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We're on a roll with the caption competition and this week’s picture of a snake reading The Reg showed some great wit. Readers entered the vivarium for a chance to win a Western Digital Black, 6TB hard disk. Regular competition entrant i steal your leccy offered This is not the python tutorial i wanted!, while Ol'Peculier:The …


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  1. Come to the Dark Side

    Instead of show-boating their latest creation, intel opted for motor-boating it...

  2. AlgernonFlowers4

    Titillating the hands of IT!

  3. jonathan keith

    This new armour's ridiculous. You've used far too much material.

  4. Huns and Hoses

    Sarah couldn't quite put her finger on it, but whenever Bob changed TV channel there was a definite sensation of lifting and separating.

  5. onagol

    Lara Croft is never gonna get into this!

  6. Gully666uk

    The web page is not scaling well to this laptop and there is a little coil whine.

  7. This post has been deleted by its author

  8. NE-bot

    Tech preview strangely popular of new bra

    Boffins line up to watch first 'install' of tech bra

  9. Stax

    Guy in the back. Perv or photo bomb, you decide.

  10. Marcus Fil

    The Skype complaints investigation team were relieved to discover that the "Hot Bra Action" was not what they feared.

  11. hi_robb

    My offering

    Intel show off their new support department.

  12. That MrKrotos Bloke

    The latest invention from Apple, the iFondle :)

  13. m0rt Silver badge

    Meanwhile, in Spectre's Volcano lair:

    "Yes, and for our female operatives the new Anti-007 device features some rather nice countermeasures..."

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Is that the breast we can do?

  15. Paul Woodhouse

    Finally, some tech teenage geek boys will NEVER be able to hack into....

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Are we going to offer support?

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Has anyone thought about security? Yes, it has an enhanced strap.

  18. KnightGarion

    Kristal, your not gonna believe this... some guy in China hacked my new IoT Bra and changed my size. The NERVE of some people!!!

  19. Duffy Moon

    And here is where you enter the simple 256 character code to release the clasp...

    1. Paul Woodhouse

      still easier than a wonderbra for most males I think :D...

  20. Dave 12

    Looks like an I padded bra to me

  21. SysFX

    The head park function was much appreciated.

  22. BackedUp

    "I do NOT have moobs!", complains man in blue shirt.

  23. carrynot

    With dual FPU.

  24. IWantAFemtocellOnO2!

    To enable the Google "hang out" feature of this device, simply connect the cable to the USB-cup.......

  25. AllAboardTheWeinerMobile

    Tired of tassle hassle? Are you a boob noob? With the patent pending pendulum-action mammalian protuberance protector 9000, your shirt potatoes will be the hot potatoes on everyone's lips at your next social gathering!

  26. djdafz


  27. CodeBlaster

    For the more adventurous amongst you, this button enables "Madonna" mode...

  28. CodeBlaster

    And the booby prize goes to...

  29. alban1964

    even coming from Apple, the over-wired bra didn't seem to impress the focus group.

  30. UtterTosh

    At last...Airbags or the Segway rider....

  31. Frumious Bandersnatch Silver badge

    go low bra for a better chance to win

  32. CodeBlaster

    Time for a game of Bra-ttle Chips

  33. MapleLeaf


  34. CodeBlaster

    Intel made everyone titter

  35. CodeBlaster

    Intel redubbed to Titzilla

  36. UtterTosh

    Biting the hand that feeds tits....I'll get my coat...

  37. justincranford

    Intel boosts efficiency of eye tracking software 100000%.

  38. justincranford

    Biting the hand that feeds T-IT.

  39. justincranford

    Now sporting dual processors!

  40. Frumious Bandersnatch Silver badge

    Hacker, Tailor, Solderer Mai

  41. justincranford

    Backwards compatible with Bulgarian Airbags 1.0!

  42. justincranford

    New sensors designed to automatically adjust room temperature. Is it cold in here? Not anymore!

  43. justincranford

    If you like the CPUs on my bewbs, you should see the mainframe in my arse.

  44. MaxHeadroom

    You took the red pill? Right. Now you fit this ...

  45. justincranford

    Intel's plan lauded for getting more women into IT.

  46. justincranford

    Intel releases new SKUs. 40DD is performance champion!

  47. MaxHeadroom

    You took the red pill? Right. Now you fit this...

  48. Knacker_Ned

    Don't be shy, readers.

    Don't be shy, readers. Keep abreast of the latest technology with Intel's new Smart Bra!


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