back to article So, Nokia. What makes you think the world wants your phones?

For over 20 years The Register has covered the rise and fall of Nokia phones. The story took a new turn this week with the arrival of a flagship, the first for three years, from the brand's custodians HMD. We spoke to the top executives behind the venture about their plans. Strictly speaking, this Nokia flagship comes from an …

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It aint made by Nokia

People are talking about having been waiting for Nokia to bring out an Andriod phone, or they hope Nokia does this, that or the other. The phone is made by HMD, Nokia is just the letters on the front.


Please Please Please

Add a removable battery and waterproofing and you can replace my Galaxy S5. Please.


Going Retro...

I just got a retro word processor - his name is Rolf, and he is a Benedictine Monk.



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