back to article Huawei Mate 20 Pro: If you can stomach the nagware and price, it may be Droid of the Year

When, four years ago, I predicted Huawei was coming to eat Apple and Samsung's lunch, derision swiftly followed. Either it couldn't, or it would take a very long time. For years, Japanese and Korean cars were nasty little tin cans, jokes on wheels, remember? But smartphones aren't cars. The Chinese production miracle, and …

Dont agree with the nagware

I have had this phone since its release date and all i can say is once the initial setup was done, i have not had a single "nagware" notification as you call it. the UI is simplistic and very well thought out. Samsungs UI i find clunky at best and much slower. Having come from an iphone 7 plus to this (coming back to the android fold) was the best decision i have made in the last 4 years.

I did toy with the oneplus 6t but decided on this as i had a test drive of a colleagues handset and it was amazing!

Dont listen to what one "reviewer" thinks on this. What one person dislikes another might like. In my opinion this beats the S9+ hands down.


Replace EMUI with e.g. Nova Launcher

I have had a Mate 8 for a couple years now (no plans to replace it). It lets me get rid of the EMUI interface in favor of other launchers -- Nova is the one I prefer.

Does the Mate 20 work well with other launchers? I would never get a new Mate if I couldn't use Nova.


Re: Replace EMUI with e.g. Nova Launcher

Mate 10 Pro works fine with other launchers.


Looks like the reviewer threw up into a sandwich. Was it any better the second time?


Are you accidently swiping the annoying 'HiSearch' feature on your new Huawei Mate 20 Pro?

Well, now you can safely remove it and it's not that hard if you pay attention to the instructions below.

(It may work on other Mate 20s but I've only tested it on my phone.)

1) Download the ADB zip file to your Windows desktop computer or laptop.

Unzip the contents of the zip file to your desktop. There will be a folder called 'platform-tools'.

Direct link to the ADB zip file is here:

2) Connect your phone to the computer and enable USB Debugging on your phone.

(There will be a pop up on your phone asking you to do this.)

Open the 'platform-tools' folder that you just unzipped and open a 'command prompt' from inside that folder.

Put your mouse somewhere in the folder, hold 'shift' and right click your mouse.

Select 'Open command window here'

3) Type "adb devices" then enter.

This just proves that you are connected to your phone.

The long ID number of your phone will show up if you are.

4) Type "adb Shell" then enter.

5) Type "pm list packages" then enter.

This will show you a long list of packages installed on your phone.

6) Type "pm uninstall -k --user 0" then enter.

7) Did you see the word "Success"?

8) You did it. Aren't you clever! No more accidental 'HiSearch' swipes on your phone.


I would never own another Huawei - FULL STOP!

I would never own another Huawei no matter how good it is!

In May this year Huawei withdrew the option of unlocking the boot loader from its smartphones. I now have a piece of Huawei junk that I cannot use.

I'm so annoyed that I'm thinking about making a YouTube video of me running over my brand new Huawei smartphone with a forklift. If nothing else, it would give me great satisfaction.

El Reg, you shouldn't encourage bastards like this with good reviews.

Fuck them!



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