back to article Manchester man fined £1,440 after neighbours couldn't open windows for stench of dog toffee

A man from Radcliffe, Greater Manchester, allowed dog toffee to build up in his garden over the summer months to the point that his neighbours couldn't bear to open their windows. The UK has had a scorching 2018, and air con isn't something we tend to invest in, so you can imagine the Atmosphere. Alan Morse, 46, who owns …

  1. Cowboy Bob

    Re: Whatcha doin?

    Upvote for the BHS reference (no, not the stores once ownedpillaged by Phillip Green)

  2. Velv Silver badge

    If this mess is building up in his garden then is there not a case to investigate his general care of the animals? According to the linked article the fouling was in a "terraced house’s yard" - not exactly a roaming estate where the dogs could run free for hours of exercise.

    An inspection by the RSPCA might spur a little more care out of him.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    An inspection by the RSPCA might ...

    When I lived in an otherwise pleasant suburb of south Brum, a family moved in next door and soon acquired a selection of bad habits, including something Rottweiler-related.

    During the day the dog would frequently be tied up in the back garden with neither food nor water, and no one in the house.

    There'd be a bowl of drnking water at the start of the day, which would almost immediately be knocked over, and the dog would then howl for hours on end, having no access to either food or water.

    Nothing I tried with RSPCA, Council, whatever, could persuade anyone to come out and observe (and, ideally, intervene).

  4. Paper

    Re: An inspection by the RSPCA might ...

    Nowadays you could simply record that and post it on Facebook and YouTube. A mob would soon take care of it for you.

  5. Shadow Systems Silver badge

    Re: An inspection by the RSPCA might ...

    At the AC, re: the dog next door.

    When I was still just a kid knee-high to a LawnGnome, my neighbor did similar treatment to their dog. I complained about it, tried to get them to stop, but they evidently didn't GAF. I got tired of their indifference so made it a habit to climb over the fence, untie the dog, give it fresh water & food, & play with him for as long as my free time after school allowed. Then my family got a dog, I pried up one of the boards in the fence to let him come over, & the three of us would play fetch & Frisbee & all the stuff kids like to play with a happy dog. When the neighbors were due to come home each day I'd take him back home, make sure he still had water & food, but did *not* tie him back up. Back through the fence, shove the board back in place, & meet the neighbors at their own front door.

    "You know, eventually your dog will decide *YOU* don't love him enough to count as proper masters, at which point he'll come to those he *does* consider to be acting in his best interests."

    They told me to piss off & mind my own business, so I came back home, pulled the board aside, & waited. Sure enough, two days later he nearly killed himself gnawing through the rope to escape, came over to my side of the fence, & *refused* to go "home". I eventually just left the board askew so the neighbors would figure it out, bought a second dog house for him, & essentially adopted him as my own. The neighbors complained, claimed I stole their dog, but I explained the situation to the police & the nice copper told them to fek off.

    My dog Lou & "their" dog Max lived to be rather fat, happy, & flatulent old muts, content in my back yard, & going through the fence to take their shits as if *KNOWING* it would piss off the people that started it all.

    If you ever run across someone mistreating their pet, complain about it, ask them to stop, but ALSO do right by the critter & try to make them happy. If their owner proves to be worthless in the critter's eyes, you may wind up with a new furry friend!

  6. julian.smith

    Re: An inspection by the RSPCA might ...

    I had a similar problem with a neighbour who had 2 barking dogs in a very quiet location.

    After preliminary testing with a hand held air horn, which resulted in some behaviour modification but not a total cessation, I had a remote controlled 104dB sounder installed facing their property.

    They were dog owners but not completely stupid or untrainable.

    It took time to train them to understand that ANY dog noise was followed by about 20 seconds of VERY loud noise from the "Dog Horn"

    They left - years later, their house remains unsold. Karma's a bitch.

    Tranquility was restored.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: An inspection by the RSPCA might ...

    I had neighbours in the not too distant past who were hobby husky breeders. They had three gorgeous huskies, locked up 24/7 in small caged pens in their back garden. Huskies are extremely energetic, but not once did I see those dogs get walked, not once, not ever. They also had two or three nasty little rat dogs who did live indoors, but would barkbarkbarkbarkbark incessantly when they were let outside until the very second they were back indoors.

    Not long after I moved in one of the huskies broke free during some gales and jumped fence into my garden. In hindsight, he was probably so ecstatically happy because that was perhaps the only time he ever saw somewhere different. It was only some time after I 'responsibly' took him back it dawned on me they were nothing but prisoners.

    Eventually the dogs disappeared and they moved away, rather suddenly too. I sincerely hope there's a special place in hell for such people.

  8. BebopWeBop Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    Re: An inspection by the RSPCA might ...

    I can sympathise (with the dogs) - I frequently come across someone with 4 of them (he competes in events that involve the dogs towing a sled on wheels). He only has 2 out at any time - and runs 5-10 miles with each pair every day. They need a *lot* of exercise - unlike my increasingly lethargic terror (admittedly he is getting on for 14 years old)

  9. Alan Brown Silver badge

    Re: An inspection by the RSPCA might ...

