back to article Huawei P20 Pro: Triple-lens shooter promises the Earth ...

Huawei has brought forward the release of its P20 Pro flagship to capitalise on the interest generated by its triple-lens shooter. This is the first Chinese phone that demands – well, screams – to be compared to the market leaders. With a price to match – £799. Although Huawei is pouring millions into marketing (including …


  1. DrXym Silver badge


    It could be the best hardware in the world but when it's running EMUI the phone may as well stink of fish. I really don't understand the obsession with modifying the vanilla Android experience so drastically and for such pointless reasons. Tweak the UI if you must, adding a few buttons, tweaking the taskbar's notch, make the camera app better etc. But reinventing the launcher, dialler and god knows what else for the sake of reinvention? Simply pointless.

    EMUI is just a top heavy user interface filled with non-standard weirdness and duplicated functionality. And it means the phone gets less updates.

    1. yorkiepud73

      Re: EMUI

      I completely and utterly agree - is why I stay away from Samsung. The bloat winds me right up.

      But with EMUI I forget its not vanilla. On the Pro it is utterly lagless. But now Im sort of pissed I am not seeing Oreo.

      Anyway im a light user: a reader, texter, whatsapper. I dont facebook, game or shit like that.I use maps and am using Google Assitant quite a bit. I can get all that off a moto and have been doing for years - happily - with a half decent camera.

      This time I wanted also the best camera phone available, did a lot of research and opted for this.

      So far no regrets.

  2. Dog Eatdog

    Does it make phone calls?

    Just asking...does it?

    1. etimbo

      Re: Does it make phone calls?

      Yes, I was wondering the sane thing. Receiving calls would be handy, but I'm particularly interested in if it will make outgoing calls.

  3. This post has been deleted by its author


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