly are displaying on desktop.

    Unsure about mobile view - i don't think the functionality to add an icon was there, ever. I have no recollection if the visibility of icons via m.thereg was ever a thing. Will double-check but we will want to ensure same functionality as we gradually switch to full-responsive.

  2. Someone Else Silver badge

    Re: Something's changed again, hasn't it?

    Hmmm...Not showing up here on my desktop, and haven't since upvoting/downvoting stopped explicitly reloading the forum page. I'm running on Chrome (not by choice...), and have uBlock Origin and Scriptsafe running. No changes to either's settings since I last saw the icons, but I have disabled both, and still no pictures. Are they being served by a new, different server since the change that I now have to whitelist?

  3. Dan 55 Silver badge

    Re: Something's changed again, hasn't it?

    I vaguely recall they were visible on the mobile view, but they were a strange size and disappeared pending a fix of some sort, however I don't think the mobile view has never allowed an icon to be chosen when posting.

    Back to the other subject, people clicking on the forums home page is a route to My Posts. At least that's how I do it without bookmarks. But if you make it less discoverable, even fewer people are going to read or post user posts. The thing to do would be to make it more discoverable.

  4. Kane Silver badge


    I don't know if this is still an active thread or if it's currently being monitored by any vultures, but I'd like to propose some ideas for the functionality of the commenting system on articles/forum posts? I didn't see anything on the roadmap, so added here.

    1) Indicator/Alert when someone replies to a comment in a thread that you have contributed to.

    2) Indicator/Alert when someone replies directly to a comment in a thread that you have posted, or to a thread that you have started.

    An additional one for the icons: Terry Pratchett (Pterry) icon, maybe a picture of a wide brimmed fedora, or a skeletal rat?

  5. jake Silver badge

    Re: Request?

    Have you seen this page? It does kind of what you are looking for.

    The only icon worth using is Beer. It is Friday, after all. This round's on me.

  6. ratfox Silver badge

    I understand that there's no icons on the mobile version of the website, and apparently no way to edit posts either. I understand that it's tricky to do these things right and it may be a lot of work to just port a feature from the desktop to the mobile version.

    What I don't understand is why requesting the desktop version on my mobile phone does not simply give me the desktop version. There are sometimes technical reasons why a desktop version would not work on a mobile phone, such as using Flash or WebGL, but surely that's not the case here?

    Beer icon, because I can.

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