back to article iPhone 5: skinny li'l fella with better display, camera, software

Rumor has it that an Eritrean goat-herder with the unlikely name of "Bob" was unaware of the fact that Apple would unveil its iPhone 5 on Wednesday. Frankly, we find that hard to believe. In all of recorded gadget history, few product announcements have had as much pre-event hype as did today's iPhone 5 roll-out at an event in …


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      1. esterill

        Re: Question to the Androiders

        And the obvious point to come out of that comparison table is that the iPhone5 is smaller (especially thinner) and lighter than the competition. That alone has sold it to me. it is, after all, a phone that people like to carry around in my pocket. I think what the fanboys (in both camps) are missing is that these products are used by a wide range of non-techie people who look beyond the endless acronyms and specifications and focus on usability.

    1. Chet Mannly

      Re: Question to the Androiders

      "Galaxy SIII - how does it compare to the iP5 and how is it revolutionary compared to the SII?"

      Don't own an S3, but auto screen wake/dim based on whether you are looking at the phone, quad core processor (report makes it sound like other ipad/iphone chips), wireless charging, two apps operating on the screen at once...

      They are more revolutionary than I've seen announced here with the iPhone 5 (which genuinely surprises me, I thought Apple would have tried to really wow people given this is the first post-jobs announcement...)

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Question to the Androiders

      Well, JDX, I can't see anything exciting that it feels like my S3 is missing. It's fast, has a gigantic screen, nice nippy GPU and I get a couple of days on a charge (using on-board power management options only). Google maps offline mode runs really nicely, the camera works (it's a bit underwhelming, but then, I usually carry a camera, so eh).

      I suspect that if I did have an iPhone 5, I would run roughly the same things on them anyway (barring having a decent choice of browsers), so it's not really a huge issue either way. I suspect that I am happier with the S3, with the SD slot, get a surprising amount of use out of the oddly good FM tuner.

      It'll probably be a month or so before it gets its Android 4.1 ("Jellybean") update, which will make a good device even nicer.

      I'm sorry, maybe you were looking for more meat here. I'm sure either are perfectly viable devices, I would use either, I would root either. I'd probably miss Firefox and Adblock Plus on the iPhone, I suppose.

      We don't know how fast the CPU etc. in the iPhone 5 is yet for sure, but I am sure that performance will be broadly compatible with fairly high-end Android devices (that's sure to cause angry rants from both sets of insecure platform weenies).

      (As regards the S2, my brother has one, it's perfectly nice, but the S3 is faster, feels thinner, has a vastly superior GPU. Anyone with a S2 in good condition would probably be good for a few years though, it doesn't suck)

      1. JDX Gold badge

        @AC 21:07

        Thanks, that's all I was looking for.

        Love downvotes on my question for simply asking a question. Those wacky Android shills, they're so cool.

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Expensive No Doubt

    Thunderbolt and Lightning, very very frightening!

    1. frank ly Silver badge

      Re: Expensive No Doubt

      This seems like a subtle clue that they're getting ready to use the Galileo satellite navigation system.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Expensive No Doubt

        I don't think they could figorout how to do that.

        1. Barry Scott Here

          Re: Expensive No Doubt

          Magnifico? No No No No No!

          1. Anonymous Coward
            Anonymous Coward

            Re: Expensive No Doubt

            But I'm just a poor fanboi and nobody loves me!

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Expensive No Doubt

      Mama... I sued a man...

  2. Chris 171

    Revolutionary my arse

    What happens when the share price starts to slip? Seems a majority of the Media is underwhelmed too, interesting times ahead.

    And those headphones that took 3 years to design? Long.

  3. thatBilly

    From an android fan

    I honestly would have expected much more from the iPhone 5, even though I hate iOS and would never want one of their products.

    I expect to see the iPhone hardware set the bar for android to aspire to. I would have expected NFC, despite the leaks; a fancy new design from Mr Ives and perhaps induction charging. This iPhone is a joke. No wonder Apple have to litigate to compete these days.

    1. Jonathan White
      Thumb Down

      Re: From an android fan

      'I honestly would have expected much more from the iPhone 5, even though I hate iOS and would never want one of their products.'

      Seems a bit unlikely they'll be worrying what you think about their new phone then, huh?

      1. thatBilly

        Re: From an android fan

        I don't think they're bothered about what their existing customers think either.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: From an android fan @thatBilly

      You hate iOS, now that's a big statement from a little man.

      Oooooh you have so much rage!

