back to article Hey Windows 10, weren't you supposed to help PC sales?

Very few if any ever thought Windows 10 would truly reinvigorate the PC industry, and they were right - IDC has pulled down forecasts on traditional device sales for 2016. The analyst has clipped unit expectations by a couple of per cent, claiming global notebooks and desktops shipments into channels are now on course to …

Among the people I know, I haven't encountered anyone upgrading hardware specifically for a newer version of Windows. Most purchased a new machine for better, faster performance, then expected the newest version of Windows because they're purchasing a new machine. At this time, most of my friends have no need to upgrade. Their machines are still more than adequate for everyday use. Free or not, Windows 10 is not a consideration when Windows 7 is in extended support mode until Jan 2020.


Well done. Almost thought El Reg had fallen off the vitriolic hatred windows 10 bashing bandwagon there for a moment. Almost.

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A paradox, a paradox, a most ingenious paradox

Upgrade to Win10 to get a more secure OS

Upgrade to Win10 to get a less private OS



Re: A paradox, a paradox, a most ingenious paradox

Your Personal data was probably leaking anyway at some point since circa 1995, using Windows due Malware/Virus infections.

Another way of looking at things...

With 'Express Install' settings, all Microsoft have done with Windows 10 is to make the system of leaking personal data 'Official', with a so called, legitimate business practice/model, tied very loosely into 'opt out' privacy laws.

Microsoft, in effect, are attempting to secure down those past leaks (using their own Malware equivalent) through their own servers, so they control (and exploit for revenue) your personal data. At the same time, attemping to squash unregulated 'competition' (the Malware industry) from doing the same.

Its the equivalent of Equifax for your PC habits, rather than financial ones.

If a consumer is dumb enough to install Windows by clicking 'express settings' , you could argue that their data is probably not worth that much, so you have to wonder why Microsoft are going to such an effort to off their core users.


If my experience with an upgraded 8.1 to Win 10 and a native Win 10 machine are any guides, people should be avoiding Win 10 in droves.

Both machines are constantly getting busy with weird internal processes (what is System and Compressed Memory and why is it sucking the life out of my machines?) that shut down keyboard input for 5 seconds, 10 seconds at a time. When you are typing an email and everything shuts down for 5 seconds, that is annoying. In fact, when you are typing and they is a delay of any sort, that is annoying.

I am typing this on my Win 7 machine, which never seems to not display the character typed immediately. I have a old Win XP netbook with an atom processor that works just as well.

But my multicore machines running Win 10 suck. If I could move them back to Win 7 I would with no reservations.

Microsoft has some agenda they are pursuing, it improving the user experience is not a priority for them.


Windows 7 Is Keeping Sales Up

I do some work for a small business that has 45 desktop computers. Typically, they keep a computer for about 5 years before it gets replaced. Replacement computers right now are still Windows 7 Pro because the critical software they run is not compatible with Windows 10. Windows 8 is not an option.

For those computers that I project will still be in operation when Windows 7 is no longer supported, I plan to perform a temporary upgrade to Windows 10 before July 29 so that I can upgrade them to Windows 10 when the software they require is finally certified for the new OS.

If we have to purchase any new computers after Windows 7 is no longer provided, I will have to purchase either refurbished systems that I can still get Windows 7 drivers for (unless Windows 7 is provided). Unfortunately, after July 29, those systems could not be upgraded to WIndows 10 unless a retail license is purchased.

Apple has been very good about keeping their operating system upgrades compatible with software (at least after the release of OSX) and keeping a consistent look and feel of each release. I find frustrating Microsoft's moving file locations, constant changing of the look and feel of each release, the undocumented removal of features, and changes in output of commands which requires changes in scripts (and adding complexity) to handle parsing of the outputs.


Re: Windows 7 Is Keeping Sales Up

Actually the "compatibility problem" is far less W10 and far more "idiotic third party software companies". IF one follows proper rules than stuff like changing locations for files will not matter. I have some "fan written" software for games around here that was written in the days of Win2000 and still installs/runs on W10 without a problem since Installer and software follow "da rules". And some commercial XP software that had problems with Vista/W7.

Same for drivers. The ones that "worked in W7 and now fail" are typically NOT true W7 drivers but made use of MS support for older driver models (Typically 2 versions) for (in that case) XP and just changed the label. Well, in W10 MS finally cut that support of.


Old Habits die Hard except When it comes to MS

Being a pretty involved user of Microsoft since the days of 2.1, 3.1, 95, XP, NT, 2000, Vista right up to 7, I have stopped buying PCs with Windows since my last 4 PCs with Windows 7. Reason? I abhor finding out how to do things I used to do without a moment's thought. If MS had retained the UI of 7 and make it a lot more intuitive, my last eight Mac purchases could easily have been PCs running Windows. Now that Office is 365, I am happy I switched over to Mac.

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Don't worry PC OEMs...

I'm sure sales will pick up around Christmas time. Keep the faith!


Each of my sons has his own computer. My oldest son has Windows 8.1 and my youngest son has Windows 10. My oldest son tried to get the free Windows 10 upgrade; but, it failed either at the download or with the installation.

My youngest son has been using Windows 10 since he got his computer. He said that Windows 10 is better than Windows 8 or 8.1.


A no-win for Microsoft

Microsoft painted itself into a corner by releasing its ill-conceived and bloated Windows 8. So it had to recover some credibility with end-users via its free, albeit imperfect, Windows 10 upgrades. Had it not done so, there might well have been mass defections from Windows to OS X and Linux. Microsoft sweetened the Windows 10 pot by finally finally finally trimming down the bloat and finally finally finally implementing the fast startup that has been technically feasible since XP days. (Windows 10 post-install hard drive footprint after the mandatory updates is around 20GB, instead of the 40-ish GB of 7 or 8.) Microsoft seems to have also crippled the Windows 7 update process so that the 215-or-so important updates take a long long time to install.

The net result of all this is that people are upgrading computers to Windows 10 that have no business being upgraded. Add to that the fact that the Moore's Law dictum of doubling CPU capacity every two years has slowed down, and you have a perfect recipe for a slowdown in sales of new equipment.

So computer manufacturers are blaming Microsoft? Well, somebody has to, because Microsoft has always looked out for itself, never considered the best interests of those with whom it deals. Satya, the bloom is off. It has been for years.


The purpose of Windows 10...

That's just part of it,more importantly is Microsoft's business model, which is an Apple Clone.

Microsoft decided that they want to emulate Apple Store, by having their own 'Store' to push out more of their bloatware onto people's PC's.

Once they have their O.S on your hardware,followed by their 'Store' apps,you are virtually owned by them,just like Apple.

This is the 'plan', it's been like that since W8 & I made that observation way back.



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