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  1. Dick Pountain


    Does El Reg ever read user reviews on Google Play? This app has the stinkiest I've ever seen - bar chart all 1s. Time to pull it and fire the developer I'd say.

  2. TeeCee Gold badge

    Font size.

    Having an adjustable font size for reading - 10/10

    Not having that adjustment apply to the text in the article list, so you still can't see which article you'd like to read - 0/10

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  4. Khaptain Silver badge

    the update doesnt do anything better

    I just recieved an update from Google play. Installed it and prayed, same problems....

    1. Phil Mitchell (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: the update doesnt do anything better

      What are you running it on Khaptain?

  5. tekHedd

    I'm not saying that apps can't be nice but..

    Am I alone in thinking that (maybe) a week of playing with the @media selector and a handful of tablets and phones for testing (or simply resizing the browser window) and the app would be made entirely unnecessary? I mean, yes, on some sites the layout is hopeless, but this is the reg, the basic page design is a natural for simple CSS restyling.

    Or I suppose you could make an app. Hey it's not my money. It's certainly more *fun* to make an app. Although in that case I'd be inclined to include some fun third-party frameworks with flashy transitions etc.

  6. mhoulden

    Will there be a Symbian version for my old Nokia N8?

    Actually, one point I'd make about the mobile website is that it displays articles as a single page even when the desktop version has them split up into individual pages. Deliberate decision, a bug with the CMS or something else?

    1. blapping


      Whatever it is they should leave it that way, it's the best way. I like the mobile site. The app is junk. The developers of the app are a joke. Writing an RSS reader on Android is easy, writing one for a single specific feed should be an order of magnitude easier.

  7. peter 45


    Register, an IT site that (righty) bangs on about Government wasting Billions on big software projects.

    Left a bit..........up a bit............foot in sights......shoot.


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