back to article Apple preempts Win 7 with fresh iMacs, Macbooks

Apple has announced a major overhaul of its iMacs, a new unibody white Macbook, and updated Mac Minis for its holiday lineup. The Cupertino company also unveiled a new wireless multitouch mouse featuring a completely touch-sensitive top side. The company refreshed its line of iMacs today with additional two screen sizes: a 21. …


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@Ian Tunnacliffe

Hmm, I really think you are wrong on this point: Do you honestly believe it is a coincidence that the government would chose those exact three letters while knowing that the word VAT already exists in the English language? I think not.

As for this "HM Customs and Excise" letter you have received - be very careful who you hand your details over to. If you even consider handing over any of your bank details, your money will end up in Lagos faster than a rat up a drainpipe. Don't just go completing any form that arrives in the post!


@Michael C

$200 for the monitor is a bit optimistic. The display in both iMacs is an IPS panel, which most people ignore when pricing out components to compare to it. IPS panels are expensive. In fact, the cheapest one NewEgg has that can do 1920x1080+ that uses an IPS panel is $949 (though that's 24" and does 1920x1200, so it's better than the iMac one). They have a 1600x1200 20.1" IPS display for $770. Most people might be happy with a TN panel (which nearly all cheap monitors use), but the iMac uses a high quality, expensive IPS panel, and if someone's going to complain about the price, they have to take that into consideration. Most monitors don't say what display technology they use, but an easy way to tell is with the viewing angle. IPS displays will have 178° both horizontal and vertical viewing angles, while TN panels will have 160° or 170°.

Jobs Halo

@ Can't think of anything witty

"By the way, I got stung by buying an iPod for Apple to release a shinier, bigger and better one a week later... pretty annoying."

You stung yourself, I'm afraid. Apple have a 14-day return policy.


Quit chasing the edge

Don't buy things because they are the fastest/smallest/etc, they never will be for long. Buy things because they are the best thing on the market at the time that has all the features you need, good value, good ergonomics, and good durability.

Oh, hang on, I think I just explained in two sentences why some people buy Macs instead of Windows machines. Oh, and I'm typing this on a Powerbook G4 that was discontinued about 4 years ago. Look at that...

One thing to point out in the whole Apple Tax debate: a 5 year old PC is so worthless it's almost impossible to give away, even to charity (speaking from experience on that one), and a 5 year old Mac in good condition will still be worth 30% of it's original value on eBay. Case in point: my 15" Powerbook G4 (the Hi-res 1.67GHz version) is still worth £400.


@ Andrew Martin 1

"I put WIn7 on my Mac a few months ago. My productivity has shot up."


... oh, you were being serious?


Our right to complain!

I used to enjoy not a few of your posts, Anonymous Coward, but, lately, you seemed to have lost the plot - perhaps it's stress.

>This is a company [Apple] that's just posted record profits - in a recession.

Yes, and tell me exactly what Apple did to avert a financial meltdown during the recession? What genius within himself did Jobs call upon to stave off a collapse in sales? A recession affects different sectors differently. A recession is NOT a complete failing of the economy. So, it should come as no surprise that there are profitable companies during downturns. Apple has maintained profitability because it is selling to a wealthier crowd, and those with more disposable income.

Let's be honest, many corporations use child, and cheap, labor to maintain profits - our manufacturing base moved to China and elsewhere for a reason. Corporations also lay off workers when profits slump. Let's not pretend it's all down to the sheer audacity and business acumen of the CEOs. It's often down to simple things that any idiot can do, especially if they have no concern for others. British American Tobacco, for example, pays its workers in Kenya so little, they can't afford enough food for their families. BAT, not satisfied with making its employees' children go hungry, interferes in Kenyan politics to worsen the lot of Kenyans generally. The profits BAT is making for its investors and executives is pure theft.

>People want their stuff, they'll buy it. This is clear.

Apple has found a niche market. That's what's clear!

>Apple knows exactly what it's doing and will continue to sell bucketloads of this stuff to very

>happy punters.

Apple has stumbled plenty of times in the past. Apple does NOT know exactly what it's doing. It is NOT "God"! If Apple knew exactly what it was doing in the past, it would be Microsoft today.

>It's almost like they are really good at what they do and you complaining whingers are just

>bitter armchair warriors who resent their success?

A person can't be bitter towards a corporation - it's not an individual! People resent having more money taken off them than is necessary or fair. The CEOs you defend moan about their taxes, despite being rich, and do all they can to avoid paying tax, both personally and on behalf of their corporations. Why don't you call them bitter? Steve Jobs hires people to do the work for him. The real geniuses behind Apple and Microsoft are Steve Wozniak and Gary Kildall (the real father of the PC operating system), neither of which I resent (Kildall, sadly, is dead).

>Grow up and get a life you sad prats.

So, if we're not rich executives, or if we don't kiss CEO ass, or if we don't like our money effectively stolen from us, we're bitter little children who need to grow up?

I defend Linux simply because it's in our interests to have another operating system. Linux is Unix for the PC. Unix is a professional OS! The biggest problem for Linux is the lack of manufacturer support - that's not Linux's fault!

I can only assume Anonymous_Coward is trying to give us a foretaste of what the next government is going to be like.



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