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Developers may be no more curious about salaries than any other set of workers, but their high degree of variation in terms of education, skillset and experience – not to mention the often ill-defined nature of their work – gives them ample reason to be curious about pay among their peers. Stack Overflow, a community site …



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  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Considering my crushing disappointment and unrewarding day to day job experience with old language which I do like, in a company with its soul ripped out, in the area I'm in I'm quite fortunate with my salary. Of course the results look inflated no one would pay that in the north England. Programming Sucks ™

  3. malfeasance

    Unrealistic. Of course.

    What are your motivations for doing Dev. If it's money then I would venture to suggest youre in the wrong job.

    If it's to work on interesting problems with the people who think like you and make it fun. Then rock on youre in my team (My corporate will burn you but I still want to work with you).

  4. JamesPond

    What will I get with BBC Basic, COBOL, PASCAL and C++ ?

    Showing my age now. Moved on from programming and having to keep up with all the newest trendy laguages to project management. Nothing ever apart from actually changing things.

  5. Paul Hovnanian Silver badge

    All we need to know

    Do you use tabs or spaces?

  6. Oengus Silver badge

    What about...

    Mainframe (IBM S/390) Assembler???


    Fortan - haven't used it in more years than I care to remember... (first language I learnt)

    More other obscure languages than I care to count...

  7. eldakka Silver badge

    Silge said the Salary Calculator covers five different countries – Canada, France, Germany, the UK, and the US

    Would have been nice to know that before providing the link.


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