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A Jedi knight's lightsaber has been voted the top movie weapon, pipping Dirty Harry's Magnum .44 to the post in a 20th Century Fox poll of 2,000 film buffs. The Star Wars illuminated sword heads a mixed bag of offensive items, including the Hattori Hanzo katana from Kill Bill, Oddjob's unfriendly bowler hat* and Indy's …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Damn, I was trying to remember what movie it was where I saw the cowboy hoisting a coffin the entire movie. That is full of win.

  2. John Benson

    "My dog has no nose..."

    "And how does he smell?"

    (Punchline of the Killer Joke That Almost Ended WWII suppressed in view of the cessation of hostilities and absorption into NATO of a principal belligerent.)

  3. John Benson

    not to mention...

    * Trojan Rabbit

    * Snarky Norman Cattlepult

    * Foul Beast of Cair Banough

    * The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch

    * Banana

    * Tiger Release

    * Ten (or was it Five?) Ton Weight

    * Crabby Appleton's printing press that automatically removed holidays from the calendars it printed

    * British Defense Establishment's laser bazooka in "Help" (if only American-style funding were available to perfect it)

    (OK, OK, not all from movies but definitely threats to be reckoned with.)

  4. Dave


    I can't believe the original Predator's self-destruct nuclear bomb didn't make the list. It's cool and it go BOOM!

    Of course, you only get to use it once...

  5. Ian R

    @John Benson

    It was a 16 ton weight :-)

    And what about Dekard's hard gun - nice look and made a good noise.

    I guess it's a bit whimpy to suggest Leggy's bow and arrow, but it should supercede Robin's perhaps.

    And the good old Zippo lighter must have been thrown hundreds of times to start a deadly inferno!

  6. Josh

    Death Star = Space station

    I know that it is technically a weapon, but for all intents and purposes the Death Star is a battle station more than a weapon. It has weapons on it, though. =P

    I still think the Staff weapon from Stargate should've made it onto the list. =P

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    No mention for..

    Woverine's claw blades in X-Men?

    Not particularly world-destroying or anything but easily concealed, hard to lose and don't run out of ammo or power.

  8. Isotope

    As we're outside of movies

    Why no mention of the Train of Trismestigus? It must be by far the best and most interesting weapon and THAT is an ultimate truth!! (for all the Rankin fans out there).

    coats already on.

  9. Brad

    minigun ..

    actually I think the minigun in Predator should have been a XM214 (5.56x45 nato) Microgun not the m134 (7.62x51 nato), as the SIX-PACK system (xm214, ammo pack, and power module weighed roughly 85 pounds .. figure minimum double that for the m134 system ... (feel free to disagree with these FACTS if you can find other proof?) .. and yes the M41A1 Pulse Rifle from Aliens (and to a lesser point A3) deserves to be on the list


This topic is closed for new posts.

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