back to article About to install the Windows 10 April 2018 Update? You might want to wait a little bit longer

The troubled Windows 10 April 2018 update is facing another issue, with some users losing access to their desktop after installing the new code. The problem, which first appeared in a posting on a Microsoft support forum on 14 May, has gained a bit of traction over the last two days with users taking to social media as they go …


  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I really do get the Linux argument and like most distros, especially Ubuntu and Fedora. However until Lightroom and PS have Linux versions I can't switch. I've tried Gimp and while it's okay, it's doesn't replace LR and PS. I've tried Darktable too and it's not a mature enough product (yet).

    There's then all the issues of printer drivers for high-end photo printers and colour matching. So it's not just the photo editing software that needs to be considered, it's the whole workflow.

    Did like Macs, but Apple now make crap hardware with very limited specs, so I'm stuck with Windows. I don't mind paying for productivity software, especially when I'm making money from it, but I can't see any options on Linux that would enable me to move from Windows.

    The sad fact is most photographers aren't brave enough to move off Mac to Windows to get better hardware choices, so getting enough of to move to Linux to warrant the development of pro photo editing tools isn't going to happen any time soon. The tools would have to come first, and that is also very unlikely.

  2. tentimes

    Near catastrophic update!

    I just about got this installed without losing my machine. Twice I tried and twice the computer hung on a restart at "Updating windows 51%". I left it for six hours and nothing happened and I had to pull the power cord to turn it off. After that I had to rollback and repair.

    To get the update to work I had to run the Microsoft Windows Update Repair Tool (downloaded from their website) and then run the update a third time for it to work.

    Huge sigh of relief and glad I know what I am doing or I would have been shafted (like many a poor user out there I am sure).

  3. SpottyOwl

    It worked for me as well....

    Sorry to say that the update process - and every other Windows 10 update I've done - worked fine.

    This has been on a range of machines - 8 year old Dells, 6 month old SSD Fujitsus, Surface laptop, and a very ancient HP laptop.

    Longest it took was about 45 minutes - machines running a variety of software including Office, SQL Server, Visual Studio, mySQL, etc. .

  4. frank1245c

    Not Again?

    Awhile ago when Microsoft was forcing updates from 7 to 10, they updated my computer to Win10 and improved it so much that it didn't work at all. I was forced to switch to Linux just to get my computer working again. It now runs better than it did under Linux than it did with Windows so I never switched back. Now I see that Micro$oft is up to its old games and screwing people up again. FU Micro$oft and your stupid games. Viva Linux!

    1. onefang Silver badge

      Re: Not Again?

      "updated my computer to Win10 and improved it so much that it didn't work at all. I was forced to switch to Linux"

      I'd call that a very good update.

  5. This post has been deleted by its author

  6. Bezukhov

    My mother's computer updated yesterday. Her only problem was this warning about Drive E: short of space. Simple enough to fix, just open an elevated Command Prompt and remove that drive letter.

  7. Timmy B Silver badge

    14 PCs in this office - over 50 in the building - over 60 if you include virtuals. Various specs from elderly compact dell desktops to high end ultra-books and everything has updated fine. All running Sophos. Some took a while (longest was just under an hour and a half) but mostly fine.

    I also have 8 Pcs in the house and only one caused any kind of issues. This was a laptop that had some major issues and the motherboard was replaced under warranty and the hard drive was imaged swapped over with an SSD recently so there could have been some kind of serial number check that went wrong.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Windows Insiders

    Maybe the problem is the people what beta test these releases, aka Windows Insiders, know how to use a computer and would never in a million years use Avast? So it's hardly M$'s fault is it?

    1. Timmy B Silver badge

      Re: Windows Insiders

      As one of those afore mentioned insiders I agree. I tried it once and not again. It's standard that the other halves workplace and causes no end of trouble. We have Sophos and apart from one issue is fine... but that issue is severe.. it doubled compile times.

    2. Deadly_NZ

      Re: Windows Insiders

      I am Insider preview person I have 2 machines 1 runs Avast with no problems, the other runs the built in security center. Which I find to be better than Avast.

  9. intrigid

    Windows 7

    Have been using Windows 7 with Never10 utility installed for some years now. I feel so sorry for anyone who missed out on the Windows 7 train, and I feel like a bystander watching the nonstop trainwreck of modern operating systems.

  10. Howard Hanek Bronze badge

    Windows Replacement

    I've been running more and more Linux boxes as Windows replacements. I've spent the last couple of years refining the images, making them as useful and efficient as possible and creating the tutorials and help files for users who never saw a Linux box in their lives. The systems do everything they have to do very well and they ARE more stable and user friendly than Windows. I'm ready, but the users aren't and even with all that, the migration will be the users.

