back to article iPhone customers lay into Apple after iOS 4.0.1 update fails to install

iPhone customers are struggling to install Apple’s latest software patch and have been grumbling about the problems on Cupertino’s support forums. The company released its iOS 4.0.1 update yesterday, and immediately some users began complaining that they couldn’t successfully install it on their iPhones. “On a Win7 PC. …


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  1. Richard Cartledge

    Good grief

    Apple really need to put up the price to keep the thick riff-raff who don't know how to do a Restore away from our telephones.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    4.01 install on 3G - no problem

    IOS4 was running terribly on my 3G. Having read Richard Reeve's comment above I was encouraged and completed trouble free install of 4.01. I too am finding that my phone is a much happier little thing with 4.01 than it was with 4.00

  3. Anonymous Coward


    "This article has nothing to do with the iPhone 4 and everything to do with the latest iOS - which works perfectly on my iPhone3GS btw."

    really? Not noticed any performance issues? Not finding your 3GS now runs like a dog?

  4. LaeMing Silver badge

    Re: grumbling about the problems on Cupertino’s support forums

    Are they allowed to do that?

  5. LARPKitten

    I can fix it!

    Sounds like a common problem with USB ports. On Windows computers, there's an option for USB ports to automatically shut off after a period of time to conserve power, especially on laptops. If that interrupts the update (which must be a pretty long update for that to interrupt the connection, I might add), it would logically cause an error. All people need to do is make sure their USB ports aren't set to shut off for power conservation.

    Start > Settings** > Control Panel > System** > Hardware** > Device Manager > Universal Serial Bus Controllers > Right-click USB Root Hub > Properties > Power Management

    **For Windows XP and earlier only

    Too bad Apple's not familiar enough with Windows to warn its customers about this all too common issue.

  6. jamesrhamilton
    Thumb Down

    50% success

    Fine updating my 3G to 4.0.1 on my Windows XP netbook. Updating my girlfriend's 3G on her Vista machine was a while different story - exactly the problem described, compounded by iTunes then losing the last good back-up and me almost getting my nuts torn off (metaphorically speaking).

    Anyone had problems with this on a Mac or XP? Something tells me it's got something to do with Vista and Win 7...

  7. aberosco

    The Lucky Ones?

    So the lucky ones post about their success and comment on the failures... Gee, even Lucky ones can win at Russian Roulette.. maybe you should try that great luck with an Automatic next time for the benefit of us normals?

  8. Revolutn

    Couldn't even get to 4.0 previously

    I give.

    I couldn't get my older 3G to even take the 4.0 update so I gave up and just am using it on 3.1.3 still.

    All I can say is after all this non-sense on Apples part what with the B.S. explanations and excuses, hurried and shoddy rushed out the door patch....

    I have finally made a decision to not upgrade to 4 and instead am choosing Samsung's Galaxy S handset which they're calling "Captivate" on AT&T.

    For what it's worth AT&T is fine in my particular area, so even though I could move to another provider, and get a Galaxy S based handset that they offer...there's not real incentive to do so.

    Our (wife) account is linked together and she gets a small discount on account of her employer + other MaBell services such as u-verse mean I'm pretty well tied to AT&T, so I thank goodness their service is not as horrible in my particular area as the horror stories I've read.

    I did have occassion to be in NYC at start of the month and now I 'get' what all the bitching is about. I had horrible signal strength in midtown Manhattan on the 3g, dropped the few calls I made and heaven forbid I tried to pull something up on the web it would take. ... f..o.r...e.....v....e........................................r to load.

    It will be my 1st android based phone and I will miss a few apps that I know aren't available (*yet) on the platform....but enough is enough I can't justify forking over another $200 USD for so much grief.

    I'll just have to learn how to 'root' it.

    Up until 8 days ago I was certain my next phone would be the iPhail 4, but as someone who's not an emotionally invested fanboi to the product, I've seen the light and moving on.