      Personally I find it hard to hate a piece of software. Hate the designers, the programmers, hate the CEO, even hate Steve Jobs, not that he would care then or now, but don't hate the little bit of code.

      1. thatBilly

        Re: From an android fan @thatBilly

        Okay, forget the rage. I really dislike the interface and many other aspects of iOS. Little man?! Have I upset the little fanboy?

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Personally I find it hard to hate a piece of software.

        Try developing in bloody webworks for Blackberry os6.

  4. Paul Webb

    Order now to avoid disappointment...

    By actually playing with one first.

    <-- Puts wallet back in coat.

  5. Dave Oldham

    Nothing to see here...

    ... Move on.

  6. Warren Sealey

    Ican sum up an entire day's tech launch hype


  7. AlexS


    Still no native FLAC support!

    They really lock you in.

    1. Bad Beaver
      Paris Hilton

      Re: Bah!

      There is so much to complain about and THAT is your choice? ;) What's wrong with ALAC?

    2. AlexS

      Re: Bah!

      Two thumbs down for a statement of fact.

      So I shall now write the word "arse" in an atttempt to get even more thumbs down.

  8. Steve Evans

    Sorry, say that again...

    "$199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB, and $399 for 64GB, all with a two-year contract."

    You owe me a new keyboard!

    If I cough up that amount of cash, I'd expect it to be mine instantly and delivered by Swedish identical twins who deliver it wedge between their ample cleavages, and then stay for a coffee.

    1. Steve Evans


      SanDisk Mobile Ultra 64GB Micro SD XC Memory Card Class ...

      £59.99 -

      And that's not the cheapest.... Now I wonder why Apple don't install a slot.... Hmmm...

      I think I'll wait for the first tear down and then see if the missing RAM can be added... I have reflow and hot air soldering equipment and I'm not afraid to make a huge profit converting 16GB to 64GB models!

      1. eSeM

        Re: Addendum

        "SanDisk Mobile Ultra 64GB Micro SD XC Memory Card Class ... £59.99 -"

        £38 on Amazon :)

    2. Steven Raith

      Coffee? At those prices I'd expect sex.

      Oh, wait, I see what you did there!

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      It's a phone, not a super computer...

      ...fandroids will want a nuclear powered phone next that will give you a million years battery life you can replace. Yeaaaa, but it'll zap off ya nads. Na, that don't matter. Complications don't bother them.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I love it

    I love the iPhone 5, I loved the iPhone 4s as well. Neither were much of a difference to my iPhone 4 and so I've saved yet another £500 as Apple have produced another phone that's not worth me upgrading to.... My other half also saved £78,000 today by not buying me a Porsche so I'm quids in already.

    Seriously though, if I as a tech gadget freak, with a high disposable income just burning a hole in my pocket, that's desperate to spend it now on some over priced phone, can't garner any enthusiasm, then Apple is in a bad way.

    Looking at the recent innovations from Apple, we've had the retina display on the Macbook Pro. Kinda nice but my god its expensive, before that we had the Apple TV 3 which is so good that eBay are selling Apple TV 2's at a 100% premium. The Imac range is nice but nothings changed on them for a year or so (addition of SSD notwithstanding), the Ipad3 is a little better than the iPad 2 but nowt major. The Macbook airs have had little speed and memory bumps and thats it. The Mac mini is now very long in the tooth, oh we have a new range of iPods, big deal, I still have my 16GB nano which plays video (unlike the last but one model). The Mac Pro is the top of the range computer (in terms of memory and CPU's) and still doesn't have USB3 or Thunderbolt. Not only that I can't even buy a 3rd party Apple card to add this functionality. Mountain Lion is what Lion should have been but wasn't. IOS5 is OK, but Android is making the running on clever things here. If only Google could get their fragmentation of OS's in order they'd be in even better shape,.

    So no Apple Television screen, no funky glasses for 3d viewing from an iPhone/IPad/Ipod, no gesture based media stations, nothing radical or innovative at all from Apple and not for quite some time. Mind you they are quite innovative in their legal dept in how they claim the rights to all sorts of complete bollocks.

    I don't blame Tim Cook, things started going quiet on Steve Jobs watch. If I was running a large investment fund I'd start looking to see if Apple stock is such a good long term hold now, perhaps other companies are worth a punt as Apple could be slowing down and be unable to keep their place at the top of the market.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: I love it

      Buy the Porsche. It will still be around in 30 years time and people will still make rude signs at you out of sheer envy. Electronic gadgets - not so much.

