back to article Steve Jobs uncloaks the 'iPad'

Steve Jobs has announced Apple's long-awaited tablet - now officially named the iPad, as The Reg had predicted - at a media circus Wednesday morning in the 757-seat Novellus Theater at San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. The Reg will offer its considered analysis of what Jobs called "a truly magical and …


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    1. DPWDC
      Jobs Horns


      The Corsa Argument - not quite right is it...

      For this, the annalogy would more along the lines of:

      :Phone is a boat - it is good on water

      :PC is a car - is good on land

      :iPad is a hovercraft, doesn't really excel on water OR land but you can just about get by on either, and oh look, aren't I cool, I own an iHovercraft!

      1. Nic 3


        I'd probably quite like a hovercraft ;-)

        I don't understand where the look cool argument comes from either? Sure soem might be interested in the image. Me no. I wan't a gadget to be a pleasure to use. I don't care if I am seen with it. Besides which I would consider the ipad to be something to use around the house not out on the street.

        My Corsa argument probably suites the iPhone better than the iPad so I concede your point.

  1. Gareth Gouldstone

    History repeating, perhaps

    I love the last line of this article!

  2. Grubby


    It looks like an upgrade from the ipod touch, if you're a giant it is anyway. I like the look of it, all Apple things look nice and are well built so it will be a success, they could release the i-shoebox and everyone would want one, not because they need one, but because it's an 'apple' shoe box...

    Don't know if I'd spend $500 on one (which when it comes here will still be £500, thanks tax man), it looks nice, and has a lot of useful features. But you're not going to carry it under your arm, so you'll need a bag and the 10 hour battery life will be a maximum assuming you dont actually do much with it or use the 3g, so you'll need a charger. so.. I'll be carrying a bag that's big enough for my charger, my ipad, headphones... err, i-think i'll use my laptop.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Slow burner

    Apart from the fact I really, really detest the whole locked down thing (to the point buying one is a non starter), I've surprised my self by quite warming to the idea for what it is. As an easy to hand device to grab and browse or watch a film, or review some work docs it seems like a good enough idea. But it's no use for replacing a laptop for anything remotely heavyweight, and for me it's not portable enough, which rather puts it in the bracket of something for those with an excess of money.

    I suspect that it'll be like the iPod, which took two or three years to take off, but when it did so it did it big time. Like the Ipod more storage and a better price will probably be the key, although given what it is, 3g as standard would seem to be a minimum also.

    But I suspect for a lot of us the lock in will be the deal breaker for a long time to come.

    1. Goat Jam

      The Fail that keeps on Failing

      LOL. I remember reading that article at the time and think, "hmmmm, well see I suppose"

      I just re-read it and almost every single sentence is an Epic Fail in its own right.

      Great stuff.

      Beer for Bill Ray because you can't always get it right, Bill.

  4. Elsie

    TouchOn Steroids

    Personally speaking, I really don't see the point of this I-Pod Touch on steroids. Besides the fact I could buy books to use on this device, it has nothing new.

    No multi-tasking so you're stuck doing one thing at a time.

    No camera so you can't use it as a Skype device

    No memory card slot so you're stuck at the size you buy.

    Although it has a promised 10 hour battery life you can't replace the battery ... unless you send it back to Apple for an expensive swap.

    The iPad is touted as giving you the best web experience ... yet it cannot play Flash, something that millions of pages use as standard.

    You have to pay an extra $130 to get a 3G slot ... and then goodness knows how much for a SIM and data contract.

    I was really looking forward to something new, something exciting but the iPad for me is a huge let down. I would rather stick with my fully functional, flash capable, expandable, 120gb, camera equipped £180 netbook (with a proper keyboard) than go for this Apple product.

    It won't fail as there are too many Apple sycophants that will see the iPad as a life changing gadget that they can't live without and they'll buy it without thinking. And that's a shame.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    After years of waiting..........

    Steve Jobs unveils a bigger iPhone.

    1. Ted

      Oops, you forgot to think.

      It's a real shame you got all of your comments wrong.

