back to article From dank memes to Krispy Kremes: British uni eggheads claim viral lol pics make kids fat

Plus-sized pea-brained progenies, sorry, impressionable youths pile on the pounds because they're using internet memes as a handbook for living life. This is according to university researchers who say viral images online are contributing to unhealthy behavior and things like obesity in young people. A letter [PDF] provided to …

  1. defiler Silver badge

    Remember the good old days?

    When we had misinformation on health issues handed around the playground without the internet? With such gems as "you can use a crisp bag as a condom, just not salt and vinegar."

    Kids today, don't know they're living.

  2. A-nonCoward

    Re: Remember the good old days?

    guess who it was that didn't pay attention to the salt and vinegar advice...

    there's wisdom in them playgrounds

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: Remember the good old days?

    Mars Bar wrappers are apparently a better fit.

  4. quxinot

    Re: Remember the good old days?

    >Mars Bar wrappers are apparently a better fit.<

    The "fun sized" are a bit insulting, though.

  5. The Nazz Silver badge

    Ah i miss the old Polytechnics.*

    Doesn't quite explain the *epidemic* of increasing numbers of pre-school kids being obese. Other than their parents, who are more often than not, rolling out the barrel themselves.

    On a serious note, i do wish the Gov't, Health Authorities whoever would stop lumping "overweight and obese" together as one category, as in 67% of pre-teens are overweight or obese. There's a huge difference between a BMI of 25.5 and 30+.

    I know young kids are generally quite short for their height but something's not right.

    *I've made an assumption here.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: Ah i miss the old Polytechnics.*

    A divorced neighbour had his kids living with him. Preteens full of energy and skinny. Then they went to live with their mother. About a year later I saw them - and they had put on a lot of excess weight. Recently I saw one of them - and it was a shame that as a teenager she is now very fat.

  7. jake Silver badge

    Re: Ah i miss the old Polytechnics.*

    "There's a huge difference between a BMI of 25.5 and 30+."

    No difference at all, really, when you consider that BMI is pretty much meaningless. I am about 5'11", and weigh 212 pounds (15 stone to you Brits, 96 kilos to the more enlightened world). According to the BMI, I am obese with a BMI of just over 30 ... In reality, I am quite fit & healthy. My body fat percentage hovers around 4%. Another example: Da Governator in his Terminator body would be considered "morbidly obese" according to BMI.

  8. disgustedoftunbridgewells Silver badge

    Re: Ah i miss the old Polytechnics.*

    Kilo's civilised? We're supposed to pretend that France is civilised now?

    PC gone mad!

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I sing the nation’s bloated BMI,

    a hypothyroid fat-enveloped Muse –

    Gargantua with chafing-reddened thighs;

    a waddling blimp with Love and Hate tattoos.

    I sing Britannia’s swollen arse and arms,

    her triple chins and menopausal spread;

    her cellulite and faded female charms –

    her suppurating tits and hams like lead.

    I sing the country’s dumpy teenage drones,

    the adolescent throwbacks rolled in flab –

    the cardboard-copy drive-thru lard-arse clones,

    engorged with shitty beer and cheap kebab.

    I sing this island’s chronic heart disease:

    oh thin the herd, oh thin the herd, oh please.

    // Anathematos.

  10. antman

    Kids playing outside

    Yes, they do. The kid opposite is often kicking his football up, down and across our quiet (traffic-wise) street; sometimes alone or sometimes with a friend. Quite refreshing to see and his ball-skills are such as not to cause a nuisance. The teenagers hanging about on the corner are also outside but they have mobile phones to play with.

  11. Adrian 4 Silver badge

    memes & social networks

    Is the 'general happiness' from memes sufficient to counteract the depression caused by instagram & facebook ?

  12. Jay Lenovo

    Laughy Taffy

    So it must follow, a cure for anorexia would be a diet of dank memes?

  13. NanoMeter

    In the end

    ...they will always have video games to blame for laziness, fatness and violence.

    Soon when the Fortnite generation of kids and youths grow up they will blame Fortnite for everything.

  14. Moosh

    Poor nutrition awareness has always been a thing - memes aside. People still think fat is bad for you. People don't understand the issue is the amount consumed, not the fact that its fat. People still think fat consumed turns to fat in the body. People still don't understand losing weight is literally calories in vs calories out, because they vastly underestimate caloric consumption and overestimate caloric usage.

    Not only this, but labelling on food products is outright WRONG. They will honestly list a fucking egg and bacon sandwich as having 30g of protein in it, which is fucking impossible with how little bacon is actually in it.


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