back to article Knock, knock. Who’s there? Another Amazon Key door-lock hack

The security of’s Key door lock has again been called into question. The Key is a wireless-networked electrified lock designed to be temporarily disabled by delivery workers to drop off stuff at Amazon Prime members’ homes or businesses. Prime members receive the gear they ordered from Amazon without having to hang …


  1. Nimby

    Home security is already laughable, who cares about Hack-azon?

    Even a dumb criminal can quietly warp most door frames with a simple lever in 5 seconds or less, bypassing the locking mechanism entirely. Only slightly longer to use a car jack to take out security door frames. (They can lift vehicles weighing tons after all.) Not to mention windows, which can easily be broken silently if you know how. Or as even stated, attack the structure anywhere outside of the door frame where it will be much weaker. Homes are designed to keep weather and animals out, not people. Humans are tool users. Criminals don't return to the scene of the crime, so they aren't concerned about causing permanent damage. And if they have a getaway plan, they won't even care about making noise because they will be gone before police/security can respond, even if a security alarm goes off. So who cares if Amazon's IoT crapware is insecure? It'd take a lot more effort / time to attack their lock than it would to break in using traditional methods. The only person who might bother would be a security researcher. Too many other faster, easier, better alternatives to bother with hacking.

    1. sisk Silver badge

      Re: Home security is already laughable, who cares about Hack-azon?

      While I agree with the basis of the thought (it is along the same lines as my oft-repeated "criminals don't pick locks because it takes too long"), I disagree with the idea that we shouldn't strive for the best possible security.

      There's no such thing as perfect security. Entry is always possible, even if it requires an angle grinder or C4. But if a criminal needs to fetch a car jack to warp the frame on your security door and can't break your Plexiglas windows, he'll move on to the next house and leave yours alone.

      Just like picking locks, odds are anyone actually able to do this isn't trying to break into your house. However, just like any decent locksmith will tell you that you should invest in a lock with high pick resistance anyway, this is still a security hole that needs to be closed.

  2. Ben Bonsall

    Why does it not have a latch that closes as soon as the door is opened, you know, like pretty much every normal outside door?

    1. TomPhan

      The locks used for Amazon Key can be set to automatically lock so many minutes after being opened, and that's separate from any of the Amazon interaction.

  3. A new version of lemmings?

    "and that delivery staff should check the front door is locked before leaving"

    Well that has allayed my fears considering they don't even bother seeing if I'm even in the house these days when they leave parcels on my doorstep.

  4. vincent himpe

    really ? 2 second fix ...

    if door closes -> lock.

    These doorlocks have a magnetic sensor to detect they are closed. So the moment you exit the door and mechanically close it the lock will sense the doorjamb and engage the locking pin. no need for RF , wifi bluetooth or other wireless stuff.

    my samsung doorlock works that way. close the door and it locks itself.


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