      You can't do multitasking yet, it eats batteries but you have push notification so it allows apps to run in the background,

      You can use skype, but just without video. A camera eats batteries don't forget.

      No, you have the entire internet as a hard drive, or any wireless hard drive through an Apple Airport. So even the 16GB model is plenty.

      All batteries on all Apple products are replaceable, you would never need to send it to Apple for a new battery, that was just a myth.

      Well, Flash isn't an open standard, plus it eats batteries, so HTML 5 will fill that need as we move away from Flash.

      $130 for 3G is about right, and the data plan is $14.99 a month.

      Yeah, but a NetBook is going to have a crappy screen, it's only going to run Windows, it will be super slow and have far less software.

      I can tell you really want an iPad, but are trying to lie to yourself about problems that don't exist.

      Watch the Keynote... it will help you decide...

    2. Anonymous Coward

      surely some mistake!

      Elsie wrote: "The iPad is touted as giving you the best web experience ... yet it cannot play Flash, something that millions of pages use as standard."

      I'll correct that for you "The iPad is touted as giving you the best web experience ... which is why it doesn't play Flash. A pile of poo used only by the most annoying web pages"

    3. Anonymous Coward

      Do feel free to not buy it, then.

      "No multi-tasking so you're stuck doing one thing at a time."

      Seriously, how often is this going to be a real issue on a mobile device? As with the iPhone I'd expect that you can listen to music in the background while reading a book and still have calendar alarms and alerts for incoming e-mails, which is probably about as much multi-tasking as you are likely to need.

      "No camera so you can't use it as a Skype device"

      No, you can't use it as a Skype *Video* device. You do know Skype was a voice-only service when it started and it still works as one. Personally, I can count the number of video calls I've made on Captain Hook's bad hand.

      "No memory card slot so you're stuck at the size you buy."

      Yes, bit of a bummer that and oddly enough happens to be a trait that it shares with scores of other mobile devices including a lot of netbooks.

      "Although it has a promised 10 hour battery life you can't replace the battery ... unless you send it back to Apple for an expensive swap."

      Par for the course for Apple. That said, I have a six year old Sony laptop that I've never taken the battery out of and two spare batteries for an old Nokia that are pretty much unused, so I don't know how big a problem this would be, I doubt you would use this for any critical activities; it's more likely to be an inconvenience.

      "The iPad is touted as giving you the best web experience ... yet it cannot play Flash, something that millions of pages use as standard."

      And millions of people berate as hateful. Seriously, Adobe can't even be bothered to write a 64-bit version for Windows or even fix the bugs in the 32-bit version, it really is time to start phasing it out. And if you have a look at other news stories it looks like YouTube have started already.

      "You have to pay an extra $130 to get a 3G slot ... and then goodness knows how much for a SIM and data contract."

      If you read the story it's in there. And it's without contract.

      "I would rather stick with my fully functional, flash capable, expandable, 120gb, camera equipped £180 netbook"

      Hold on, you were working in dollars a minute ago...

      But, you know, good on you. You stick with your kit and keep telling yourself that. And don't let anyone tell you that their Toyota Yaris is a better vehicle than your Trabant, they do the same things and you have the advantage of being able to make your own paper-mache body panels instead of the Toyota's expensive made-in-a-factory ones.

      "It won't fail as there are too many Apple sycophants that will see the iPad as a life changing gadget that they can't live without and they'll buy it without thinking"

      Fortunately there will be a huge number of Apple partisans who will not buy it without thinking to help offset them a bit.

      Damn, I promised myself I wouldn't do this.

      Can we have an Unfail icon?

      1. Fred Flintstone Gold badge

        Full marks ..

        .. for mentioning Trabant, grin, haven't heard that one for a while.

        However, I'm not going to jump straight in either - I wait until the fanboys have debugged the thing :-)

    4. Fred Flintstone Gold badge

      You can do batt replacements yourself

      The guys at ifixit will sell you a decent kit with idiot proof instructions on how to swap out the battery. Worth a visit IMHO - it's what made me decide to buy the iPhone.

