back to article Doctor Who: Nigel Farage-alike bogey beast terrorises in darkly comic Sleep No More

Readers please note: THIS IS A POST-UK BROADCAST REVIEW – THERE WILL BE SPOILERS! When someone tells you not to look, what do you do? Stare incessantly, of course. Mark Gatiss – dark comedy master and the writer of this week's episode, Sleep No More – knows this only too well. And with a monster to boot that has the same …

  1. ShadowDragon8685

    Re: Soldiers on Doctor Who

    The idiots on the space station, no, but I'm talking about the UNIT soldiers who made a complete mockery of the word "soldier" the prior two episodes running.

    Say what you will about Clara's departed boyfriend, at least he seemed like someone who could grab a rifle and start to operate; the UNIT troops in the two episodes prior to the most recent one seem less like trained soldiers and more like random morons who were put in tacticool outfits, and please don't even get me STARTED on the UNIT plane, which was apparently completely devoid of missile countermeasures, AND piloted by an idiot dumb enough to fly back into what he knew was contested territory in what amounted to a civilian aircraft on a low and slow approach, rather than, say, landing at some completely bumfuck out-of-the-way RAF base, commandeering a shitload of soldiers and heading home to take care of business.

  2. TheProf

    No title sequence

    I wonder why?

  3. graeme leggett Silver badge

    Re: No title sequence

    To avoid a break that would take you out of the found footage appearance I guess. There is a stream of text that passes across the screen containing words like Clara and other character names with Doctor Who (as a vertical line through unrelated words) briefly highlighted.

  4. TRT Silver badge

    Re: No title sequence

    Ah! There wasn't?! That explains it. I thought I'd missed the first three minutes which is why very little of it made sense.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not the best.

    347 votes on this episode on DigitalSpy forums, and the 'very bad' option got the most votes. Not surprised, I thought it was very weak indeed this one. I never liked Trevor Horn in those Buggles glasses in the first place :)

  6. Martin Budden

    people are going missing

    From three El Reg reviewers to two, and now just one.

    Where are all the reviewers disappearing to? Who is taking them? Hasn't anybody else noticed? THIS IS NOT NORMAL! Somebody call the Doctor, we need his help before we all get disappeared!!!!!

    (My personal theory is that the reviewers have been eaten by the Sofa-chomps, which are aliens disguised as couches who have tired of their old diet of biros and loose change and have discovered that humans are far tastier)

  7. TRT Silver badge

    Re: people are going missing

    They just haven't been getting enough sleep.

  8. graeme leggett Silver badge

    Re: people are going missing

    Inflatable chair surely - in keeping with topic of article.

    Unless they haven't switched to cordless desk phones.

  9. dajames Silver badge


    ... and another League of Gentleman alumni, Steve Pemberton ...

    One alumnus, two or more alumni ... even on Gallifrey, honest!

  10. x 7 Silver badge

    Re: Alumnus

    "One alumnus, two or more alumni"

    does that make three alumnium?


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