back to article We're not making this up: Apple trademarks the SHOP

After trademarking the leaf and patenting the rectangle, Apple has outdone itself by trademarking the shop. The US Patent and Trademark office last week granted Apple's application to trademark a retail store featuring computers. It is the "distinctive design and layout" that Apple now holds the unique design rights to, thanks …


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  1. STGM


    What the hell goes on at the USPTO? (?!?!) Shouldn't someone be investigating their approval process?

    1. Danny 14 Silver badge

      Re: USPTO

      they look to see if someone had trademarked a shop before. Saw that no one had. Granted it and left it to the lawyers to sort out.

      Oh after pocketing the fee of course.

  2. RISC OS

    And americans wonder...

    ...why most of the world thinks they are idiots

    1. midlandman2012

      Re: And americans wonder...

      Charles Dickens (An English writer of satire and also of some note) after his visit to the United States of America remarked (in writing) that he saw all Americans as carpetbaggers. If you don't know what a carpetbagger is then you should review the word and the history surrounding it, it explains all there is to know about Americans of the United States of America.

      The Americans should be referred to as USAIANS, not just Americans, everyone that lives in North America is an American but everyone is not an "American" please say what you mean and don't include the many other countries that are Americans in with USAIANS.

      Thank you for your considerations in this matter.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Wow there are still some losers out there that actually use shops

    What sort of tard buys a phone from a shop when it can be purchased via Amazon or direct from a carrier.

    FFS it's the 21st century, all you knuckle draggers need to catch up.

  4. Stretch
    Thumb Up

    this is good

    these ludicrous decisions undermine the entire system, which can only be a good thing.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What is the matter with the American Legal System????!!!!

    Be it Apple, Microsoft, Samsug or any other firm that trades in America (or in fact the rest of the world), what is in the mind of the officials that grant these trademarks and patents in the USA. I wonder if the Yanks have trademarked or patented the following:

    A sheet of cardboard formed into a cylinder, with a length of soft textured paper that is perforated every few inches along it and the rolled round the cardboard tube. (Namely a Toilet Roll) Ideal though for wrapping most Apple products in and disposing of them down the usual place that used toilet paper is placed and flushed away in.

    1. midlandman2012

      Re: What is the matter with the American Legal System????!!!!

      Easy to answer your rhetorical question. Like all Western governments the legal systems have been co-opted by corporate interests. I live next door to the USA and what they do affects me and mine. Remember Magna Carta? The real reason for it was to remove the money grabbing power from the king and let the barons do it instead. The Americans copied that charter and even have a solid gold replica somewhere in Washington DC. Magna Carta did nothing for me or my family for generations, except of course to allow us to be robbed by the rich. No Robin Hoods, so sorry; we are all on our own. The law is an ass, corporate privilege is a crime as is political privilege and Aristocratic privilege. As for the rest of us worms the answer is simple.


      Of course that won't happen either since we are apparently all in competition with each other to see who gets the best and latest goodie, which goodies by the way are mostly integrally defective.

  6. midlandman2012
    Thumb Down

    Appel you say!

    It's so dumb - who cares beside Appel. Why would anyone go to so much trouble? Stuff (any stuff) sells because it is desirable not because the store is cute, white or trademarked. Appel is in trouble because like Microsuft they have lost their real reason to be !

    As for the American (USA) Patent and Trademark office I truly believe they are completely co-opted by big biz and I would be more interested and concerned about an in depth write up on that. This one puny example serves no-one and just grist for the stupid mill; and I guess I just fell in too.

  7. David Strum


    Look, if these guys can patent air, they would do so! The US patent office has already given exclusive rights to US Biotech to own GMOs. If they have been successful selling us bottled water, they will sell us all sorts of things we take for granted as humanity’s intellectual property. They are the s**m of the earth – these people. Terrorist are evil, but these paten-Nazis are a different type of evil.

  8. MrZoolook

    Next target is the High Stret.

    I can almost imagine the wording in the application already.

    A roadway along which cars and other motorised vehicles can travel. Which may or may not be winding, straight or even curved. It will be bordered by 2 slightly raised pedestrian walkways, one on either side. These walkways will be populated by individual retail units, which can be hired, or bought, for the purpose of selling goods and services to the general public.


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