      I tend to buy gadgets for a couple of years because I actually *use* them. I know that makes me slightly unusual, but I'm not going to change that :-)

  6. uhuznaa
    Thumb Up

    I love it...

    The comments, I mean: "It's just for retard consumers and girls! Stupid end users! You can't do real work on it!! And it has no Flash, so I will never buy it!!!


    By the way: There is a rather cool keyboard-dock for it and you can also use BT keyboards. And there will be iWork for it. I think for the average home or casual user (or a geek in casual mode) this is quite a perfect thing to have. Especially since there will (judging from the iPhone and the iPod touch) be exactly zero effort required to keep the thing running and happy and configured. And it seems to run on a charge for 10 hours and keeps up in standby for a month.

    I really can't see what's wrong with that. Even the name reminds me much more of the IBM Thinkpad than of female items. But probably all the "geeks" here have never heard about a "Thinkpad".

    Well done, Apple.

    I have never understood what's so great about nursing along your tools all day long. I work with and at computers and software 10 to 12 hours a day and I'm rather happy when I can just use something for a change. But that's just me, probably.

  7. CADmonkey

    I saw that years ago....

    ...on Trigger happy Tv, wasn't it?

    "Hello!!!!......I'm at the, it's crap!!!"

  8. Justin Stringfellow

    how do you actually use it though?

    OK so it's a large ipod touch. So I could (if I owned one) pick up an ipod touch with one hand and operate the touch screen with the other hand. This thing is a lot bigger though... so where does it go? flat on a table? flat on your lap? Sorry but my neck isn't up to craning over at that angle.

  9. ZenCoder

    This is going to be a fun product.

    I bought a first gen iPod touch after playing with my friends for a few minutes. It cost a lot more than my previous mp3 player but it was just that much fun. I have fun with it every day.

    I will have to play with an iPad to find out if I'll want one or not, but I suspect that it might be what finally convinces me to start reading eBooks. The ipod touch seems like it would be the perfect reader in every way except size.

  10. vincent himpe

    it has a microphone , but no video camera ..

    that's a dealbreaker for me. Even the shittiest phone or net book has one of those.

  11. Ivan Hallworth

    Good enough is good enough!

    Congratulations to Apple on your new baby, time will tell if you have 'done it again.'

    Nothing is ideal and this seems like a good enough is good enough solution.

    It does create a new niche. We'll have to see if this matters, grows and is a sustainable niche.

    Perhaps its really a fun/useful iPhone line media player extension that sits between iPhone and MacBooks, more on the iPhone side? A plus one at the moment rather than a replace for both?

    iBooks looks good and its going to be interesting to see how it fares with Kindle and others.

    Appears to sit in the middle of the Apple range and the middle can be a dangerous place to be!

    Hopefully in future iPhone and OSX will converge? Nice that there are lots of apps at launch and line extension to iPhone if not OSX.

    Useful mobile adjunct to an iPhone in place of MBA when mobile would be my use plus surfing, reading and easily creating media content.

    Like the dock keyboard idea that gives it full keyboard feel and makes it like a laptop.

    Rev2 may be a much better enchilada.

    Will consider buying when it becomes available. Perhaps the iPhone service providers will do some interesting multi-device deals when it becomes available that will help affordability and economy. If not it is perhaps a bit expensive if you've already got a smart phone plus a laptop to keep and maintain. Is a third asset to keep and maintain.

    iPad mops everything up and better name than iSlate that it looked like it may have been

    Pleased all the pre announcement speculation is now finally over having reached fever pitch : )

    Makes you wonder with awe how this smart device space will look over the next few years.

    The rate of change appears to be accelerating.

    Like iPhone/iTouch there's sure to be some very interesting and unusual applications that you'd never imagine.

    It does look to fill a gap, even if smaller market niche, in the market.

    That being said this format may turn out to be the major part of a volume market in time as prices reduce.

    Well Done Apple - a clever bit of difficult engineering and smart market positioning done well. Likely to sell well, and time will tell either way.

    Hope that people enjoy trying and using it. Looking forward to meeting it. Its a most interesting idea.

