back to article Huawei Honor 8 Pro: Makes iPhone 7 Plus look a bit crap

Towards the end of his long career as an expert summariser on Test Match Special, Fred Trueman would declare: "I just don't know what's going on out there," and light his pipe. Just what you want to hear from an "expert summariser". But sometimes I sympathise. Like when a company suddenly makes lots of phones that compete with …


  1. tedleaf

    For a site that is meant to for techy folks,geeks,or I.t pros,it's sad to see not one comment t anywhere about the very easy way to keep most android devices up to date with latest version of the os,and quite often still get makers security updates..

    Have none of you heard of rooting a phone and flashing a new Rom to it ?

    Me,I will not buy any device that doesn't have a known,tested root method..

    If your willing to trust the "many eyes" idea for open source software,well the same is true of roms,stick to those from known re-writers with a decent history..

    I've flashed hundreds if Roma across dozens of devices,never had a problem with backdoors etc being added,but have used plenty with the makers ones removed..

    Honour are ok,but there are as good but cheaper available,ZTE AXON 7 is an example..

  2. Tromos

    "Honor mini-site for full specs"

    If those are indeed the full specs, I'm not impressed. No Wi-Fi or GPS? I assume it actually must have both of these but I went to the site to check if 5GHz Wi-Fi is supported and which GPS constellations are handled plus details of other sensors and found zilch. Can't even download a PDF manual for the device in case there is more information there. It does, however, offer a manual in Estonian for an earlier model. If the website is indicative of the support being offered, I'd look elsewhere.

  3. CanadianMacFan

    Yet another large "phone"

    Is there any company that makes smaller phones? I know that Apple has the SE but I'm not going to pay their asking price for a phone that has a bunch of features missing. It was bad enough when they had the two sizes and the plus version had a couple of extras. Now they bring out the SE halfway through the normal cycle (which they didn't this year) and it's missing the big features altogether. For the most part it just has things like the processor upgrade.

    Bring out the phone in the three sizes and have all three equal except for the screen size. And f*ck off about making them thinner all of the time. Nobody is screaming about wanting them thinner. How about making them a bit thicker for once and put some more battery back in? Apple has acknowledged the problem since it's selling external battery packs. If people are willing to put that ugly thing on their phone then they would be more than willing to have a phone that's a bit thicker.

    Yes, I do like my Apple stuff. I used to be a fan but Apple's products have been going downhill since Jobs passed away. And I have (I didn't want to put the pun in with the contraction) never been afraid of calling them out, as you can see. Their stuff has usually worked but it's getting less user friendly. If something better came along I would switch.

    1. This post has been deleted by its author

  4. BongoJoe

    Howay man!

    The Howay web site is hopeless. One of these bloody trendy responsive sites where the letters are three inches tall and unreadable as the eye has to scale each character one by one...

    One thing that I couldn't find in the review or on the site concerns the second SIM. I have one of these dual SIMs in my WhineyFox and in areas where there's not good signal strength (i.e. where folk are blessed by no street lights) the second card is useless.

    What's the story with the second SIM on this phone? Does it work in the Real World or do I have to be sitting rubbing shoulders with some twonk with a pork pie hat and beard, drinking a PratteLatte in a metrosexual built up area?

    Yours slightly riled up because techical reviews don't seem to be as technical as they used to.

    1. This post has been deleted by its author

    2. D@v3

      Re: second SIM

      I don't know for sure, as I have not used a phone with more than 1 SIM slot before, but i would have thought that if you are in an area where there is no signal, it doesn't matter if you have 2, 3, 5 or more SIM's, they're not going to help.

      My understanding for multiple SIM's is, 1) you spend lots of time in 2 areas, with good signal on two separate networks, 1 SIM for each. 2) you have a really good minutes plan and a really good data plan 1 SIM for each. And you switch between the two as required.

      The only way that i can see that the proximity of Twonks could affect the usefulness of your 2nd SIM, is if you have chosen a 2nd network that only has coverage in areas frequented by Twonks.

  5. Martin Pittaway

    The problem, is Android

    Why do people buy Apple? It's not just the brand name, it's the fact that Apple are the most moral corporate company on the planet with a built in principle to secure their IOS: and more to the point, their users security too. Android security....... come on. Windows mobile security... guffaw guffaw.

    1. DasWezel

      Re: The problem, is Android

      "it's the fact that Apple are the most moral corporate company on the planet"

      u wot m8?

      I presume that is ignoring their labour practices, tax practices, and their overworked army of lawyers?

  6. Anonymous Coward

    The iPhone 7 is a fine example of Cook-era Apple

    No real innovation, just tweaking at the edges. See also Apple Watch Series 2.

    Ive appears to be phoning in designs now (no pun intended)... Whether this is because he's run out of ideas, is just bored, doesn't have that spark with Cook that he clearly had with Jobs, or a combination of factors, I couldn't say. But Apple is now run by accountants and lawyers, which is rather sad.

