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The regular readers among you will know we're a bit fond of stories relating to parents who slap their sprogs with ill-advised or downright perverse names, as evidenced by the cases of 4Real, Metallica, @, John Blake Cusack Version 2.0, Renault Megane and, spectacularly, Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii. Well, this in-depth …


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Odd Virginians and unlucky builders

The one time we went to VA to visit my aunt and uncle they introduced us to their new acquaintance Dotty Snotty whose son was named Scotty.

There is also a barn not far from my house that has a plaque "A. Hole, D. Hole, 1837".

Also its only Blue Ball, Pa. Unfortunate accident with a pistol that made it singular not plural;). And Rick forgot about Bird in Hand being right there too, and Virginville is right nearby too.


Odd Virginians and unlucky builders Follow Up

I forgot. I've never seen the town Climax, but Paradise is right after Intercourse.


a few more

Uncertain, TX

Looneyville, TX

Boring, OR

Brothers, OR

Sisters, OR

Hell, MI

Defiance, OH

Eighty Four, PA

Hurricane, UT

Okay, OK

Two Egg, FL

Big Bone Lick State Park, KY (no pun intended)

Or the Korean pole vaulter, Kim Yoo Suk

Went to school with a girl named Vicky Vick.


Well they kept me amused

I'm my sort placement within a payroll department i saw a few p45's drifting through the place.. Mr Glasscock caused a few giggles in the department, and i went to school with a tabitha (you can imagine how people called out to her)

Paris Hilton

Want to by a car?

We have Dick Witham Chevrolet in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA (for our over seas folks)

Also, here in the states, Randy is just a name, not a description.

Paris, just beacuse



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