  12. Big-nosed Pengie
    Thumb Up

    OK - there IS a use for it

    A mate of mine who's severely vision-impaired can't wait. For him it's the perfect answer to reading stuff onscreen, and printed books are increasingly inaccessable to him. His iPhone's too small to be useful; he can do it without any problems on his computer but he can't sit in the comfy chair and read a book on his computer or take it to bed with him.

    Damn good, I say.

    OK - that's one. Can anyone else think of something to do with it?

    1. SynnerCal

      Re: This is going to be a fun product

      ZenCoder wrote "The ipod touch seems like it would be the perfect reader in every way except size."

      Actually I'd disagree partially - I too think the iPT is a superb eReader, but I'd argue that the size is very good. Since the device fits easily into a jacket/coat/trouser pocket then it means you've got access to some reading material just about anywhere. And if you're standing on a train/bus it's easier to use than a real (dead tree) book. Other than battery life I can't see any advantage to the current crop of dedicated eReaders, and on the flip side my iPT can do so much more than any eReader.

      As to the iPad itself - I'm with the 'meh' crowd. If it's £500 then that's the same price as two goodish netbooks, or one netbook and a good iPT - both combo's that'll suit me better than one monolithic slab device. If it was the same price as a netbook then I'd possibly be interested, otherwise that's too much of a surcharge for the interface - irrespective of how good/whizzy it is.

      I dare say that - judging on the Avataresque level of interest/hype so far anyway - that Apple won't be short of customers and we'll soon see the usual shots of folks camped outside the Apple Stores waiting eagerly for their chance to buy. Fair enough says I, but I won't be joining them any time soon.

    2. CollyWolly

      perfect ebook reader?

      Perfect except for the colour screen = crap battery life compared to e-ink readers, and crap in the sun as well.

  13. ForthIsNotDead Silver badge

    It looks a bit big...

    to me... I can't imagine sitting on the tube (if you can find a seat) and using it flat on your lap.

    Unless you are a complete poser of course.

    I'll stick with my Cambridge Z88. It has stratospheric geek value, and people are falling over themselves on the tube to see what it is... If only they knew it was made in 1987...

    This new apple thing looks cool enough, but my very first reaction when I saw old Jobby holding it in that photo was "Crikey! It's huge!" - too big!

  14. Mike Campbell 1


    A sensational announcement and just the beginning of a whole new range.

    It will take a while to sort out the kinks and international launch of iBooks.

    A year from now, we'll all have them.

    Where is ?

    Look to Amazon to port Kindle iPhone across.

    What a great chess board.

    Sure beats the EO440.

    Apple's iPad Video says it all.

    I might just come out of retirement.

    Roll on UK availability.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Halo

    Steve Jobs

    When Steve Jobs worked at Atari, the company was working on creating the arcade game Breakout, which required 80 Integrated Circuits (ICs). The less ICs there were, the cheaper the games would be to produce, so Nolan Bushnell (Atari's president) offered $100 for every IC that could be knocked out of the design. Jobs brought Woz the challenge, and over four days and nights at Atari they put together a design that only required 30 ICs. Bushnell gave Jobs his $5000 bonus, which Jobs "split" with Wozniak by telling him it was a $700 bonus, giving him "half," or $350. Woz was delighted, but years later found out the truth. And cried.

  16. rfc959
    Jobs Horns

    In the valley of the goats, the Goat Fucker is king.

    This little story really does show the difference between the two founders: Wozniak, the classic hacker, facing challenges and improving a project so that people like himself could enjoy it, and Jobs, the goat fucker.

  17. LinkOfHyrule

    Gaming...... urm, yeah whatever

    hmm, we've heard in the run up to this being announced that it will be great for playing games and what not... seriously?

    I don't really care about bashing Apple or not, joking aside (I take the piss out of all tech firms, I'm equal opportunities like that!) but seriously, how is this going to be any good for playing games on?

    It's bloody massive and has no buttons!