    Maybe next major ( tock cycle ) product refresh will see me come back, particularly if the android market fails to produce in the interim time the most important (to me) currently unavailable apps.....but that'll be then, and this is now.

  9. Mike Ball


    16GB 3GS successfully updated last night from 4.0 to 4.0.1 . Didnt run like a dog before, doesn't now. Not jailbroken. Desktop PC, not laptop (so no power management interference). Decent USB cable, not a 75p eBay cheapie. Boring. But I like the pretty taller signal bars.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Android will be great

      Well right up until the next release of the AndroidOS which your handset manufacturer wont support, and then even if they do, your carrier wont provide. Be careful what you wish for with your phone. The android is potentially a great environment, but like linux it is just too likely to fragment and has even worse issues not down to the OS itself but down to support from the people who want to sell you a new phone. Google can sort this but they wont, as they know they need the handset makers and carriers to get their ad platform out there.

      How many handsets on how many carriers have had a real supported "update" to Froyo? Sure good luck with rooting the device and doing your own updates, working in a console to get base stuff working etc, I am sure some people love doing that kind of stuff.

      Will I get an Android next year? Possibly, I am not a fanboi, but I also want my phone to just work and to get the latest updates when they are available.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Apple is evil and leading a pack of lemurs..

    Check this out for a laugh -

  11. Demon5


    Ok. I'm going to say this. I used to be iPhone tech support tier2 before apple shut down my building. So I don't have ANY love for apple. I do love my iphone though.

    Error 9 is generally caused by the low end users ANTI VIRUS. Which when you try to restore. The anti virus says ok there's no device here. Then windows goes. But yes there is I see it right there! IF you disable your anti virus and unplug external storage devices you should have no problem with error 9 unless you have usb timing issues. If you have usb timing issues that would usually be fixed by a simple software update. Error 6 9 12 and 13 are generally just standard error's that people with anti virus's or conflicting usb devices will see.

  12. mafoo


    anyone pugged on of the bricked phones into iRecovery to see what the actual problem is? As opposed to flapping around like headless chickens now they conduit to the reality distortion field has temporally disconnected.

    I blame the fnords.

  13. Anonymous Coward

    I now have a brick

    no, you have an iBrick, which is much more sophisticated and desirable than the average brick.

  14. Anonymous Coward

    No problems here

    Works perfectly on 3GS for me, and where previously I could grip the 3GS tightly and see the bars drop, this no longer happens.

    Worth noting I did the grip thing as an experiment recently, and sure enough the bars dropped on the 3GS just like every other phone I've tried, however I had never noticed it nor suffered from any issues such as dropped calls.

  15. Fred Flintstone Gold badge

    Weird - mine just, well, worked

    I have a 3GS which is scandalously denying me a rant at Apple. It, it, it .. well, just works.

    Upgrade to iOS4: diverted the phone to another mobile, plugged it in and went shopping. Came back, done. Upgrade to 4.01: left it for a couple of hours while I did something else. Came back to a iPhone that wanted password and SIM unlock, so I have no idea what the fuss is about. I feel left out :)

    It appears very similar to an erect d*ck: it stays up as long as you don't mess with it. So far, so good.

    Having said that, the 3GS can also be brought to full disconnection if you cup the bottom..

    Oh, that other phone? A good old trusty Motorola v3i. Totally crap UI, but the best designed hardware ever. Right size, easy to use flip, swappable battery. If someone could simply take the exact same dimensions and put a decent hardware (3G), OS + UI in it it would mean perfection to me.

  16. Richard 20

    No issues here…

    Updated fine. Has anyone tried updating an N95 - now there's a world of hurt!

  17. Richard Scratcher
    Jobs Halo

    Worked for me.

    I only had one minor problem with the install. When my iPhone rebooted it seemed to bugger up another USB port that was feeding the TV signal into my Mac. It caused the TV picture to freeze and I had to restart my EyeTV app. It happened just as Poirot was about to announce who the murderer was. It was a moment most inopportune.