  10. Bad Beaver

    Return of the old order

    Nokia – building impressively innovative phones with unique features

    Apple – building shiny thing pretty No. 32

    I am really not too keen on WinPhone but it cannot be missed: While Nokia just did away with wires completely in a phone you can operate with gloves on, Apple merely reinvented the plug and found a new way of selling you a chunky $29 adaptor. There is nothing new or impressive about the iPhone 5. It's the same thing but a little slimmer and a little faster. And no NFC in 2012? Hello? It is like they are not even trying. I am used to better things from Cupertino but maybe those days are over.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Return of the old order

      This is a very insightful post. Perhaps being in Finland gives Nokia a different perspective, and the 920 isn't quite there yet (too heavy, no SD card) but both they and RIM look like being significantly technically ahead of Apple before the iPhone 6. And Apple know this.

      My suspicion is that the new iPhone is actually cheaper to make than the 4s, and that is the real reason behind a lot of the changes. Less material, less cost. No glass back. Small screen with low res by the latest standards. Smaller, simpler and cheaper connector. This is so that when the next generation of Androids, the BB 10 and the next high-spec Nokia come out, Apple can undercut them in a price war. With loads of cash, they can probably kill both Nokia and RIM, severely damage HTC, and see off Huawei in the US market for a year or two. But, ultimately, the combination of Huawei and Samsung will probably finish off Apple - after its executives have built up masive retirement pots and simply don't care any more.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Return of the old order

        "low res"?

        There comes a point beyond which screen resolution is irrelevant. It has for all intents and purposes been reached.

        The screen can still be thumbed corner to corner with one hand. Unlike the slabs which need two hands to operate.

        bigger != better


  11. slideruler

    Missing the touch of Banquos ghost?

    I'm a fairly happy 4S user, but one who's progressed through 3G, 4 and then 4S. Call me a fanboi at your peril though. I've no time for their ethics or legal tactics, but I'm prepared to buy kit from any manufacturer as long as it does what I want, and is well designed, built and supported. I have to say that I'm pretty disappointed here. I wonder if Apple seem to be directionless under Cooke, or whether Ive is really are running out of ideas without Jobs dictat.

    Changing the dock connector was both needless and stupid, thereby pissing off every owner of a third party dock. We can use their "adapter". Spend money on an expensive hi-fi dock or car kit, and welcome back the days of ram-pack wobble... The move to a proprietary 'nano sim', hidden in the fine print, is another anti-competitive measure. Until the clever chinese fab-labs get a 'nano to micro' adapter available for a tenner on ebay, forget any idea of doing a temporary sim swap to a standby phone. Once again, no capacity bump. 64gig is your limit. No NFC, just when contactless payments are starting to pick up.

    I wonder if its me or Apple who have lost the plot. I don't want a 'bigger screen'. I find it big enough, thanks. I can zoom if I need to. Thinner and bigger just means that it's more likely to get damaged when I stick it in my back pocket, and then sit down on the damn thing. I don't want Apple branded maps when Google worked fine, more farcebook and twatter integration, video calling, panoramic pictures or any 'cloud' related bollocks, many of which are present and remain unused on my 4S. I've got a bunch of apps that do what I want, in a phone platform that I've genuinely had no problems with. All of the usability and software improvements and fixes are available in the IOS 6 drop, on my existing phone.

    Much as I'd hate to go back to the days of rattly Nokia N95's, I'm starting to think that the market for phone facilities and capabilities has matured - and all the manufacturers are trying to flog us stuff that we don't want, need or use.

    I for one won't be in the queue this time. Like most people who've bought into iphones, I'm not likely to jump ship to Android or Windows. I might buy the next one (or more likely, the one after), but for the meantime, I'll stick with what I've got thanks.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Missing the touch of Banquos ghost?

      Indeed, I was looking forward to the iPhone 5 as a nice excuse to upgrade and give my iPhone 4 to a relative.

      If nothing else it was going to have a better camera and faster processing. And now, Apple-branded turn-by-turn directions.

      But instead of being a straightforward upgrade, now I have to contend with the new dock connector, so it wouldn't work in the alarm clock that was bought for me as a gift and I would have to keep two sets of charging/sync cables around the house because I have an iPad too. And the new SIM card format is an extra inconvenience for traveling, just as the world was getting used to Apple's last SIM card format.

      I also think the iPhone 5 looks ugly. I'm not digging the two-tone backplate, and am I the only person who's bothered that the camera lens is positioned right next to the metal plate in a completely asymmetric fashion?

