back to article Apple uncloaks deep details of its 11 iPad apps

Apple's iPad won't be available in the company's brick-and-mortar stores until this Saturday, but on Monday Cupertino added a series of videos to its website that provide more detail on the device's "magical and revolutionary" capabilities - and The Reg sat through each self-congratulatory video to give you a deep-dive preview …


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  1. bobotheclown

    It's not for nerds or techies!

    I woldn't be getting an ipad because it's not designed for aimed at me. I am somewhat technically minded and I already have a laptop and desktop computer which I am more than happy with.

    The iPad has been designed for people who have had an iPod, upgraded to an iPhone and want to move to the next stage without having to purchase an expensive Mac laptop or have to maintain a netbook (update drivers, install anti-virus, install applications to use it..etc..) and want something that just works in akin to a TV or DVD/blu-ray player.

    These people want to press the power button and surf the web, check email and do similar stuff you can do on netbooks but not worry about all maintenance you have to do with a netbook.

    It's not aimed at people who have an interest in computers. Consider it the Wii of computers where it will bring computing to the masses.

    1. tony

      yes it is,...'s just not for you.

      But well done sending a post from the year 1980, hopefully this reply will reach you somehow, you'll find that masses have access to computers well before the millennium.

      Anyhow watch out for a company called microsoft, yahoo and finally google. If you follow those when the iPad is finally launched in your 'timezone' you'll think ~$700 is a rounding error.

      1. Sarev
        Thumb Down

        no it isn't...

        It's for normal people who don't care about technology or muppets who do care about technology but don't care about having a modicum of control over their life. It's like buying a car that can only drive to your boss's house. Nice.

        But well done you for sending a post from your asylum.

  2. Stevie Silver badge


    "Phil Schiller", a marketer? For real? Not made up during the Friday lunchtime pub session to pad out the cast list?

    Colour me not convinced.


    Stevie Kommint-Ritor.

  3. Parsifal

    HP Slate

    Its still going to be the HP Slate for me, the price point is good and the functionality is better than the iTouch grande. Now all i need to to is find something to do with it :) Apple once again are charging a premium for form rather than functionality.

    1. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

      Do you know something we don't know?

      Its still going to be the HP Slate for me, the price point is good and the functionality is better than the iTouch grande. Now all i need to to is find something to do with it :) Apple once again are charging a premium for form rather than functionality.


      Have you got a line to HP on what they're going to charge for their slate? Seeing as they've only given a price point of under $1,000 so far as I'm aware... Now I've got an HP tablet, and I quite like it, and it can certainly do more than an iPad, but, I'm not sure it has better functionality...

      Sure I can do more with it, but not as easily. It takes a good while to wake from sleep, plus frequent reboots, and occasionally the stylus crashes. iPad is instant-on. It uses a stylus and sometimes you need that and can't get away with just using a finger. Personally I like a stylus and don't care, but a lot of users HATE them (I'm pretty certain I'm in a minority) - making Apple's design decision correct. And it weighs about 50% more, which means though it can read ebooks, my arms aren't up to more than an hour or two.

      Maybe it's just that HP aren't really any good at marketing, but I'm beginning to suspect that they aren't trying to rain on the iPad's PR parade with full details of their kit, because it's either worse, or twice as expensive.

    2. Anonymous Coward


      sorry, but you are an idiot.

      the ipad is not form over function, it is the first device ever based on an OS built for nothing but finger input. If anything it has more function than any tablet before it because it has an OS built specifically for a tablet device with no mouse or keyboard.

      What OS are you going to get on the HP? Windows XP? Explain to me how you are supposed to check email on it? Using outlook? Tell me how you are supposed to use outlook using a finger or stylus.... that sounds like a nightmare to me. Outlook was designed for keyboard and mouse input. Windows was designed for keyboard and mouse input... The iPad OS? Built for multitouch input... Mail on the iPad? Built for multitouch input. The entire iPad OS was built from the ground up for multitouch input.

      Apple will sell millions of these devices, and HP's (or any other tablet with a traditional OS) tablet will fail.

      of course then it's just form over function, and it was just bought by fanboys.

      honestly the register's audience annoy me more and more every day.

