back to article Fee fie Firefox: Mozilla's lawyers probe Dell over browser install charge

Mozilla has put its legal department to work on a preliminary investigation into claims that Dell is charging £16 to install freeware browser Firefox on new PCs. Sources told us about Mozilla's plans after we received reports that Dell was asking customers to stump up £16.25 to have the free software pre-installed. Mozilla's …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Senseless Carnage

    What really ticks me off here is that Mozilla, by taking such a ridiculous position, is forcing so many of us to have to side with (the undeniably always without exception evil) Dell in this dispute. Frivolous claims like this actually undermine the force of open source licenses because they lead people, especially the (mostly) hopelessly clueless leaders of most firms, to discount their force in the future. That means establishing a culture of compliance will require an expensive campaign of legal action with its attendant metaphorical carnage. For the love of Pete, have the interns taken over even the legal department at Mozilla Foundation? This was a stupid, senseless move that has all the hallmarks of an outburst by some self-important snotnosed kid who somehow got hold of the company megaphone. In addition to sewing together the fingers of anyone who can't install Firefox themselves as Joe User suggests, the moron who approved the original complain to Dell should have his/her fingers sewed to their toes so that they're forced to look where they're walking from now on.

  2. jellypappa


    on a serious note, has anyone noticed the sudden absence of nipples on tv,

  3. king of foo


    I would gladly pay £20 for Firefox/ccleaner/avast etc to be preinstalled on a new PC... IF IT ALSO CAME WITH ***** WINDOWS FULLY UPDATED... and tick boxes for each and every non vanilla windows crapware install during the initial setup/ordering process...

    ...and a magic tree with that new PC smell...

    ...and lots of bubblewrap....

    I miss bubblewrap

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    but the internet

    But the internet supply company charges me to access the internet, does that mean they are charging me to download Firefox.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    If this was a policy from...

    RyanAir I'd say nothing! But this type of ongoing BS from Dell is surely one of the last nails in its own retail coffin... Yes / No?

  6. EJMF


    To me, it's just another example of a big corporation gouging the little guy with another questionable fee.

  7. patrick tyrus

    Why isn't it a part of a standard instalation..... Why do they need to install it?

    if it costs £16 to install firefox, do it on the standard image. There is obviously demand for it. Its not like all the other nagware you get. Mozilla offers to let Dell install it free Include it in the cost of the computer, and make it standard. No extra cost. That extra cost is the gripe. Actually, a ma and pa retailer, would probably install it for no charge. They are tired of the big brother MS. Heck, it would behoove MS to encourage dell to install it more MS is going to be the default browser, and with more FF installations out there, it means they are less under the govt's monopoly eye.

    1. pyrrhic-loss

      Re: Why isn't it a part of a standard instalation..... Why do they need to install it?

      "... do it on the standard image. There is obviously demand for it. Its not like all the other nagware you get" - unless you don't use it (like approx 75% of people according to w3schools), then it's just another piece of bloatware.

  8. can2002

    Am I an idiot???

    Whether or not supplying a PC to their customer with Firefox installed legally counts as distribution (maybe I'm an idiot too, but if the customer receives a PC from Dell on which Firefox has been installed, it sounds like they've 'distributed' it to me), the Mozilla Foundation owns the trademark and can exercise control over it.

    I suspect an additional £16.25 will put most customers off and that's Mozilla's issue. Surely they have little to lose from placing restrictions on Dell (whether via the trademark or the licensing agreement)...

  9. agricola

    What IS it about this industry that attracts slime-balls?

    Let's see, now:

    Larry Ellison, Steve Balmer, Mark Shuttleworth, Michael Dell, Samsung, ...

  10. TraceyC

    Having priced a Dell laptop recently, I didn't recall any other software where you needed to pay for the install (not the software itself), so I checked. While they do charge for licenses, they don't charge any fees for *installing* any other software. In fact, the Adobe software they offer is cheaper to add to a Dell computer than buying it off the shelf (because of OEM licensing). They toss in a 1 year subscription to McAfee for free. They don't charge anything, licensing or installation, for all the crapware they bundle either. Why is Firefox singled out?

    To be fair, I don't even see Firefox available as an option on an a few systems I looked at just now, in the US.


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