back to article Redis does a Python, crushes 'offensive' master, slave code terms

The open-source Redis database, like the Python programming language, is moving away from using the technical terms "master" and "slave" in its documentation and API – to the extent that's possible without breaking things. For Python, the decision this week to replace the words "master" and "slave", prompted by undisclosed …

Neil Barnes
Silver badge

Re: I exploit my vocabulary. It is a slave to my whims.

Uptick for the 'English as she is spoke' reference.

Kevin Johnston
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Reality check

All these arguments 'on behalf of someone who was/would be offended' were beautifully summed up by Billy Connolly talking about Political Correctness...

It is arrogance in that you have no proof that the person would actually be offended and you have not allowed them to state their opinion, assuming that you know how they would feel.

All you can say if if you personally are offended

Ben Tasker
Silver badge

Re: Reality check

Further up the thread, someone linked to the case of "Brainstorming" being termed politically incorrect.

Within the results of that statement is something that really underlines your point:

> However, in the survey, 93 per cent of people with epilepsy did not find the term derogatory or offensive in any way and many felt that this sort of political correctness singled out people with epilepsy as being easily offended.

The knee-jerk "we must protect them" without giving them any say, is itself potentially offensive.

I try not to offend, and will apologise if I have legitimately offended, but I never try to judge what might and might not offend someone else beyond the bleeding obvious.

Degenerate Scumbag

It's cool that these people are identifying themselves. Will come in handy when it's time for the helicopters.


Two projects to move away from

I have no confidence in the future of either project now.

When projects fall prey to this kind of thing, it _always_ gets worse and turns into a witch hunt where people taking fake offence use it to gain power. The product always suffers.

I'd move away from both now as this kind of thing often means the future of the product is in doubt

Silver badge

Re: Two projects to move away from

"I have no confidence in the future of either project now."

Yes, it's a pity. Both projects could have been forked, but I guess that misses the point. Hunting witches is a lot more fun.

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

Should these people even be in IT if they are too sensitive?

The BOFH would have a field day with them.



A person who uses threats and intimidation to make slaves of people who disagree with them.

Tom 38
Silver badge

Re: Fascist

Get with the program, they make replicas of people who disagree with them.

Phil Lord

Changing Language

The idea is that changing language can help to change the debate. And, of course, it has a long history and does work: nowadays the use of the "n-word" on TV is uncommon and always considered offensive; the introduction of the term "gay". There are many examples.

For myself, I find it hard to get excited about "master/slave", simply because in the UK at least it's largely historical. Perhaps, that is a luxury others do not have. One of the things that I do find amusing, though, is all the people who like to spend their time commenting on what a waste of time this is, when we should be coding. And others complaining about the principle of trying to change language to change the debate, and then blaming it all on SJWs and snowflakes: terms invented in an attempt to change the debate.


Why are we allowing the rantings of a single idiot make such fundamental changes! This is a bloody programming language for gods sake and in some dark corner of 4chan some idiot is laughing his cock off at this.

We live in a time when the faux-outrage of a vocal minority can have massive impact on the more passive majority - often for no good reason!

Phil Lord

How is this fundamental? All I can see is a change of a few words in the documentation.

And yet many of the posters on this thread seem really, really up-tight about it. Are you really so upset? Or are you just a vocal minority trying to have an impact through your faux-outrage?

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

Because they are not rantings and it is many people who are offended, not just one or two.

Simply because a particular group is a minority, it does not follow that their views are either insignificant or worthless. In order to maintain a vibrant and healthy culture, it is necessary to understand others' views and, where reasonable, to accommodate them. Whilst a simple change in terminology may seem insignificant to you, it may hold importance to one of the "faux-outrage vocal minorities" you mention.

Tom Melly

I'm not one of the "it's political correctness gone mad" crowd, but what slightly irks me about this is the US-centric take on this. Outside of the US, slave and master tends, reflexively, to refer to the Romans rather than the US.

Silver badge

Cultural imperialism

"what slightly irks me about this is the US-centric take on this. Outside of the US, slave and master tends, reflexively, to refer to the Romans rather than the US."