      1. Haydies

        Not the only idiot

        He said he was going to get a Slate, and then you ask what OS. That would be windows 7 then wouldn't it. After all, thats what HP where showing off.

        Windows 7 works quite nicely with a touch interface, I used a wacom pen and touch my self and 2 24 inch monitors, and it rocks, very very cool.

        Oh, and its a proper OS. I guess the ipad has one, but its hardly fully featured now is it?

        I am sure that a lot of other people will sell slates, apple will no dout sell lots of ipads to people that can't handle a real computer.

        As an audiance, I think you'll find thats because most people here like proper hardware, not jumped up toys.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          IT Angle

          Makes 3 then

          ok great Windows 7, I still have to check my emails using Outlook though, and Outlook was not designed for multi-touch. Does no-one understand this simple statement I am making.... Outlook, Word, whatever program you mention that's built for Windows 7 was built for mouse input & keyboard input because Windows is a desktop/laptop computer OS....

          1. heyrick Silver badge

            Nobody understands because...

            ...there are many things better than Outlook! Maybe, just maybe, a mail reader will be introduced that is designed for touch? I'm using XP and at times I've done what I needed to do with a graphics tablet. It isn't entirely practical, but it works surprisingly well for an OS that started life as a windowing system that DIDN'T need a mouse - that's why we have strange hangovers like F10 going to the menu bar, and such.

            So, here's a question for you in return. Page two of the review states "And like its Mac version, you can open Microsoft Word files in Pages and save Pages files in Microsoft Word format." and there is also discussion of the nifty sounding presentation slides software. And... um... you type how? An overlay 'keyboard' on the screen? What's the point of a word processor with no keyboard? Or is it simply filling a niche between high-end PDA and "real" computer?

    3. Haydies


      Philip W. Schiller, 48, is the senior vice president of worldwide product marketing at Apple,

  4. disgruntled yank Silver badge

    No dog in this fight

    But, "For $500 it's a no-brainer for ordinary folks who like to get stuff done on the move, but in style." I'd love to live where $500 is a no-brainer for ordinary folks. However, if "in style" means "at lower volume than used on cell phones by the folks on the bus", more power to them.

  5. Mike Campbell 1


    Apple do this very, very well.

    "Watch All" at takes 28 mins.

    If folks still don't get it after this then there's no hope but that's their choice.

    Over & above all the usual stuff I can't wait to use one for golf swing analysis & chess.

    Roll on UK delivery.

    As mentioned at announcement we'll all have one within a year despite the negativity.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    You'd think...

    ...that buying any Apple product had been made compulsory, the way some people moan about them. If you're not interested in an iPad, don't buy one and don't even bother being puerile enough to make a stupid and ill-informed comment about it.

    If Apple products are so expensive and shiny, have you ever stopped to wonder why they sell by the gerzillion? Ever really used the Mac OS that you bitch about so long and loud and not just glanced at it while you drooled over the Packard Bells at PC World? Ever looked at your hideous beige box or Android phone or whatever and wondered why it looks like creativity passed their designers by? And why do so many of you prefer to lie - and even devise wish-lists of lies - to bad-mouth Cupertino's latest product?

    Every PC, and these days, every so-called "smart" phone looks to Apple because Mr Jobs and his merry men really do lead the way. You think the rest of the beige box and mobile phone world isn't watching Apple's every move to see what they, the beige phone makers, are going to pop out next? Microsoft's own OS is now such a blatant homage to the Mac OS, it's embarrassing. Every new Apple product is the rest of the world's cue to make things they hope will compete. Apple didn't invent the MP3 player, but look what they did with it, fer crissake! Acer, Asus, Dell, Packard Bell and (enter name of beige-box manufacturer here) didn't actually invent much of anything, and their only innovation is to make stuff as cheaply as possible and sell it in quantity to the simple folks who don't expect quality anyway and certainly wouldn't dream of paying for it.

    Will I buy an iPad? Nope. Don't need one, can't really see a use for one. Don't have an iPod or an iPhone either, and even though I won't be getting an iPad I'm not going to write to any public forum and complain that it's crap solely because I'm not getting one. Are the people who will buy an iPad sheep for buying Apple stuff, or could it be that the people who buy naff stuff from beige-box makers in such numbers are the sheep for being so... well, ordinary?