    Most importantly, its too expensive for a personal console. You can buy like four Nintendo DSs for the same price as the some versions of this thing! Yeah, I'm sure all the kid's parents and 'casual' gamers (and Hardcore gamers like myself) are going to want to spend top dollar for this, not!

    If the iPad had a D-Pad (ooh err) it might be a slightly different story. Probably still a crap story though, with carpel tunnel syndrome*.

    *I'd buy one though if they brought out a game called "Super Apple Kart" where you play as Steve Jobs and Steve Woz-ma-thingy-ma-bob racing around on the moon on jet-powered Segways chasing after the Evil Gates and Balmer shooting at them with Yellow Lasers out of Woz's face!**

    **I'm fibbing

  18. This post has been deleted by its author

    1. Euchrid

      You missed out the best bits!

      When Woz found out, he was on an Apple exec. plane and discovered the truth when reading a book about Apple that came out. One Apple suit, put a comforting hand on his shoulder and said "Woz, we're all so sorry.... we thought you knew." So not only discovered that his 'best friend' had shafted him years earlier, Woz also discovered this was common knowledge in the company... who do you think told them?

      Secondly, Woz would spend his $350 on parts for the Apple I - he didn't have enough money for the Intel processor he wanted, so went down the cheaper, MOS route. This wasn't not the best thing in the long-term for Apple - had Jobs seen this in his crystal ball, he probably wouldn't have gone for the fast buck.

      As an aside, Woz and Jobs used to flog phone phreaking equipment - a nice little earner. They decided to stop doing this and Jobs decided to meet their 'last customer' alone in a car park. Jobs claims he was mugged... maybe he was, but maybehe was putting in some practice how to get one over on Woz.

    2. Euchrid

      re: Gaming...... urm, yeah whatever

      Although this wouldn't be my portable gaming weapon of choice, the iPhone has done rather well in terms of attracting games developers - far more so than I expected (personally, I thought it wouldn't take off this way). In June of last year there were over 13,000 games available. Are they any good? Some are, some aren't - but GTA Chinatown Wars, for instance, is bloody good and I wouldn't mind seeing what something like that would be like on the iPad (not that I'm likely to get one).

      Also, it's attracted a lot of small developers - one lone guy produced a neat puzzle game, which when it came out cost $5 in the App Store. In the first two months, he made $250,000.

      There have been posters on here saying that their kids and friends of kids see the iPod Touch as more trendy games devices that their DS's - I know this doesn't equate to iPad demand, but it did make me realise that my 'nah, Nintendo and Sony will continue to own the portable gaming market' was not 100% accurate.

      1. whiteafrican


        Ok, except, if you actually start to engage a bit of thought here, you'll spot a problem. Most of the decent iPhone games use the accelerometer. If you hold an iPhone, you can generate quite a lot of tilt just by movig your fingers/wrists. Now grab a pad of A4 paper and try doing the same thing... Notice any problems? How tired will your arms be after 15 mins of trying to play games by twisting & turning the iPad? It's going to bite the dust as a gaming device, because it's less portable AND harder to use than the competition... And it's not like Apple haven't screwed this up before on the gaming front - remember the Pippin?

        1. Euchrid

          re: @Euchrid

          Now, now *wags fingers* just because you don't agree with what I say, doesn't mean that I haven't engaged in thought.

          Personally, I would don’t agree that “most of the decent iPhone games use the accelerometer”. Robocalypse is a very decent game (not as good as the DS, mind) that doesn’t use the accelerator – strategy games often benefit from a touch screen – and a real weakness (IMO was that the screen is a little too small). With arcade games on the iPhone/Touch, I generally prefer a touch screen interface – Space Invaders Infinity, for instance is a cracking game.

          I can’t say I’ve played thousands of games using the iPhone OS, but being a bit of a gamer, I do read a lot of reviews – can’t say that the games that tended to be rated the most (either by pro or amateur reviewers) are ones that use the accelerometer. Of course, if you know better, please feel free to give some examples!

          As for the problems you list about moving the iPad around, well sure…. Assuming every games developer is going to design games for the iPad in exactly the same way as they would for the iPhone/Touch, that is.

