back to article Vista-hating Microsoft throws poo at Apple's iPhone 4

Microsoft really, really hates its dud Vista operating system - so much so that it can now openly badmouth its own product while taking a bitchy stab at Apple and its current iPhone 4 antenna woes. The company’s COO Kevin Turner took to the stage at Microsoft’s annual partner shindig yesterday to offload some snarky soundbites …


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Black Helicopters


the mere existence of companies like norton, kaspersky, mc cafee, pc tools, etc, are obvious proofs of how microsoft is making more money than actually making their own products. that is why you will never get a stable and reliable product from microsoft. cause if they do, norton will be scaled down to making animated screensavers for your pc.


Why I bought an iphone

Because I tried to use some of the others and found them clunky to use. Mine appears to "just work". Perhaps because I put my expensive smartphone in a case as most folk with a brain do or maybe I just don't hold it like I'm trying to squeeze ketchup out of it, I dunno.

The thing that always gets me are the morons who think it's clever to deride folk that buy a particular product by ANY company. Seriously. Think about what you are doing. They have bought a PHONE. What the frack does it have to do with you what anyone else buys? Who cares. I'm happy with mine and if you think yours is better well good for you, I really couldn't give a flying fock. Take a chill pill, sit down and take a long hard look at yourself and ask why you have such rage at a piece of plastic and metal.


iPhone 4 isn't fatally flawed

Yes, the antenna thing IS a huge cock-up. It's an embarrassment and there's no excuse for it.

But it's not like the phone is rendered worthless. Put a case on it and it becomes significantly better than the 3GS in all aspects except looks.

If you're in the market for an iPhone, buying the iPhone 4, even with its flawed antenna, is a no-brainer. It only costs $129 more than the 3GS (including the price of a bumper case) and it gets better reception, better battery life, better performance, better camera, MUCH better screen, gyroscope, noise canceling headphone, front-facing camera, LED flash, etc.

For $129 extra and an admitted sacrifice in the looks department, you'd be an idiot NOT to buy the iPhone 4.



I thought bumper cases had been declared iharam. Or was that screen covers?

I shall ask at the iAlter later, but I am pretty sure I burned my bumper case when I was told to last time around.

Anonymous Coward

Mission statement...

"We don’t have a mission statement that reminds us not to do evil,"

This is something M$ could use, but could never put into practice. I trust Microsoft to behave exactly as they are now behaving, and that is the extent of it.


returned to the MS fold

"Elsewhere in his speech, Turner drilled holes into Mountain View’s cloudy rival to Microsoft’s Office software suite. He claimed that many customers had returned to the MS fold after trying out Google Apps and not liking it"


Does not work at all on my Linux machine. States it requires M4 IE 6,7 or 8 on XP server 2003 or vista

Or I can run it on Firefox on MacOS 10.2.x or later.

Nope. I will be sticking with Mountain Views offerings. Truly cross platform on a PC..


Gates Horns

mission statement

"That may or may not be true, but what should Microsoft's mission statement be in 2010, then?

"Slag off the competition cos they're on our tail" perhaps?"

Umm, more like:

"Slag off the competition cos we can't release an adequate product, never mind a better one"?

Gates Horns

So even Microsoft..

admits that when people bought Vista, they were infecting their PCs with a 3GB Virus, so they should...

A) apologize for the inconvenience;

B) refund people that want to go back to XP;

C) Offer free upgrade to Windows 7 to all people that proved that their machines got pre-infected with Vista, or infected the machines themselves.

D) Tell you to s** it.

And, it it wasn´t in the EULA any form of "no liability" clause, they should sue themselves, sparing us the hassle of doing it. (Ombudsman??)

I believe they will do something similar to C, should they officially admit it. Otherwise, D is the right choice.



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