back to article Another 3D printer? Oh, stop it, you're killing us. Perhaps literally: Fears over ultrafine dust

Scientists are calling for more research into the effect, negative or otherwise, of 3D printers on indoor air quality. A variety of semi-pro 3D printers – fused deposition modelling (FDM) aka fused filament fabrication (FFF) – create models by heating and depositing layer upon layers of plastic filament, gradually forming the …


They're worried about dust from FDM?

Sounds like they'll have a fit when they learn about SLS...

J. Cook
Bronze badge

Remember, life will kill you in the end.

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

Trust the dog.

When this did the rounds last time there was a good comment that one user trusted his dog.

I think from memory, if he printed in ABS it ran out the room, if he printed in PLA it wandered out the room for some makes and with PETG it didn't care. (I may have the last two swapped round.)


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