    Anyway, Apple is hugely successful, but you're not.

    1. Haydies
      Jobs Horns

      fanboy alert

      Ill-imformed ha?

      "If Apple products are so expensive and shiny, have you ever stopped to wonder why they sell by the gerzillion?" I belive a number of PC manufactures out sell apple.

      "Ever really used the Mac OS that you bitch about so long and loud and not just glanced at it while you drooled over the Packard Bells at PC World? "

      Yes, I have and I didn't like it. For a start I can't see why I can't resize the windows from any edge. But I have a long list of little things that peed me off for over a year. I found it better to just ssh to linux and use vi.

      Oh, and so you know, packard bell are nasty. I just wouldn't buy one, and I don't think many people that know any thing about PCs would. They are just cheap.

      " You think the rest of the beige box and mobile phone world isn't watching Apple's every move " This is such a fan boy statment, you do know that most PCs no longer come in beige? and they havn't for quite some time? Oh, and exactly what colour is an iMac? or an iPhone? white? humm, I can see how thats so massicely differnt to beige. My laptop is a nice kinda shinny blue,

      " Apple didn't invent the MP3 player, but look what they did with it, fer crissake! Acer, Asus, Dell, Packard Bell and (enter name of beige-box manufacturer here) didn't actually invent much of anything" Ok, yes, they buddled it all togeather and marketed it better. The ipod looses out on actual sound quality but no one else spends that kind of money on tv add, so yes, Apple again sell to people that don't know any better. I'd also like to say that Asus used to make the mac book for apple. Some one else does now probably, maybe its even acer.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        Wrong, wrong and wrong again

        "You believe a number of PC manufacturers outsell Apple". Well duh! Did you actually read my post?

        You can't see why you can't resize windows from any edge? I can't see why I can't get Shakira into bed, but then I'm not disappointed enough to come up with that response. Why would you need to? Did you not learn how to do it during your no doubt extensive experience with a Mac?

        Of course you wouldn't buy a Packard Bell. No one sane or younger than 60 would. Anyway, don't they all come with that horrid Windows OS?

        Do you know why PCs no longer all come in beige? Well, a few years back there was the first iMac and, well, even the "me-too" PC manufacturers thought it might be an idea to make their stuff in pretty colours. This was to disguise the fact that they were still producing the same old dross. And "shiny" (sic) blue is so passe, don't you think? The iMac now is a bit too aluminiumy for colours, even shiny blue.

        You're right, I think, that Acer or Asus or one of the companies manufacturing Windows boxes did indeed make Macs. Fiat also owns and manufactures Ferraris, so that argument is kind of faux, I believe.

        I'm too old to be a fanbois and I did say that I wouldn't be buying an iPad and don't own an iPhone or an iPod. If I were a card-carrying fanbois I would, I suspect, be waiting in line for my iPad. I can't afford a new PC every year or two, so when I do buy one it has to be good and it has to do everything I want it to do. And that means I want it to do grown-up work.

  7. David 155


    With a screen that big, I really cannot see the battery lasting as long as they claim. And word processing and spreadsheets on a touch screen? Sorry, I just cant imagine it working too well.

    And just how are you meant to hold it? Its 7.5 inches wide. Balance it on one hand while typing one handedly with the other? Rest it on your lap and stare down at 90 degrees?

    As for ripping dvds- I could have watched a film by the time it would take me to rip and transfer a film.

    It will have great software support though, that is vital. If only my psp was given as much love.

    So £500 and £30 a month for a bit of web browsing on the move, no ta.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Ripping DVDs

      "As for ripping dvds- I could have watched a film by the time it would take me to rip and transfer a film."

      You don't have to sit there the entire time the DVD is being ripped, you can walk away from the computer, the ripping process doesn't shackle you to the desk. And when it's done ripping, you can watch it on whatever device you want, and more than once too and you can put the DVD on a shelf or in a box up in the attic and never have to worry about the media again.

      1. Haydies


        And ripping the dvd would be? oh thats right a violation of copy right.... could be an issue to some.

        1. Anonymous Coward

, not necessarily

          And how would you describe a process, where you take a brother's family holiday DVD and transfer it with some post processing to a video file? Hm?

          Now that I am thinking of it - I have no legal agreement with him concerning audiovisual works... It's maybe a strange concept to you...

