back to article Thirteen Astonishing True Facts You Never Knew About SCREWS

1: These Are Screws Screws Yup. 2: These Are Not Nuts and bolts How can you tell? They have big nuts but no prick!!! LOL!!! 3: Screws Are Traditionally Driven Like This... A screwdriver driving a screw 4: ...Except In Birmingham!!! A hammer and bent screw Classic Brummie builder joke! Excellent!! 5: Did …


  1. d2

    how Canucks do it

    Smoott's Screwdriver Episode1

    Handyman Corner "Oil Change"


  2. AliBear


    Sorry, you cant ever hope to pre-empt the place where a screwdriver (or ANYthing else for that matter) is going to be found. Because - whenever you find anything, it's ALWAYS the last place you looked.


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