  11. SnowCrash

    Bring the hate

    Update 5 machines at home, all running Avast, plus my work machines which don't run Avast. Usual hour for the update to finish and all working happily.

    Obvs I'll switch to Mint or whatever as soon as all the apps I use work as well as they do in Win 10 (I'm not asking for perfection after all).

    I've even made peace with the Win 10 start menu....

  12. largefile

    You folks are comical.

    I just have to laugh at all of the Microsoft haters who congregate here and fantasize about the evils of an update or Microsoft in general. It's your own little echo chamber.

    3 million users were involved in some aspect of beta testing 1803 and now the newer builds you still aren't complaining about. Updating, rolling back and update and pausing updates is pretty easy to accomplish.

    Pausing for 7 days at a time is a no brainer. Update/Security, Advanced, Pause.

    Meanwhile there are a few hundreds of million Windows 10 users and amazingly the majority of the people with problems seem to congregate here.

  13. CPU

    If only MS ...

    If only MS actually warns you before doing the major updates, you know, maybe "please temporarily uninstall your AV Product". So far MS updates has killed my system 3 times, to say I have a robust backup regime would be an understatement! I assume MS update will kill the system at some point and backup accordingly.

    I also find that MS treats restores in a very iffy manner now, and this is recent (2018) not sure if there is some hidden blocks written or something to do with blocking hijack software, but something under the hood has changed and my original method of having a backup SSD with the LNG image (boot from LNG and restore borked disk) no longer works properly, so now I'm reduced to USB boot disk for the restore of borked... oh MS, why do you keep screwing things up?

  14. JDReg529

    Only bad aspect for me is that the Opera browser has become non-functional, as far as I can tell.

    1. largefile

      Opera works fine on Windows 10

      Opera works just fine with every build of Windows 10 including ALL the beta builds. It's been my alternate browser for a few years and when there were EDGE growing pains, Opera is always there for me.

      Version: 53.0.2907.68 - Opera is up to date

      Update stream: Stable

      System: Windows 10 64-bit

      I'm on 1803 build #17134.48 no issues.

  15. Leadsolo

    1803 Build playing dirty

    I had the update install and on reboot got a blue screen with recovery icons of which, not one worked. I was able to get to the command prompt and 'xcopy' all the data files over to a USB HDD. I wasn't using Avast, so that excuse is rubbish. MS later put something on their support site saying there was an issue with some SSD's and something else, neither of which referred to my PC.

    I managed to rebuild the machine, eventually but discovered that the previous build, 1709, had switched off the checkpoint process and deleted old checkpoints. Presumably for my convenience....

    I have now switched my internet connections to 'Metered Connection' which should prevent automatic updates. Hopefully. The 1803 build seems to have been pulled thankfully.

    I now have Outlook and Firefox missing from the list of installed apps, even though they are installed and can be pinned to the start menu icons and task bar...

    Frankly getting a wee bit tired of this and giving serious thought to Apple....another ecosystem that doesn't always play well with others but family and friends seem quite enamoured. Linux...I'll see if I can work my way back around that and what it means in practical terms.

  16. N2 Silver badge


    Diddn't Microsoft state their O/S was never intended for internet use?

  17. -v(o.o)v-

    We were testing the 1803 upgrade on 6 PC out of 150.

    So far 3 PC upgraded without issues, 2 not upgraded yet, and 1 has similar problem. Black screen after login, but no error messages and keys like Win-R do nothing. So we cannot try to process listed on many sites (run setup.exe from installation media).

    Thanks MS... I have pushed back the phased deployment schedule for at least 1 month for the next phase, waiting for June's Patch Tuesday.

    1. anonymous boring coward Silver badge

      25% failure rate, in your case, isn't very impressive by MS. Can you even get to the rollback-option, with that problem? Safe boot?

  18. Deadly_NZ

    It doesn't lose anything ALL it does is create a new user profile Dunno why but if you go to your users folder ALL you stuff will still be there under the original profile.

  19. Michael Kean

    Avast not the cause. Had it on a new install upgrade from Win7

    Had a second hand laptop to sell, but it didn't have a Win10 license.

    Wiped it and installed Windows 7 x64

    Activated same.

    Installed latest Windows 10 from the Media Creation Tool

    Setup froze twice with black screen, no cursor.

    Eventually booted up to the point where it came up with the familiar desktop folder not accessible.

    Gave up and sold it with Windows 7 instead.

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Avast is the equivalent of a "Microsoft Support Technician" cold call from India

    Avast may have been legitimate five or six years ago but recent "changes" over the years has made it suspect.

    See title.


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