back to article Microsoft scoops Search UI out from the gaping black maw of Cortana

Microsoft is experimenting with taking Search out of Cortana and making it more Mac-like in the newest Windows 10 build. Searching currently is funnelled through the Cortana UI, whose emblem, appropriately enough, is a black hole. Cortana bungs together many things besides search – tasks and notes and even bots. Cortana is …


  1. Inachu

    Here is another scoop that Microsoft has missed!

    Behold!!! The Cortana Operating System!

    Just think how expandible it could have been with a fully dedicated AI server farm holding the AI and everyday tasks and algorithms to get info and relay that back into speech for the end user.

    Microsoft is missing out big time on this! Just imagine pairing and or using a plugin to hool up Cortana with BIG BLUE AI by IBM.... HOLY COW!!!!!!


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