back to article Microsoft reveals terrible trio of bugs that knocked out Azure, Office 362.5 multi-factor auth logins for 14 hours

Microsoft has delivered its postmortem report detailing the failures that led to unlucky folks being unable to log into its cloud services for 14 hours last week. Redmond said on Monday this week that there were three separate cock-ups that combined to cause the cascading mess that left Azure and Office 363 users unable to …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: I'm a bit slow

    "I was just impressed it was up all the way to 364..."

    I wonder what will happen in a Leap Year?

  2. EastFinchleyite


    You have to be sympathetic to those poor fellows at Microsoft. They are a young, small company that hasn't had much experience of dealing with big systems and that sort of thing. Give them another decade or so and they will learn how to get it right. Possibly.

  3. ma1010 Silver badge

    Just goes to show that agile is crap

    What caused this? Lack of TESTING. But since MS fired their testers and decided that their users are now the testers - welcome to the world of crapware and constant outages.

    As to doing emergency communications with email, download LibreOffice and a decent email client. Then subscribe to two different paid-for services (like Fastmail) and set up all the clients to check both as that way you eliminate THAT single point of failure. Likely cheaper than MS 3.625 times ten to the second power (and falllllling) and would certainly work.

  4. A.P. Veening

    Re: decent email client

    I recommend Thunderbird, but there are more, just avoid Outhouse.

  5. Melanie Winiger

    Next time, buy a Mainframe. -)

  6. stevebp

    Office 358

    I understand that Microsoft have had network issues in London - my Client is complaining that Office 365 (sic) has been unavailable for two days and he's resorted to texting senior management with updates. He says that the service has "lost all credibility" with the Executive.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    to stop this issue locking us out again I've created an AD user which syncs with o365, made it a global admin, have not enabled MFA and have disabled it in AD.

    If I ever need to use it then I just enable it in AD and force a sync.

  8. I said the red button Igor!

    Oh happy day!

    It's down again today and I've getting that deja-vu feeling again.

    On the one hand, MS strongly encourage all O365 Global Admins to enable and use MFA. On the other, they lock everyone out, including the admins. I wonder if the NSA or GCHQ will release details of their back doors?

    Must be beer o'clock 'cos nothing else is going to get done today - and it's only Tuesday.

  9. MAH

    yup..confirmed in Canada..MFA is broken again...

  10. Jay Lenovo

    MFA broken again

    Single points of failure, certainly not in a cloud service...Still it all comes tumbling down.

  11. Howard Hanek

    Just About Given UP Windows

    The latest update won't permit me to login with anything but a temp profile and wiped all my premium subscription 3rd party software. I have several Linux boxes working and want to completely dump Windows for the future.

  12. Steve @ Ex Cathedra Solutions

    It's gone again!

    They reckon it went over again at 14:25GMT - update in an hour or so.

  13. arctic_haze Silver badge

    "gaps in telemetry "

    Yes. Only more telemetry can save us. Every user of Microsoft software should have telemetry installed in his/her orifices.

  14. teknopaul Bronze badge

    i n c r e m e n t a a a a l b a c k o f f f f f

    Err heard of it.

  15. This post has been deleted by its author

  16. FozzyBear Silver badge

    We seriously need an update to our "icons", for instance a Mr Magoo icon, A bumbling old blind guy crashing into situation after situation, yet through "blind" luck manages to survive, perfectly describes Microslop don't you think


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