I had the same thought. It seems to be a form of cultural imperialism.


What next?

Are we going to get lots of requests to change the naming of pins on hardware SPI interfaces from the perfectly descriptive MISO/MOSI?

Or perhaps the Power architecture mnemonic EIEIO being offensive to farmers? (I remember seeing a comment in the source that said // Old Macdonald had a farm).

How about slaved power supplies for proper sequencing should be renamed? Dependent? (Can't have that, implies economic status)

Maybe the term 'bit twiddling' can be offensive (sexual incorrectness)

The list goes on; these terms are used because they perfectly describe the relationship in hardware.

Get a grip! (Oh, is that offensive too?)

Silver badge

Fascist software

To show solidarity with this fine and sensible social movement I must immediately go through my computer systems and rip out all of the nasty fascist open source software which uses a git Master branch. It will signal what a virtuous fellow I am and everything will continue to work just f

Bronze badge

news designed to distract?

Stupid issues like this neatly cover up the ongoing real modern daybslavery issues in US prisons.

Take time to inform yoysrself on the strike if you have seen this and not that.

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

So really we can justify removing any word that causes pain anguish or suffering, hu Microsoft?


"So really we can justify removing any word that causes pain anguish or suffering, hu Microsoft?"

Is it the micro, or the soft that causes you so much anguish?

Dazed and Confused
Silver badge

Re: Is it the micro, or the soft that causes you so much anguish?

I can cope with soft, I mean soft cheese is very good.

I can cope with micro, I grew up thinking about computers being "micros" and still tend to think of CPUs as being microprocessors.

No, it when the 2 words are combined that they represent a concept which I find too ghastly to contemplate.

Missing Semicolon
Silver badge


So do ALL the data sheets for ALL of the devices with an SPI bus connection need relabelling?



To say nothing of the (probably) 10s of thousands of schematics already done with those names.

Let's not forget about the netlist too - will the manufacturers get offended at netlist test when they make sure that a MISO connects to another device MOSI?

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

looks like python has a new problem


does redis have the same?


Re: looks like python has a new problem

I suspect that this "dwayne gigleum" was taking the piss and if so I applaud his sense of humour.

However, it's difficult to be sure in the current environment.

Michael H.F. Wilkinson
Silver badge

Marthter / Igor

Would that be OK? Igors love having a "marthter"

(Doffs hat to the late, great Terry Pratchett once more)

I'd better be on my way. The one with "The Fifth Elephant" in the pocket, please


Developers Who Say "Ni!"

The Developers who say "Ni!' demand a sacrifice. Your Git project has a branch called "master". We demand that its name be changed at once to "Ekke Ekke Ekke Ekke Ptang Zoo Boing!" and you bring us a Shrubbery.

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

Utter morons

Why the negativity about master/slave. Have these people ever discussed dom/sub culture? The two are utterly inseperable and care incredibly for each other's welfare, a loving bond that is far above what most people share. The name master/slave, dom/sub, top/bottom are simply words for those who delight in the roles they feel most safe in. Master is nothing without their slave, the slave gives the master their power over the slave. The slave can remove that power in an instant if they feel it's being abused.

Let's not even get into such things as IDE settings master/slave drives and heaven knows how many other IT tech items rely on the terms master ( controller ) and slaves ( actors who carry out instructions ).

These idiots hear master/slave and all their narrow minded little brains can think of is the horrendous period of American history where the terms master/slave had utterly adhorrent meanings.

Geoffrey W
Silver badge

Re: Utter morons

I invoke the safe words "Yes Dear", and you will all stop bothering me with your outrage.

Brent Longborough

No, but here's an answer anyway

Leader / Follower

Please, now can we STFU and get back to debugging?

Bronze badge

Re: No, but here's an answer anyway

> Leader / Follower

Leader? Führer? OMG, that's totally unacceptable...

This post has been deleted by a moderator

Geoffrey W
Silver badge

Re: This is a CLUSTERFUCK.

Oh, shut up! We don't need angry men with spittle flecked chins either.

Geoffrey W
Silver badge

How about 'Master' and 'Mistress' instead?


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