back to article BOFH: Is everybody ready for the meeting? Grab a crayon – let's get technical

BOFH logo telephone with devil's horns So I'm doing some documentation – which we all know is a waste of my valuable time because everything I do is self-documenting – and the Boss walks in. "How's that documentation coming along?" he asks, looking at a long list of items on his personnel disorganiser. "It stopped the …


New Episode?

Anyone know when the BOFH will be returning? I miss my (occasional) Friday afternoon BOFH.


Re: New Episode?

I keep checking too haha, every week.

Sent an email 2 months ago and he's on a summer break and would be back soon! So even more soon now!


Re: New Episode?

Yup, starting to get withdrawl here.

The Oncoming Scorn

Re: New Episode?

There should be a Christmas or New Year Episode coming in the next 6 or so weeks I would hope.


Re: New Episode?

I got tired of checking the site every now and then, so I just subscribed to the RSS feed. That way, I can feel the disappointment on a regular interval without even having to visit the website itself.


Re: New Episode?

DAAS => disappointment as a service. quite fitting for this day and age.


Re: New Episode?

I am starting to fear that while old bastards never die...

... they do fade away.

Pirate Dave

Re: New Episode?

"There should be a Christmas or New Year Episode coming in the next 6 or so weeks"

I'm beginning to think that would be a true Christmas miracle. Boys on crutches getting to walk? Pfft, simples.


I just had an awesome BOFH moment....

user called to complain that the scanner was making the files too big and asked us to make the files smaller. The DPI was set to 300 so I set it to 75 DPI....

they then called to complain that they couldn't read the text on the scanned files.

My response was, you asked for the files to be smaller, you didn't ask for them to also be legible.

Totally reminded me of the old I need more space on my drive....hey, where did all my files go BOFH article....


you bastard!


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