back to article Microsoft polishes up Chromium as EdgeHTML peers into the abyss

Microsoft could be preparing to ditch the EdgeHTML layout engine of its unloved Edge browser in Windows 10 in favour of Chromium, according to reports surfacing on the eve of the company's developer event Connect();. The reports point to a mystery project, codenamed Anaheim, which will replace Edge as the default web browser …

  1. David 132 Silver badge

    No... as the article alluded., I just use the built-in browser to download a better alternative (Firefox, in my opinion/case).

    Actually - and I know this is vindictive, petty, and pointless of me - I make a point, on a clean Windows installation, of using IE to download Firefox, and not even using Edge for that. I just got annoyed too much by Microsoft’s sly attempts to force use of Edge (eg nagging when I try to change the default browser, and Edge icons re-appearing on the desktop after seemingly every Windows Update.)

    Fear my nerd wrath, Microsoft!

  2. georgezilla

    " ... Does anyone actually seriously use Edge for anything other than testing? ... '

    Yes, me.

    Or I use to. But for only one thing. To download a different browser.

  3. streaky Silver badge


    I've only been suggesting this for about 10+ years now Microsoft. Don't think it'll really help gain users but at the same time all that writing your own layout engine noise is a massive waste of resources..

  4. PhilipN Silver badge

    Surprised nobody has yet said it

    but memories fade, even about "embrace, extend, extinguish".

    And the Browser Wars

    And the DoJ case against Microsoft (q.v.)

    At least MS have learnt : last time around they went with the NCSA Mosaic donkey. Now they are riding the competitor's thoroughbred.

    P.S. I would not have wanted an Andreessen-controlled planet either.

  5. georgezilla

    Re: Surprised nobody has yet said it

    I'm old enough to remember them clearly.

    But apparently history, like facts, are not of any use any more.

    "History, facts, who needs them anymore. They just get in the way."

  6. kevinyeandel

    Re: Surprised nobody has yet said it

    Oddly I just posted the Embrace, Extend and Extingiush thing myself.

    "Comes versus Microsoft"

    From here, a well-worth watching video:

    Very shocking truths.

    If the Open Source community don't make a stand then there will be ONLY Microsoft (hopefully Apple will not fall into the trap).

  7. Mikel

    Deprecate Bing next please

    It's odd seeing Windows people moaning about monoculture as if they cared, and then following up with how great their own monoculture is.

    When they're done throwing IE and Edge on the heap they can send Bing on its way also. Never was more than a vainglorious assault on Google's air supply, accomplished nothing against the Google market share but swept all others from the field. And spent tens of billions of dollars. Enough money to build a Mars colony.

  8. JohnFen Silver badge

    Re: Deprecate Bing next please

    Bing has a real use though -- it's the best engine to search for porn with!

  9. kevinyeandel

    Embrace, Extend and Extinguish?

    Windows 10 was insistent Edge was faster. I'm confused?!?! I wonder if this is part of Microsoft's "Embrace, Extend and Extinguish" strategy. They embrace products and protocols, extend them with proprietary API's to Extinguish what was often open source, community driven creations.

  10. Teiwaz Silver badge

    Re: Embrace, Extend and Extinguish?

    Windows 10 was insistent Edge was faster. I'm confused?!?! I

    Just a product of an unbridled and undeserved corporate optimism.

    Like a restaurant selling half-raw pork as delicious juicy well-cooked roast chicken.

  11. Unicornpiss Silver badge

    I take perverse satisfaction..

    ..when I change the defaults on a machine from Edge to IE (or anything else) and choose "switch anyway" when it admonishes me to give Edge a try first.

  12. David Gosnell

    Forced Edge

    This will help with the PR side of Microsoft's push towards forcing Edge on to users, as seen with links from their email client and of course the entire locked-down ecosystem of Windows 10S. At least now they can be perceived as pushing a desirable engine that is compatible with the de facto standard. As a developer, I've certainly been pleased to see Edge resolve many of IE's woes, but there are still some lurking horrors that I will not be at all sad to see the back of.

  13. JohnFen Silver badge

    Re: Forced Edge

    "At least now they can be perceived as pushing a desirable engine"

    Chromium is not universally considered a "desirable engine".

  14. arctic_haze Silver badge

    "Microsoft doesn't comment on rumours or speculation"

    Isn't it a corporate way of saying "Yes"?

  15. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

    Re: "Microsoft doesn't comment on rumours or speculation"

    They're not sure which of them will turn out to be true.

  16. GX5000

    Opera to Fox

    Stuck with IE because of our environment (in house apps etc) on WIN7/10.

    Personally still using Opera (and Fox) since it's the only one that does speed-dial well, and the third party addons to block are plentiful and work well. Otherwise I set my clients to Firefox or Chromium (linux).

    Friends don't let friends install Chrome, not even once.

    31 years experience says so.

  17. ShortLegs

    I tried Edge once... it drove me over the edge to Chrome

    hat, coat...

  18. Howard Hanek


    Lipstick and pigs, n' stuff.

  19. an0n1m0us

    I think Edge works great. Browsing is very fast, there are many features to use and security was not bad. I'm wondering what demographic The Register is referring to that states that Edge is "That browser I use to download Chrome". I used to like using Chrome, but it became buggy and every aspect of my browsing was tracked.


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