back to article OK Google, Alexa, why can't I choose my own safe, er, wake word?

One of the oddest things about this week's Google hardware launch was to constantly hear the same phrase over and over again from everyone in the same room: "OK Google." Why? Because the ad giant has chosen that phrase to wake up its digital assistant, whether on the new Pixel phone or the new Google Home. OK Google. OK Google …

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Re: Security

This sort of thing has been done.

There's a real world geolocation based game called Ingress played on phones, occasionally there are big organised meetups ("anomalies") where hundreds / thousands of people "battle" in a real world physical location.

Can get many "anomaly" game situations where tens / hundreds of players in a relatively small area.

(In the game a player is on one of 2 teams)

One of the teams, before one of these events, set up a strategy where people would at critical points shout out the well known phone assistant commands such as "OK Google", "Hey Siri" and taht would screw up some of the opposing team from playing Ingress as teh assistant would cut in (the assistant subverting team having briefd players to disable their digital assistants to give them the edge)

This was ages ago, so the assistant "attack vector" on a large scale is not new by any means.


Don't they all have a "Only respond to my voice" option?

Cortana does and it definitely doesn't respond to arbitrary uses of Hey Cortana.

However, it is nowhere near as good at responding to me!

As soon as it responds as reliably with that flag on as it does to having the flag off, I will start using it that way.

Come to think of it, I haven't tried with the latest OS update, you never know.

Edit: Settings say 'Try to respond only to me' now! They have admitted defeat.

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Re: Don't they all have a "Only respond to my voice" option?

What you're thinking about is voice model training, and yes, Android has that feature via the Google App:

Google App > Settings > Voice > "Ok Google" detection > Train/Retrain voice model

It's also the default setting to NOT unlock the phone on a voice command if you use an honest lockscreen (pin, password, or pattern lock).


I like "Horvendile"

but Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle might sue for copyright violation.


Next-gen viruses.

In the middle of the night, the Office PCs will spring to life and shout

Hey Cortana.


Download virus.msi.

Install virus.msi.


Russian Lit. FTW!

Given that I can get Assistant to trigger on my phone by saying "OK Gogol" as well as "Oh, say Gogol",

I'm not buying the official explanations for not being able customize it. If I can use one russian author, I should be able to use any. Given the option, I'd go with Chekov, because his hair was awesomely Beatle-bad in early Season 2 of ST:TOS.



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