          Does your grandma have a valid license to view your works?

    2. This post has been deleted by its author

      1. Malcom Ryder 1
        Jobs Horns

        Mix rip and burn

        "And you don't rip DVDs. You buy them via iTunes. Do you seriously think (insert name of any computer manufacturer that wants to stay in business) will launch a product and say 'Yeah! It's great for pirating movies - just drag and drop'?"

        Don't you remember the"rip mix and burn" commercials Apple ran around 2001?

      2. heyrick Silver badge

        It's a game changing device... long is the game is watching The Big Players suing each other. I'm struggling to think if Apple has impacted my life much. I mean, yeah, I suppose it is nice for a computer to be something other than the beige box in the corner, but frankly I don't care if it is. What is inside counts for so much more than what colour the box is. Don't want nor need a phone I can poke with my fingers. I very rarely use my mobile phone, and those times I do it is usually when I'm sitting outside running Sideralis on it. iPod... mmm... I quite like my Zen. It isn't perfect, but it works well for me. Lovely display. Rugged too, number of times I've dropped the poor thing. :-(

        "This will be a beautiful piece of kit for my daughter to do her schoolwork on - I'll buy one for that alone.This will be a beautiful piece of kit for my daughter to do her schoolwork on - I'll buy one for that alone." Ah, so you're a bit of a poseur? Well, if you want your daughter to actually do homework on it then do her a big favour and make sure you can whack in a USB keyboard. Or WiFi if you think wires are too passé. Because unless the game has changed since I was at school, schoolwork involved a lot of writing stuff. But, hey, in my day using a computer for nice printed results tended to get you marked DOWN as actually drawing diagrams and writing actual words on actual paper was valued more. And no, we didn't use quills and ink wells. :-)

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    OK, so it's a nice gadget but it's not for me. When I'm not a work (on a desktop computer) I'm at home (where I also have a desktop), and if I'm not in either of those two places I'm in the car (where I can't use anything, not even my iPod), or diving (where an iPad cannot go), or walking (where I do not want an iPad). The only possible use I can think of for this in my life would be on holiday where I don't have a computer and occasionally get withdrawal symptoms, but although the iPad is nice I don't think one 2-week holiday a year can justify that kind of expense.

    One for the younger generation, I think.

  9. Steve Hodson

    Still needs a camera...

    This is the perfect armchair device but for the lack of this one essential device for video calls......roll on version 2!

  10. dave 93

    Custom keypads for data entry into 'forms'

    is actually pretty cool. It lets anyone wander about collecting data and entering it quickly and (more) correctly. 'Soft' keyboards work in any language too, and people like to work in their own language.

    Maybe it will replace the clipboard, which is no bad thing! It does need a camera though.

  11. RobE

    Looks good but...

    I think I'll wait for at least the 2nd Generation of this. The first ones are always riddled with unforseen issues.

  12. ikangai

    What the iPAD is really good for...

    A humorous post of the Austrian newspaper explains what the iPad is all about:

    The english translation can be found here:

  13. Anonymous Coward


    It doesn't even have SCART or composite video output. This will be crap just like I said the iPhone would be for not having MMS or bluetooth. The Archos all in one wonder is much better and only 3 easy payments of £79 on QVC.

    1. Barry Lane 1

      That's irony,


  14. Bear Features
    Thumb Up

    new iPad tagline

    "Pay more, do less".

    No iPad slogan? Has to be!

  15. Nic 3
    Thumb Up

    Video out

    A little known feature of the iPhone is as a media player. I use mine via Comp output to play (looks like HD) video to my LCD TV. It looks amazing and runs smoothly. I imagine you could do similar with the iPAD.

  16. JohnG Silver badge

    Looks like an expensive updated Simpad

    Siemens tried selling Simpads largely as armchair Internet access devices about a decade ago. These ran WinCE, had the always on/fast boot feature some of the Apple fans seem to like and actually worked quite well but they never caught on. I used to use one of these as a programmable remote control for a while. I tried using one as navigator because the large screen made for a nice map display but it was a bit of a stretch for the CPU and memory.

    P.S. For the Apple fan above asking how one uses a mouse from your armchair: Many folk use touchpads on netbooks and even Macbooks.


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