          No, I don’t remember the Pippin, granddad – I'm far too young. However, I have read about it and as for as I’m aware, it was a console that was only for gaming. The iPad isn’t – yes, they have shown it off for gaming, but it’s hardly been marketed as just a gaming device, is it?

          1. whiteafrican

            @Euchrid, @Ivan Headache


            See, all the finger wagging in the world won't persuade anyone that you've thought this through. Your argument boils down to:

            1) The iPad will be hard to use for accelerometer games, so therefore Accelerometer games aren't the best games... sort of undermined by the fact that Apple was trying to show off Asphalt 5 on the iPad at it's launch, don't you think? (

            2) You seem to accept that the basic problem is real (which I respect) but then you argue that developers are going to have to create a whole new set of games to deal with this problem... Why not just stick with the iPhone that doesn't have that problem at all?!

            3) As for the Pippin, the argument was about gaming. Re-read the OP. I made the point that Apple don't have a great track record at gaming. On some platforms they get it about right (the iPod touch, for instance). On others, they fail hard (the Pippin, and Macs generally suck for games). The iPad looks like another fail here - they're taking a working form factor and making it harder to use on the go, which was sort of the whole point of the darned thing!


            @Ivan Headache

            "You keep mentioning the Pippin as an Apple screw-up."

            Ummm... yeah. You want to ban me from mentioning Apple's mistakes?

            "If I remember correctly, the Pippin never made it to marketin the UK or Europe."

            Right, so you're saying that -in Apple's defence- its product was so rubbish that you never actually saw one... I agree with you. It was that rubbish.

        2. Ivan Headache

          Once again

          You keep mentioning the Pippin as an Apple screw-up.

          If I remember correctly, the Pippin never made it to marketin the UK or Europe. I certainly never saw one in the UK - and anyway it was the Bandai Pippin, while it may have had Apple designed innards it was not sold by Apple. It died because Bandai merged with SEGA and SEGA didn't want to continue it.

  19. It'sa Mea... Mario


    Why no Weather app?

    And Maps is good but is about 4 times more useful with the compass.

    Has mic but no Voice Memos?

    So it is basically a giant iPod (minus Weather App, plus mic) but I would you know..

    Will try and wait for second gen though.

  20. regprentice
    Jobs Horns


    If this is just an oversized touch, then it will still need to be synched with itunes?

    I would be looking at this as a replacement for my netbook, but if i get rid of my aspire one , what will i synch my ipad to?????

    Using itunes is an unholy nightmare for pc users. I bought an iphone and could not move my library from my old nano into my iphone despite owning all the music. i cant connect my iphone to a second pc without it threatening to delete the contents of the handset. In the end i used my netbook like a giant hard drive for my iphone only, and add and delete music from the folders on my C: drive then synch 'everything' to my iphone, it is by far the easiest way to manage itunes.

    This paradox will stop a lot of people buying one unless the pad functions more like a Mac/PC and less like a ipod.

    Praying in vain for drag and drop.

  21. Scott 19


    or Apples PR department, Its a sh*t laptop that brings nothing to the party, if your on here listing its qualitys, which can be said for any laptop (although laptops are not locked down so your stuck with a 16Gb drive to save all 2 movies onto).

    They've missed the boat it should of controlled you home media TV, music and browsing the internet all from your coffee table instead its all half arsed and down better by a laptop, less powerful for more money.

    Unless your a fanbois this has FAIL written aqll over it.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      re: Fanbois

      Erm.... have you seen what the 'fanbois' are actually saying? Go over to MacRumors or any Mac forum and and you'll see that the majority of posters are bitching about it lacking a built-in backpack.

      Fanboys are more annoying than those who bitch about them... but only slightly.

  22. JohnG Silver badge

    Apple "invents" the UMPC... the units sold for several years by Sony, Samsung and others. The existing UMPCs run a full blown OS (Windows or Linux) and can run various applications of your choice. Apple's skill in persuading people that they have invented stuff that other manufacturers are already selling is their true genius.