      If they had kept the same dock connector, SIM format, and made it look a little nice, then I would have bought it no question. But now I'm extremely lukewarm on the idea of purchasing it. Which is not good for Apple because given their product cycles that means I probably won't buy a new iPhone for another 2 years.

  12. This post has been deleted by its author

  13. Steve Medway

    o.k. so it's got a Broadcom 8960 just like all the decent Android phones to follow in the next six months - check. wifi upgrade is nice - check, but whooooa Lightning Bolt port? - It's not on the check list but I'll take it thank you.

    Who would have thought something from AMD would never turn up in an Apple product? Maybe in a Mac but an iPhone5 first?!

    iPhone5 has a Lightning Bolt port = USB3 over DisplayPort :-) But why didn't the bastards give this years notebooks the same?


    that was a rhetorical question btw ;-)

  14. Equitas
    Paris Hilton

    Would you believe it? ....

    Truly a first -- "backside illumination" -- obviously designed for the anally retentive! :-)

    Paris, because even she isn't THAT dumb!

    1. Jediben

      Re: Would you believe it? ....

      Hey, if you are a Crapple user, this couldn't come soon enough. After all, they were already fully dependent on the sun shining out of Mr Job's arse...

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Would you believe it? ....

        You are Webster Phreaky, and I claim my five pounds. I wondered where you'd got to. Congratulations kid, keep it up. All insult, no value. One day you might get half a brain cell to keep the other one company...

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Where's the white one?

    That's what I want...

  16. CCCP

    Apple! You just bricked my Zeppelin FFS

    The whole fracking point was that all the apple kit fitted in the dock beautifully. Even the iPad, though it blocks the speakers and looks ridicoulus. But you can if you want to. Everything from my gen3 iPod forward...

    Then there are the two, TWO!, cars with the old apple dock...

    I sound like a fanboi, but as a family we're already migrating. Both wife and older offspring run android phones.

    A screen that looks like it's had a p***s extender applied to it. Really? Fuck you apple.

    1. Jonathan White

      Re: Apple! You just bricked my Zeppelin FFS

      Err... how well does the dock on your Zeppelin fit an android phone? And why don't you just keep the phones you've got? What do you stand to gain from swapping that's worth binning a perfectly good bit of sound kit for?

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Apple! You just bricked my Zeppelin FFS


      You really expected anything else? What? Loyalty, commitment? HAHAHAHAHAHA.

      Maybe your offspring have already grown further then their father?

      1. DaeDaLuS_015

        Re: Apple! You just bricked my Zeppelin FFS

        More fool on you for investing in a sterio and cars that have proprietory connections.

    3. davemcwish

      Re: Apple! You just bricked my Zeppelin FFS

      As it's only just been announced, you can't even place an order yet let alone have one in your hands. So no, they've not bricked it as you still have all the other iDevices that work.

    4. Mark .

      Re: Apple! You just bricked my Zeppelin FFS

      It does seem bizarre how an entire audio industry has built up around "let's make connectors only for Apple devices". I guess it stems from the Ipod, but it does seem frustrating that the less popular Iphone platform is supported over more popular platforms like Android.

      The bizarre effect of this is that TVs now provide far better audio support if you aren't locked into Apple. My new LG TV can happily stream music from any device, using open standard. All the audio devices for this that I saw advertised only told me about what Apple protocols they worked with, or would require physically connecting in an Apple-only product (and even if I had an Apple tablet, the idea that I would play music by having to walk over and physically connect it is quite comical - with my Windows laptop and LG TV, I just play it remotely, and it just works). Why can't we see more support for open standards, both wireless, and for physical connectors (e.g., USB).

      So if Apple have now broken compatibility, they've given up one advantage that they had.

  17. the-it-slayer
    Thumb Up

    I'd hoped this was the progression of the iPhone...

    Getting that ugly void between the glass and aluminium edge and using some more metal within the product has made it perfect in my eyes. The black especially is a sexy product I will be adopting as my new phone in March if there aren't any antennagate stories again.

    Great steps and advances in this phone customers will need and aren't spare parts of want. This makes the SIII look like lost soul and with no direction apart from "let's make this phone suited for people 6"+ tall and the partially sighted by accident".

    1. miknik

      Re: I'd hoped this was the progression of the iPhone...

      >let's make this phone suited for people 6"+ tall

      In my opinion all phones should be made suitable for people over 6 inches tall. Anyone shorter should make do with an iPod nano.

    2. kparsons84

      Re: I'd hoped this was the progression of the iPhone...

      My condolences for your poor confused mind.


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