    I updated my old iPhone 3G too, which had been running - ow you say - like a dog since the previous "update" This seems to be better now.

    My iPhone 4 doesn't show a dramatic signal loss anymore when I pick it up. It just shows a weak signal all the time. God bless you Steve!

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Don't want no stinking update!

    My wife has an iPhone 3GS still running on the 3.21 firmware. When I heard the 4.0 update was bricking handsets I told her to steer clear. Now the 4.01 update is bricking handsets too, she won't be installing that update either.

  19. nekomata


    Apple business model failure will be ugly and they will be last on earth to notice.

  20. Ninram
    Thumb Up

    Count me as a success!

    Installed the update on my iPhone 4 and my friends 3G and it went smoothly!

  21. Winkypop Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    I didn't install it

    I didn't install the patch on my non-existent iPhone 4, and I've had absolutely no problems!!

  22. Jason Tan

    Been here before

    They're just holding it wrong... um I mean, it's just a bug in the installer software.

    The software is installed, just the algorithm we sue to confirm it is not right.

    Here, have a free bumper.....

  23. FTM

    another successful install here

    worked here and phone is now back to pre-IOS 4 speeds

  24. Anonymous Coward

    Sings and Round-abouts


    Upgraded my 3GS to 4.01 on Windows Vista x64 over USB - and that worked fine

    Now i can see how rubish the general reception is on the iphone, or is it that Vodafone have over cooked thier network in the Greater London Area?

  25. Dark Apple

    Another fail srsly?

    Took me 4 hours to do the last update, think i will be doing this one? No way. Why do apple have to make the iphone, that’s got to be the worst thing about it.....any other manufacturer wouldn’t be this delusional.

  26. Gene Poole

    Worked for me

    Just to keep a sense of perspective, I'm pleased to say that the update installed normally on my iPhone 3G. I used a Mac and a genuine iPhone USB cable for the job, and I accept that this may have contributed to the success of the operation.

    1. Edward J Benton
      Jobs Horns

      Heil Jobs

      You mean you didn't wear the official Apple gloves? or headgear? By God you're lucky you didn't brick it!

      Heil Jobs!

  27. Anonymous Coward

    Ummm. Not much to see

    Looking at the first page, half the posts are from the same guy...

  28. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    for crying out loud

    It's one piece of software for use on 1 piece of hardware. Or are the updates designed to work on all iPhones, in which case it's what, 4 phones? Not exactly difficult to test them all properly.

    Maybe the problem is due to the USB bus on the device hosting the iPhone. Even so it's quite telling that the iPhone is the only device that won't play nicely with these systems. Presumably these people aren't dumb enough to do a firmware update on a USB port they know doesn't work (wait... scratch that - I can easily imagine them using a cheese string if you told them it was a USB cable)

    And why are Apple users so excited about firmware updates anyway? Even the geekiest hardcore Windows gamer doesn't update his BIOS every time a fresh one comes out.

  29. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Nothing to see here, move along

    Predictably, it just works. if you're having problems, try using the sync cable that came with the phone, not that £1 EBay cable.

  30. Jamie 27

    Unlucky #4

    #4 is considered unlucky in Japan because the character for "4" is the same as for "death". Hence very little comes in 4's.

  31. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It updated ok from my Windows machine

    Must be the Macs causing the problem.


    1. Gene Poole

      Nah, Macs are fine

      Maybe it's the Linux boxes running iTunes under Wine that are the problem.

      if (!tinFoilHatOn) (


      } else (



  32. Ed 12

    install prob

    A mate of mine had problems installing the 4.01 update on his 3GS. He tried several times and it failed doing the install (error 14 I believe) from his windows 7 laptop. He had to take it to the apple store to have it fixed (although only took them 5 mins to get it sorted). Same thing happened to him with the 4.0 update too. He also tried several different usb cables including the apple one.

  33. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    My lucky day.

    I only buy electronic goods that are fit for the purpose. Good job I stayed away from this.


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