back to article YouTube fight gets dirty: Kids urged to pester parents over Article 13

Members of the European Parliament have condemned Google's role in encouraging children to pester their parents about EU copyright legislation that the corporation fears will hurt its profits. YouTube's most recent campaign against Article 13 of the EU's Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market, which would make the …

  1. David 164

    Re: "This week I learnt from youtube"

    Youtube have by far the most free videos and tutorials, other sites have better content but often behind paywalls thinking Udemy here, some manufacturers also have excellent videos but often only specific to their product, these are more often than not hosted on Youtube anyway. Plus we are talking about Youtube here because this effort which is led by Google, using it Youtube platform.

  2. David 164

    Some days you have to walk through a similar crowd to get to the local library. It something you kids will have to learn to navigate anyway, may have well start early when they actually let you keep a eye on them than later on in life. An Youtube is nowhere near as bad as the rest of the internet, if anything it one of the tamer places.

  3. Dan 55 Silver badge

    Youtube is nowhere near as bad as the rest of the internet, if anything it one of the tamer places.

    Mexican drug cartels, ISIS beheadings, and sketchy cartoons are tame? Parents, if they do let their kids see YouTube, have to constantly fight YouTube's suggestions?

    Other video platforms are available, there's nothing intrinsically special about YouTube that warrants the current free-for-all and there's a lot to get bothered about. If YouTube were closed down tomorrow, the good parts would find somewhere else.

  4. WibbleMe

    Youtube is a credit to the sum oh human knowledge, yes there are those that upload clips under "Fair usage" terms but the bulk of content it authentic

  5. Patrician

    I'm guessing Disney, Sony et al have been dishing out wads of cash in brown envelopes to some MEP's; the TV and Movie industry is where the music industry was ten years or so ago. They need to take a look at how that worked out rather than desperately trying the same things.

  6. Adrian 4 Silver badge


    Imagine a teenager of your acquaintance is told crack cocaine is illegal and she can't have it any more.

    What's your reaction ?

    You could :

    1. Lobby for crack to stay (maybe on prescription)

    2. Fight harder for it to be outlawed (because now you have evidence for harm) , and for help for the desperate teenager to do without it.

    Note that I have deliberately avoided referencing other drugs with a less clear harm / benefit. Substitute some other narcotic (fast cars, social media etc). rather than miss the point and argue for drug tolerance instead.

  7. JulieM Bronze badge

    Maybe copyright itself is an idea whose time has been and gone?

    Back In The Day, copyright was invented as a way to encourage the creation of material to enrich the Public Domain. Authors were given temporary exclusive control over their work in return for a promise eventually to share it with everyone after the expiry of the exclusive period.

    Changes in the meantime have affected the practical difficulty of becoming a publisher.

    Is it really too much to suppose that there might actually be another way of rewarding people for sharing their works, besides through a temporary monopoly, that might be more appropriate to today's world?

  8. #define INFINITY -1

    Re: Maybe copyright itself is an idea whose time has been and gone?

    "Is it really too much to suppose that there might actually be ... "

    Debate seems to be obsolete.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: Maybe copyright itself is an idea whose time has been and gone?

    Seventeen (17) years....

    and NOW they want to lock it down so that you can't even think of using fair use within your lifetime.

    These greedy Bstrd have just pushed too far and Europe will suffer for it, again, on its way down the tubes.

  10. anonymous boring coward Silver badge

    Re: Maybe copyright itself is an idea whose time has been and gone?

    Perhaps exaggerating a bit?

  11. Boris the Cockroach Silver badge

    Perhaps we should

    send a time machine back 20 yrs to the time of napster, and point out to the music companies(and movies too) that if they invested in on-line streaming of their copyright material, inserted a few ads every 30 mins or went subscriber model, they could make a shit ton of cash on their archives.

    Instead they went down the copyright lawyer route which has resulted in the article 13 thing now...

  12. anonymous boring coward Silver badge

    Re: Perhaps we should

    Yeah, well, they weren't obliged to go down any particular route.

    And you or anyone else aren't entitled to anything.

  13. jonfr

    The legal text

    Here is the legal text. Since I don't see it cited anywhere.

    " Article 13

    Use of protected content by information society service providers storing and giving access to large amounts of works and other subject-matter uploaded by their users

    1. Information society service providers that store and provide to the public access to large amounts of works or other subject-matter uploaded by their users shall, in cooperation with rightholders, take measures to ensure the functioning of agreements concluded with rightholders for the use of their works or other subject-matter or to prevent the availability on their services of works or other subject-matter identified by rightholders through the cooperation with the service providers. Those measures, such as the use of effective content recognition technologies, shall be appropriate and proportionate. The service providers shall provide rightholders with adequate information on the functioning and the deployment of the measures, as well as, when relevant, adequate reporting on the recognition and use of the works and other subject-matter.

    2.Member States shall ensure that the service providers referred to in paragraph 1 put in place complaints and redress mechanisms that are available to users in case of disputes over the application of the measures referred to in paragraph 1.

    3.Member States shall facilitate, where appropriate, the cooperation between the information society service providers and rightholders through stakeholder dialogues to define best practices, such as appropriate and proportionate content recognition technologies, taking into account, among others, the nature of the services, the availability of the technologies and their effectiveness in light of technological developments. "

    Then there is article 14/15 that speaks about compensating artist in far way for their work and other such details. Full legal text,

    Here are adopted Amendments to this new EU law. - I think this is the correct link.

  14. anonymous boring coward Silver badge

    Re: The legal text

    Can't see anything wrong with that.

    That Youtube doesn't want to spend the money is their problem.

  15. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

    ISTM that this is dogfight (or would catfight be more appropriate) between two unlovely branches of the media industry. I'm not sure which I want to come off worst.

  16. Kaltern Silver badge


    I can see this being an issue for people who review things - gaming channels, or probably anything that has a trademark.

    Favourable reviews will be left alone, but the moment someone leaves a bad review, one copyright claim later and it can be removed.

    This doesn't tend to happen right now, as the mechanism for doing so isn't QUITE as easy - although it can still be done. However, I can definitely see this being abused in such a way as to control data flow, rather than restrict it completely.

  17. DeeCee

    considering how companies abuse takedowns to fight opinions they dont like and bad reviews article 13 isnt a good idea

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Go read the article before posting

    FFS so much ignorance on here it's ... ahm... ok normal.

    Article 13 is so much more than Copyright Protection, it's a "D'ya have a license for that content gov?"

    at every turn. No one will be able to safely put anything up without worrying about being ruined. If you think that's hysteria then please go read it of get a you tube accounting of it.

  19. arctic_haze Silver badge

    A problem

    I would pester my father about Article 13 but he is 85 and I'm not sure he would fully comprehend the threat.

  20. anonymous boring coward Silver badge

    Youtube are leeches, pretty much.

    Not that much better than Pirate Bay, or whatever Dot Com was doing.

    Typical of them to start moaning about having to take a bit of responsibility.


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