back to article Dell upping its margins again: Precision 5530 laptop will sting you for $13m. Yep, six zeroes

El Reg's editorial team does not typically cheerlead any tech. We are dispassionate observers sat at the side of the industry's sales super highway. Or something like that. The latest offer from Dell, however, was too tempting to ignore. The Precision 5530 is Dell's "thinnest, lightest and smallest 15 inch mobile workstation …

  1. GrumpyKiwi Silver badge

    Wahay! The NZ $$ has appreciated against the Pound Sterling more than I had realised.

    That would suggest the exchange rate is 1NZ$ = 2,225 quid. I could have quite the hookers n'coke party in London on what's down the back of the couch!

  2. herman Silver badge

    The price is dropping like a rock. When I checked it was only 6.5 million pounds. Maybe order one before it goes up again?

  3. Michael Habel Silver badge

    That extra £350m

    ITT: Remoaners will moan on... and on.... and on....

  4. Glen 1 Bronze badge

    Re: That extra £350m

    Yes. Yes we will.

  5. Snapper


    I was wondering what the startled hott..>sorry<...young lady was so surprised about in the photo. Obviously her IT man has got her iMac working using PoE and, as that uses thinner cables she won't be using so much electricity and wearing out her battery!

  6. Velv Silver badge

    Sensible Option

    So this *might* be a sensible move by Dell.

    We've all heard of the instances of people buying cheap goods because they were listed with a low price. So why not introduce a policy that all goods listed must have an unrealistically high price when first listed, then the price can be set to the normal price once the listings are validated.

    Or they could just make sure the details are right first time...

  7. Jedipadawan

    >"After all, with the extra £350m that will be freed up when Britain exits the EU, "

    Here's hoping this Dell box has the welly to calculate the probability of Brexit happening in any meaningful form.

    My understanding is a lot of zeroes are involved...

  8. Glen 1 Bronze badge

    > meaningful form

    Define "meaningful"

    As of this writing it could be anything from "Have to obey all the rules, but don't get a say" (aka taking back control) through to "international pariah" but being seemingly dumbfounded as to why.

    Both of which would be quite meaningful.

  9. Jedipadawan

    >Define "meaningful"

    That requires another laptop with more horsepower.

    For my pat, I used a much smaller machine back in the day to run figures through on a spreadsheet, identify the real rates of tax I was paying (over 50%) and bought a meaningful ticket out of the old country to head to SE Asia to eventually set up my own business.

    Meaningful depends on your value system. I value my liberty rather highly.

  10. Glen 1 Bronze badge

    Fair enough, although it does seem having jumped ship makes your opinion worth a bit less.

    See also: Brits retiring to Spain, but still wanting Brexit.

    All this "freedom" stuff just means our political masters want to be "free" to sell us to American companies. Inconveniences to whoring out our data like GDPR... which get ignored (like phorm or the google healthcare stuff). The withdrawal from the EU bill is a massive power grab. No MPs voting, just the gov deciding by fiat. "Freeedom"

    Do you think the old county's taxes will go *down* with a "meaningful" exit?

    I'm half tempted to jump ship myself with the current shower of shit in charge.

  11. WatAWorld

    Dell thinking it could compete with Apple

    Potential customers:

    1. NHS

    2. Military

    3. Trust fund kids

    4. "Baristas and other creatives"

  12. onefang

    "a mid-range device"

    I really don't want to see the price for the high-range devices.

  13. Ken Moorhouse Silver badge

    Dell upping its margins again

    Maybe it was a CSS error.

  14. MrKrotos

    Strange price?

    This reminds me of the time I saw a banner on ebay for some product @ £3.999

    Not sure how the change will work for that :P

  15. Someone Else Silver badge

    Re: Strange price?

    With VAT, it'll still be over £10

  16. usbac

    The question I have is did they sell any?

  17. Terry 6 Silver badge

    Premiership football players. Earn that just in the interval.

  18. Blade

    It's even cheaper in Oz

    Just looked this up on the Dell Australian site and prices ranged from $2,669.00 to $5,599.00

  19. Blade

    Found it even cheaper in Oz

    According to the Dell Australia site you can buy one from $2,669.00 to $5,599.00

    For once we're not being penalised with excessive price gouging.

  20. Aladdin Sane Silver badge

    But can it run Crysis?

  21. onefang

    If they kept that price for a Fortnite, they could have a Crysis on their hands.


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