    "Nothing I tried with RSPCA, Council, whatever, could persuade anyone to come out and observe (and, ideally, intervene)."

    A howling dog for hours on end over a prolonged period (days/weeks) comes under the purview of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, Section 82 (Statutory noise nuisance) if the council refuses to take action on statutory noise complaints under the same act.

    There's case law on this one and section 82 has surprisingly sharp teeth.

  10. CrazyOldCatMan Silver badge

    An inspection by the RSPCA might spur a little more care out of him.

    [Cynical Mode]

    Which the RSPCA will ignore unless there is political or monetary capital to be made out of it..

    (Yes, yes, I know they have changed Chief Execs recently and the new one seems to want to get back to their stated purpose (to look after distressed animals) rather than to concentrate on making money and bribing^W influencing politicians but I'll wait to see if anything *actually* changes).

  11. CrazyOldCatMan Silver badge

    Re: An inspection by the RSPCA might ...

    "You know, eventually your dog will decide *YOU* don't love him enough to count as proper masters

    Same *very* much applies to cats. They will *not* stay somewhere where they are not happy. And, unlike dogs, they don't have the pack instinct..

    Which is why I'm quite pleased that our 7 cats seem to enjoy living at our house and show no signs of wanting to leave. Conceding to their every whim might have something to do with that though..

  12. Charlie Clark Silver badge

    Radcliffe isn't in Manchester…

    A man from Radcliffe, Greater Manchester. FWIW Radcliffe is known locally as Dog Shit City: a bit of wasteland between Manchester and Bury.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: Radcliffe isn't in Manchester…

    Radcliffe is in Manchester, hence the M26 postcode. It's also Dog Shit Valley. The wasteland comment is essentially correct though

  14. Giovani Tapini

    Still not as bad

    as the people that hang little bags of the doggy treats from trees and bushes like a sort of Christmas bauble lift by the Grinch.

  15. Trilkhai

    Re: Still not as bad

    Nor as bad as one neighbor we had in the late 70s, whose teenage son would shovel their 2 dogs' worth of shit over the fence into our backyard when told to clean up after them. That said, he did stop after his parents found out and thrashed him for it.

  16. Juan Inamillion


    Dog toffee - new one on me, is it in Rogers Profanisaurus? Pretty descriptive...

    Canine clagnuts is another one.

  17. Michael H.F. Wilkinson Silver badge

    Re: EUphemisms

    Canine clagnuts. Like that! May come in useful

  18. Maty

    bacon grease

    Hereabouts people put it on dog poop if a random animal fouls the garden. That way the damn animal cleans up after itself.

  19. S4qFBxkFFg
    Thumb Up

    Re: bacon grease

    Utter genius - I'll remember that one.

  20. RegGuy1

    his neighbours couldn't bear to open their windows

    Is this another Microsoft story? It's talking about shit, so it must be.

    (Or it could be Gnome 3, that's another bag of shit)

  21. beep54

    Was somewhat disappointed as I first read that as "Manchester man FINDS....." Didn't seem to make a lot of sense tho.

  22. DougS Silver badge

    Fined £900??

    Then maybe he's onto something and the council should go clean it up for him. Where I live if you have a public nuisance like letting your grass grow uncontrollably, not shoveling the sidewalk, leaving junk in the yard etc. the city will send you a letter and give you a few days to correct the problem. Otherwise, they warn they will come out and do it for you and bill you (at what I'm sure is an exorbitant rate) and tack on a fine. Not sure what the fine is since I've never had this happen, but I'm sure it is a lot less than £900 or $900!

  23. Unclezip

    So "Polish landmine" is no longer allowed?

  24. PM from Hell

    Is that where the phrase polishing a dog turd comes from?

  25. james_smith

    Clearly No Love Lost between him and his neighbours, that garden sounds like an Atrocity Exhibition that could cause the Transmission of diseases and encourage a Colony of rats. Although if the diabetes is down to Decades of bad diet then it's not The Only Mistake he's made.

  26. mark l 2 Silver badge

    I grew up near Radcliffe and it was often nicknamed dog sh1t valley by people who lived in neighbouring towns. I assumed it was just an insult because they thought it was a bit scummy, but apparently it has had that nickname for sometime and it came about because their used to be a tannery down by the river Irwell which runs through the middle of the town. And part of the tanning process used dog sh1t which would give off awful smells.

  27. Sorry that handle is already taken. Silver badge

    Apart from the dog poo, I have no idea what's going on here

  28. Nick Kew Silver badge

    Am I the only commentard with exposure to the UK rentals market?

    If not, why do I see no anecdote of being shown round a property full of dog mess, while the lettings agent claims he can't smell anything (and after the office has assured you "no, not shabby at all")?

    Sure, our rentals market has improved a lot, and that sort of place is thankfully no longer the norm. But there are enough of them around that I'd expect most fellow Brits to have encountered them from time to time.

  29. Efer Brick

    Are the pictures on FaecesBook ?

  30. sawatts

    Dog Toffee??

    Had images of someone rendering down poodles to make sweets.

    Not what the article was about after all...

  31. Simon Harris Silver badge

    Having to put up with the smell of dog toffee...

    the man's neighbour complained "Heaven knows, I'm miserable now"


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