    The difficulty with this one is that UMPCs have largely been sidelined by netbooks, which typically do more for less money.

  23. Stone Fox

    A phrase I head on the onion news network springs to mind

    "Ass-backwards as fuck"


  24. James Hughes 1

    What's to follow

    And I don't mean from Apple.

    Looking at the iPad - looks great. Not tried the GUI, but I bet it works really well. Form factor is something I have been waiting for for years (something to keep in the living room for browsing, streaming, remote control of TV, Skype etc - everything you have ever wanted to do form the comfort of the armschair).

    However, the lack of camera knackers the Skype option, and the relatively closed nature of sw dev means that the sort on things I want to do won't/may never be available.

    However, what will competitors come out with? If competitor hardware specs are good enough (i.e same as this iPad, but with a camera, changeable battery, not so interested in phone as I look on this as a home device, not a mobile device) etc, then the Windows and Linux boys/modders will be producing something more along the lines of what I want. or I would be able to do it myself.

    So, this is a great start , and hopefully will force start a market of devices on which software can be written that actually does fill a need, one that may not even exist at the moment!

  25. Anonymous Coward


    The "artsy" look-and-feel of the event's invitation, which featured splashes and blobs of color, is apparently explained by the iPad's "brushes" feature, which allows you to paint on photos, change their colors, and make images of your own.

    WOW they included paint !!!!!

    i must buy tis item i can use my finger instead of a mouse !!!

    even better yet would be if i could use a PEN !!!!!


    its almost as bad as a ad for a yamaha keyboard (with real sounding stereo Grand piano, since when were they stereo !"!)

    1. Matthew 17

      everything is stereo

      unless you have 1 ear.

      so to recreate how something would sound you need 2 speakers!

  26. deshepherd

    @Network meltdown

    250MB/month for $15 and "unlimited" fo $30 .... well, on Tmob here I'm getting 1.2GB/month for £20/6months (technically its unlimited but regular excursions over 40MB/day are agains "fair use" and Tmob reserve right to send stroppy notes or slow down connection).... and if I used the phone and used a £10 top-up per month that would be free.

    So doesn't look like much of a "breakthrough" deal to me.

  27. Gareth Gouldstone

    Interesting logic ...

    Many of the comments on here express:

    a) All Apple products are crap

    b) I would never buy an Apple product

    Logic holding true so far, then

    c) I am really disappointed at the spec of the Apple product


  28. Anonymous Coward

    Oversized Iphone that isn't a phone

    When i first saw steve jobs holding this thing i thought it looks like a massive iphone..

    looking at the specs, it seems like it isn't really usable for much, no phone, limited storage, no flash, cant run osx apps.

    Try again apple, in a few years when you can get a real computer in that form.

  29. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Here we go again - another product to lock you into Apple's cash cow of buying everything from them and consuming whatever they offer - but hey.... it looks good and thats what matters and it makes me look cool. Jees what drivel.

    Get a life people and Consume less.

  30. Justabloke 1


    Please no more "iThis"... "iThat". Its doing my fucking head in!

    OK! OK! We get it.. you can do internety type stuff with your gear! get over it FFS!

  31. pctechxp

    Anyone else think

    This looks like an oversized iPhone or should I say supersized.

  32. Tim Roberts 1

    some of you just dont get it.....

    It's not the hardware, it's what the software can do ....

    Who gives a flying fuck what it's called or who makes it - what other company has text book publishers on side, potentially newspapers, music, etc etc.

    JFC guys, some of you anti mac twits are just a rabid as the pro-macs but you can't see it because you hide behind calling "them' mactartds. So wtf are you ... wintards??? Lintards??? Certainly you are just as bad - Lord Bill can do no wrong etc etc bullshit.

    The ipad will sell - I think very well especially when publishers of textbooks and mags/newspapers get in on it. You see, the power that Apple has in this is not the hardware its in the apps - itunes, ibook, iwhatever, that no other vendor has.

    Having said that, will I buy one - probably not because what I'm really after is a basic old ebook reader ....... yeah yeah I'm a luddite.


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