back to article Texas ISP slams music biz for trying to turn it into a 'copyright cop'

An ISP based in Texas has complained to a judge that the music industry to trying to turn internet providers into the "copyright police." "This case is an attempt by the US recording industry to make Internet service providers its de facto copyright enforcement agents," reads the latest filing [PDF] in an ongoing court case …

  1. Boothy Silver badge

    Re: Arrogance

    Quote: "But how do they do that when it's hard to beat FREE?"

    Still doesn't change the basic equation.

    Just to make some figures up. Lets say something has a perceived value of £5.

    If it's legally available at £10, then lots of people are likely to pirate.

    if it was legally available for £5, then a lot of people who would have pirated, and going to think, "Is it worth the risk of getting caught, when the £5 is actually what I think it's worth?". Plus if you do like the artist, for music, or developer for a game, and you want them to produce more, I suspect most people like the idea of support them. (Not EA of course, never EA!).

    Yes you'll always have some people who would pirate anyway if they can, that's why I used $piracy-- rather than $piracy=0.

    I don't think you'll ever stop piracy 100%, even if everything was free, people would still complain it's in the wrong format or something. Like people who download movies, when they already have it on disk, as they want a version that will play on their tablet, and don't have the hardware/software, or perhaps the patience, to rip the disk themselves.

  2. Rich 2

    ...then make a policy

    "To be eligible for the safe harbor, an ISP is required, among other things, to adopt and reasonably implement a policy that provides for the termination of subscribers and account holders that are repeat copyright infringers,"

    Simple! Just make a policy then. The policy can say that you're going to ignore the issue. Perfectly legit as long as you follow it and can show that you're following it

  3. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

    Grande should offer the publishers a cheap takedown service - one that only costs pennies. The first of the day costs a cent. The next doubles up to two cents, the next to four cents etc. Only pocket change. They should have no problem accepting it.

  4. EveryTime Silver badge

    RightsCorp, right up there with Prenda

    I didn't see a mention of Guardaley (with their false addresses and fake name), but I'm sure that they are around somewhere.

  5. Fatman

    Re: RightsCorp, right up there with Prenda

    And they should suffer the same fate:

  6. zonker

    the music industry itself contributes to copyright infringement, by making its materials available. if they were better about keeping new albums locked away securely, there wouldn't be a problem with people copying them.

  7. jelabarre59 Silver badge

    the music industry itself contributes to copyright infringement, by making its materials available. if they were better about keeping new albums locked away securely, there wouldn't be a problem with people copying them.

    They should set up a pilot program for this. Start out with the entire catalogues for Michael Bolton, Kenny-G and Justin Bieber...

    (mine's the one with the one with the Megurine Luka CD-R in the pocket... burned from tracks I bought on iTunes)

  8. far2much4me

    Cox Too

    The Media companies are suing Cox Cable on pretty much the same grounds.

  9. Garymrrsn

    The ubiquitous response from US industry; When the wagon axle breaks, charge the horse for not getting the job done.

  10. Brad Ackerman

    This story makes me want to download a car.

    Damn right I would download a car.

  11. Version 1.0 Silver badge

    Streaming services rule

    On our local university campus it's the streaming services that rule - Spotify et al ... students download the app and share their playlists with their friends - that seems to be what music is all about these days, sharing playlists - it reminds me of the days when I would make tape cassettes of my favorite mixes and tracks to listen to in the car.

    These days I've MP3'd all my old albums and ripped CD's - if I hear something new then I'll buy the CD but it's nice to see that kids are rediscovering record albums too ... it's fun playing my old albums to them ... whether it's Ziggy Stardust or Trout Mask Replica.

  12. panoptiq

    KIMDOTCOM's revenge..??

    Methinks this ruling has huge implications concerning the DOJ ruling against "MegaUpload" founder HimDotCom. If Grande-ISP wins then KDC's legal team has a foot in the door to discredit the Justice Dept. charges and stick the middle finger in their faces. Not to mention DotCom getting back his $300Million+ that's been frozen.


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