back to article New York State is trying to ban 'deepfakes' and Hollywood isn't happy

Several Hollywood companies have rallied against a bill that would ban the creation of fake pornographic videos made using AI. Bill A08155, filed by the New York State Assembly on May 31, looks like the first legal step taken to combat ‘deepfakes’, a technique that alters videos by stitching other people’s faces often onto the …


    1. Robert Carnegie Silver badge


      If I'm following this, "deepfake" is what's not obviously fake - and may be passed off as genuine.

      Internationally, several elections have had voters asked to decide whether some alleged leaked phone calls of candidates doing illicit things were genuine or falsified or creatively edited. Presumably some are real and most are not.

      If Disney wants to dramatise public figures misbehaving from hearsay, they can make cartoons. This would tell the story would not be mistaken for real video. They made a cartoon where Donald Duck was a Nazi German (but he was just having a nightmare). More recently, the controversial Taiwanese "Next Animation Studio" has been providing cartoon dramatisations of news stories for years.

      As for performing with animals, Snow White and Mowgli sang alongside animals on screen. Gene Kelly danced with Jerry Mouse from "Tom & Jerry". Andy Serkis by now can probably play as any creature on earth or under it. I'm not sure if I have a point in this paragraph.

  1. Stevie Silver badge


    Hmm, Disney weighing in?

    I be we'll see their attitude change smartish when a whole new series of cartoons come out featuring such faves as Princess Jasmine and Mulan.

  2. Tikimon Silver badge

    How does this affect Impersonators?

    Scads of folks making a living based on their resemblance to someone famous. I can't even count the Elvis impersonators I've seen in my life. So now they're illegal? They're using the famous persona in "trade".

    Possible loophole? What if we simply don't use the Famous Name? That's not a fake of Paris Hilton, that's "Airhead", a character loosely based on Paris. Etc.

    Possible defense? That's not a fake of Paris Hilton, that's modified media of Ellen Carwood, who just happens to look like Paris Hilton, and has given full consent to the alterations.

  3. Howard Hanek Bronze badge

    Unicorn Extinction

    .....another Unicorn extinction event.

  4. cortland

    Not just video

    Writing in the same style – anonymously – as any well-known public figure, actor or actress, etc. could be taken for writing by that person.

    Who shall be first?


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