back to article Is there alien life on Earth? Maybe, says Brit 'naut. Well, where did they come from? How about this far-away cluster. Or this 'Godzilla' galaxy...

Astronomers have discovered the most-distant cluster of galaxies yet seen – and, separately, what could be the largest galaxy in the observable universe yet. Meanwhile, British astronaut Helen Sharman has openly wondered if alien life not only exists but may be with us here on Earth "right now and we simply can’t see them." It …


      1. Tail Up

        Re: lets not bring science into it. Colossal Fortunes are at Stake.

        "for those were interstellar spaces you traveled through ...... and graciously shared in the posting/hosting" - this is the truest and brightest description of what we presently call imagination.

  1. Tail Up

    the only extraterrestrials on this planet are us.

    every tiny leaf of the grass shouts about it.


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