back to article Funnily enough, China fuming, senator cheering after Huawei CFO cuffed by Canadian cops at Uncle Sam's request

The arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou earlier this week is sending shockwaves through both the US and China. Meng, who was collared by Canadian authorities at Vancouver airport at the request of American prosecutors, is now facing extradition to the US, where she will, it is believed, face allegations she broke sanctions on …


  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What smells wrong here is Meng Wei herself got a publication ban on the details of the arrest being made public. Why? If I was accused of something, I'd want the accusation to be right out there for everyone to read so it could be refuted correctly.

    As for trusting Huawei over the orange one, the usual apologists will be along soon, its all just reds in the bed repeated blah blah blah. Except I have worked closely at a low level with their hardware, and seen *things*. Huawei are master tacticians and brilliant at suppression of results and manipulation of PHB's. And that's as much as I want to say even anon.

  2. Glen Turner 666

    China doeth protet too much

    Let's not forget that China has history of doing the same. Australian mining executive Stern Hu was jailed by the Chinese for eight years after China wasn't getting its way during iron ore price negotiations and Rio's refusal to admit Chinese company Chinalco into one of its projects.

  3. _LC_

    "there was no political involvement"

    Why did I have to think about Assange, when I read those words?

  4. Trollslayer Silver badge

    Is it just me

    Or was China complaining about human rights an obscenity?

    1. A. Coatsworth

      Re: Is it just me

      Two wrongs don't make a right, but that's exactly what I thought when I read this: it is infuriating to hear the Chinese government using the human rights card.

  5. Nick Kew Silver badge


    What immediately springs to my mind is the Sklyarov case. Uncle Sam arrests a man for writing software that was perfectly legal in his own country, where he had done the work. Took them quite a long time to decide no crime had been committed.

    [aside] ISTR commentards here taking a robust attitude at the time. I looked for a quote, but Reg stories from the era seem to have lost all their comments.

    1. DavCrav Silver badge

      Re: Sklyarov

      "What immediately springs to my mind is the Sklyarov case. Uncle Sam arrests a man for writing software that was perfectly legal in his own country, where he had done the work. Took them quite a long time to decide no crime had been committed."

      I didn't know about that, so read the Wikipedia entry. Fun fact: who was the DoJ prosecutor who decided to press ahead despite there being no evidence that a crime had been committed? Step forward, Robert Mueller!

  6. Menasco

    Huawei ?

    Oh , we know who you are , with yer cloud storage and yer dodgy USB sticks , tough shit.They say one cannot judge a book by looking at the cover, faces are not books and i can recognise a mad bitch when i see one.

  7. Paul Hovnanian Silver badge

    The upside to this

    ... may be that the validity of the Iran sanctions might get their day in court. Most of the rest of the world 's intelligence apparatus* is convinced that Iran is abiding by their commitments not to develop nuclear weapons and materials. Once this evidence is put on the table, China may have grounds for a WTO complaint. That these sanctions are an economic blockade to protect our oil-producing friends (Exxon, Saudi Arabia, Russia) from the consequences of Iranian supplies hitting the market.

    *And expose how our intelligence is basically Saudi Arabia and Israel telling us what to think.

  8. CJ Hinke

    Running dog

    Once again, Canada's pretty boy PM proves Canada is the 51st state, America's capitalist lap-dog. What right does the US have to sanction any country? What right does the US have to pluck foreign citizens from third countries? This isn't terrorism?!? Justin's father, Pierre, had style & an open mind which made Canada the world's best country (a reputation which lives on on backpacks everywhere). All Justin has are great socks.

  9. This post has been deleted by its author

  10. aqk

    Tit for tat... uh, Tat for tits?

    Fly through Beijing or HongKong much? Are you Canadian? Don't be surprised if you are "detained" at the Chinese airport while in transit.

  11. old_IT_guy

    memory is short

    Meng Hongwei - Director of Interpol, disappeared on arrival in China on 25th September this year, now being investigated by China's National Supervisory Commission.

    This arrest was committed with apparent impunity, search and you'll find very little - if any - comment from the West at the time and basically nothing since.

    China is posturing over Meng Wanzhou's Canada arrest and we should ignore them, it's part of that ridiculous game called International Politics.


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