back to article Stairway to edam: Swiss bloke blasts roquefort his cheese, thinks Led Zep might make it tastier

One Swiss chap hopes to get his rock and rollright by playing music to cheese to see if that makes it taste better. Burgdorf (Berthoud) resident Beat Wampfler's unconventional experiment attracted the attention of The Japan Times, which reported that since September the veterinarian and cheese enthusiast has been serenading …

  1. Michael Habel Silver badge

    Yes but, does he belive that the talk back to him, and what are they telling him?

  2. The Oncoming Scorn

    Ultravox - Brielliant

    MUSE - Plug In Babybel\Brieby

  3. Evil Auditor Silver badge

    I know where I will be on 14 March. I'm not mad about emmentaler but this rocks!

  4. Jedit

    "I know where I will be on 14 March"

    Why 14th March? As Ministry fans know, every day is Halloumi.

    Music will be provided by Paneer at the Disco, Havarti of Noise and New Orda.

  5. CT

    See also Les Barker's "Hard Cheese of Old England" for more puns, e.g.

  6. Stevie Silver badge


    Anything by Culture Club, no?

    Keep on Rennin (Marks and Spencer Davis Group)

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    To the cheese punners in the comments sectipn

    There are names for people like you.

    And a some complicated phrases

  8. Clunking Fist Bronze badge

    Anything by Cheese and Dave?

    Cheese Me by N*E*R*D?

  9. onefang

    Anything by Cheese and Chong (they have a lot of albums). Or should they now be called Cheese and Bong?

    Shirley most Christian songs mention Cheeses.

  10. julianh72

    "Personal Cheeses" (by Johnny Cash or Depeche Mode - take your pick)

    "My Whey" (Frank Sinatra)

    "Buffalo Mozzarella Soldier" (Bob Marley)

    "I'll Be Your Babybel Tonight" (Robert Parmigiana)

    "Life on Marscapone" (David Bowie)

    Anything recorded by Emmental As Anything

    (Sorry if any / all of these are duplicates.)

  11. Tom 38 Silver badge

    "Personal Cheeses" (by Johnny Cash or Depeche Mode - take your pick)

    Richard Cheese does a cover off that.

  12. Daniel von Asmuth Bronze badge

    Parma Chameleon - Penicillium Culture Club

    Major Tomme (A Cheese Orgy) - David Browie

    In the Rocquefort-free World - Neil Young

  13. onefang

    Apparently Taylor Swift is performing tonight, in a sports stadium not very far away. I've been hearing the sound checks all day. This page from the venue is a bit cheesy though -

  14. Pen-y-gors Silver badge


    No puns, but it has to be Gracie Fields greatest hits.

  15. tony2heads


    Black Dyke Brass band

  16. WereWoof

    Queen - I want to eat Brie!

  17. WereWoof

    Bobby Vee: -

    Baby Bel, I come bouncin' back to you

    Baby Bel, I come bouncin' back to you

    I'm like a Baby Bel

    Baby that's all that I am to you (bouncy, bouncy) (bouncy, bouncy)

    Just a Baby Bel

    'Cause you think you can be true to two (bouncy, bouncy) (bouncy, bouncy)

    You bounce my heart around (you don't even put her down)

    And like a Baby Bel, I come bouncin' back to you

    Baby Bel, I come bouncin' back to you

    If you stretch my love till it's thin enough to tear

    I'll just stretch my arms to reach you anywhere

    And like a Baby Bel, I'll come bouncin' back to you

    Baby Bel, I'll come bouncin' back to you

  18. ukgnome Silver badge


    Has no one mentioned - Sailing on a Sea of Cheese by Primus?


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