    1. Naselus

      Re: The iPhone 7 is a fine example of Cook-era Apple

      "Ive appears to be phoning in designs now"

      I never really saw any evidence of his supposed genius for design anyway tbh. Flat UIs, round corners, the entire iPhone 4 disaster from start to finish... he's not the world-class design maestro that people often proclaimed him. Very Apple, in that he'd do something profoundly obvious and call it brave, or profoundly unpopular and then just call his market idiots if they dared to dislike it... but not actually a particularly impressive or innovative designer.

      Agreed on the rest of Cook's Apple though - he's just a bit of a duffer, isn't he? He's mostly coasted along by iterating existing product lines, and when he's picked a new idea to follow it's been derivative and usually a failure. Jobs regularly stole anything he could find, but at least had a good eye for what he should steal and a how to improve on it. Cook appears to just jump on whatever bandwagon is going (wearables, self-driving cars, Apple music) with little idea of what it's supposed to be for, and then delivers an overpriced and underspecced version years later, only to quietly drop it 18 months later when no-one but the most die-hard Apple fans goes for it.

      For all his many faults, Jobs understood that a piece of tech should have a clear use to solve an existing problem (MP3 players for digital music on the go; iPhones for mobile net access; tablets for mobile consumption). Cook just doesn't seem to grasp that, and so goes for any old tat that a competitor is doing just for the sake of competing with them. He's slowly converting Apple into modern-day HP, run by the bean counters and lawyers rather than the designers and engineers.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: The iPhone 7 is a fine example of Cook-era Apple

        "I never really saw any evidence of his supposed genius for design anyway tbh."

        I think you're underestimating Apple. A lot of the design goes into things like their stores, promotional material, website and print advertising, product placement and so on. It's still design. The product is just the thing you hold in your hand at the end of it, and the way you perceive it is partly due to your expectations.

        Think scent, if you don't mind. The stuff pongs. Some of it is OK, some of it is a bit overpowering, but when you're young and male and your hormones are working you're more likely to be affected by the erotic associations of the woman friend who used it. [or I am just unusual, which I doubt. I can honestly say that Chanel no. 5 still has strong erotic connotations for me. However.] But the image of the stuff with the buyer is all about the advertising, the packaging, the bottle, and everything else that goes to the 5000% markup.

        Apple have a very good product. Single threaded it will be significantly faster than the Kirin chip. There's no doubt that the UI is smooth and no particular IT skill is needed to make it work properly. But the product is probably no more than 10-20% of Apple's design efforts.

    2. Unicornpiss Silver badge

      But don't you want it thinner? Don't you?

      By the iPhone 10, one of the advertised features will be that you can shave with it, and the Plus and Plus +(++) will offer multiple blades, and a proprietary hipster grooming app will be included. Beyond protecting it from fracturing, the next generations of Otterbox will offer "Otter-goo", a lubrication strip with a sebaceous, self-secreting lubricant straight from the Otterbox for smooth shaving. The "iStrop" will be offered to keep it sharp. If you cut yourself, the pulse monitoring sensor will detect it and the phone will offer a soothing cooing noise to assuage your pain. (for $29.95) Next up will be the lawsuit against Motorola (or what's left of them) for claiming the "Razor" trademark.

  7. ChrisBedford

    Yes but then you have to use Android.

    I had a Galaxy S II for about 14 months and hated every second of it. I've had 2 iPhones since then and while there are still somethings that are a bit frustrating, it's so far ahead of the user experience I remember from the Samsung that the thought of going back makes my blood run cold. I think I'd rather not have a mobe.

    Probably the worst part of Android as it was then was the predictive text and the stupidity of the keyboard, and possibly it has improved since then, but I'm just not prepared to take a chance. And no-one lets you the general public test drive a phone for a week before buying one so I guess I'll never find out.

    Quite happy with my iPhone 5S, thank you, see no reason to change.

  8. Pete 2 Silver badge

    Drain that battery fast!

    > For the second time this year I’ve found myself trying to think of new ways to exhaust a phone, and been stumped

    Simple. Just turn on the GPS.

  9. peterm3

    It would be great to have a round up of phones for £250. Or last year's model which are now that price.

  10. Nick Pettefar

    Can you run IOS on it?

    1. Voyna i Mor Silver badge

      "Can you run IOS on it?"

      It's a pity that isn't possible. It would be really interesting to know how well iOS runs on hardware designed for Android, and vice versa. And that, along with all the commercial, image and marketing stuff, is part of the reason why we will never find out (and no, I'm not committed to either side being "better", it would just be interesting).

      1. Unicornpiss Silver badge

        Re: "Can you run IOS on it?"

        The poor Android device would soon die. Not because the hardware is incapable of the specs in any way (except for the kitschy multi-pressure screen), but because its spirit crushed, it would take its own life, in much the way I would consider the same if I had to go back to working a Level 1 Helpdesk after many years in IT, or attend perpetual team-building exercises.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    When Google own the OS update cycle I may just consider an Android. Simply OEMs do not care about the security of devices they've sold. Samsung probably though I'm not seeing LTS over 24 months or immediate patching.


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