back to article Nokia Lumia 1020: It's an imaging BEAST... and it makes calls too

Nokia's marketing department is comparing its new imaging champ, the Lumia 1020 smartphone, to digital SLR cameras. That's just silly. But what the Lumia 1020 can lay claim to is that it takes the best photos of any current modern smartphone – by a clear head and shoulders. And Nokia has packaged it into a modern phone, rather …


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      1. Charlie Clark Silver badge

        I saw my first ever in Germany at the weekend. I was so impressed I posted about it on El Reg even if it was bought mainly for research purposes.

        The sale of Nokia's handset business to Microsoft says volumes about how well phone sales are going. Even if they are up on a year ago they are not where they should be. Nokia has produced some great kit, Microsoft has failed to update the OS and it's a fast moving world.

  1. poopypants

    I wonder how this compares

    with the Sony DSCQX10 and DSCQX100? (These are separate no-display cameras that are linked by WiFi to your Android or iOS phone - although they connect more quickly to Android by using NFC as well).

    The Nokia is definitely more convenient, but on the other hand the Sony cameras don't force you to get a new phone with a different OS.


    1. Paul Shirley

      Re: I wonder how this compares

      Yes, they're lustworthy. Optical zoom, IS, large lenses and the flexibility, what's not to like - apart from the price. Should beat Nokia on everything but low light performance (and price of course) though Sony camera sensors do have good low light performance in general.

      I can see myself getting one of these before my increasingly untrusty camera finally dies.

      1. MattEvansC3

        Re: I wonder how this compares

        Only main negative I heard about them is that the clip isn't all that universal and has problem with large and smaller phones such as the iPhone5 and the Galaxy S4.

    2. cambsukguy

      Re: I wonder how this compares

      The best camera is the one you have with you. One may as well carry a compact zoom around as carry those lenses. They are clever (and presumably drain the battery like crazy if you keep them ready to shoot) but ultimately no-one will have them in their pocket all the time.

      1. James 51 Silver badge

        Re: I wonder how this compares

        "The best camera is the one you have with you. "

        Not always. I had a S3 IS and when I tried to use it, people were nervous and the photos were terrible. When I used the camera in my phone, the same people were much more natural and the photos were better (even though the quality of the image was a lot lower).

  2. MattEvansC3

    Preordered mine with Three last week so getting the camera grip, charging plate, wireless charger and tripod thrown in for free.

    1. RyokuMas Silver badge

      "Preordered mine with Three last week so getting the camera grip, charging plate, wireless charger and tripod thrown in for free."

      ... but now you're on "the list" with Three. Wouldn't go back to them if you paid me.

  3. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

    How does it compare to ....

    DSLR's with a similar mega pixel count?

    Even though it is a phone with a Camera I am sure that a lot of people will just see the Mega Pixel count and start compareing it to the top of the line offering from the likes of Nikon and Canon.

  4. Vociferous

    So, it's comparable to a cheap compact

    but inferior to something like Canon G15.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Anyone who needs a camera this good will have a SLR or bridge camera and everyone else will probably buy one of the newer iPhones or Android devices.

    1. Squander Two

      Portability is worth something, even if you can't see it. A portable CD-player still gives better sound than any MP3-player on the market for less money, and yet no-one buys them anymore. Anyone who needs a camera this good is going to make a serious comparison of the one they already have, which is a pain in the arse to lug around, to the one built into a phone. Personally, I'm getting one as soon as my contract's up for renewal. I have a rather good camera, and it hardly ever gets used, because I just can't be arsed with the weight and unwieldiness of the thing. Time will tell how many people are thinking like me.

      And of course Nokia don't insist on only having The One Phone, so the 1020 doesn't need to take off and be popular with everyone. All they need it to do is to do well in its own little niche.

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  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Well, Hello there! Let's get started

    Does Microsoft have to sound like a tacky prostitute?

    (Oh how I'd love to have a camera (that also makes phone calls) like that in my pocket, but sadly, I fear that it will be a long wait for the Android manufacturers to catch up. Is there any sign of any of them even wanting to?)

  8. h4rm0ny

    What's this? Did I actually just read an unbiased review with fair discussion of the advantages and disadvantages, rather than flame-bait and misconceptions? Rarer than hens' teeth these days.

    Oh wait, it's Orlowski. One day we'll get him, Dana Wollman from Engadget on the same site and it will be the least troll-ish review site on the Internet.


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